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Retina display, retina Display

Retina display, retina Display Direct Translation of Retina is the meaning of Retina.IT was proposed by Apple.It means that the pixel density of a display is as high as that of humans.To learn details, you must first understand th

The display of Web images is compatible under the "Go" Retina screen

Thanks to Apple, it brings the Retina screen revolution, allowing us to enjoy print-grade resolution on the electronic display. Because of the improved resolution, text, Flash, and SVG content in the Web page is more granular than it was originally, but the images in the Web page become unusually blurry and have very serious resolution compatibility issues. Since June 2010, IPhone4 's listing began, the pag

Windows 8.1 Introduces Retina display support for high pixel density display

Surface Pro, Lenovo ThinkPad Helix, Toshiba Kirabook, Dell XPS 12 and a number of high-end Windows 8 machines all have the same annoying place: that their high-resolution display is too clear and gorgeous, so that the user interface has often become very small. Text is therefore becoming difficult to read and difficult to carry out related touch manipulation. But that situation will soon change, with Windows 8.1 officially

Let your app support the retina display of the new iPad

and iOS Human Interface Guidelines. From the official documentation, I found out what we need to prepare for the retina display for the new iPad: IPad main app icon (144x144 pixels): 72X72 pixels were previously used on iPad 1 and 2 generations. Now we need an additional version of @ 2x (144x144 pixels ). IPad search result icon (100x100 pixels): This icon appears in the system search result.(Note: The

How to Use ios4 Retina screen to display images

IPhone 4 supports retina screens, that is, pixels are invisible to the naked eye. In the development process, how do we load Retina display images? 2x.The method is: we need to prepare two images, one of which is normal and the other is retina. For example, normalis icon.png, and retinais icon@2x.png. Add the two ima

What is the new iPad Retina display?

Being Retina display does not depend only on the PPI. It also depends on the viewing distance. Using the formula A = 2tan-1 (H/2d) at 15 inches (2.54 cm) away qualifies for a retina display. The eyes cannot discern the pixels at the distance, which is the essence of retina

Let eclipse support Retina Display

Let eclipse support Retina Display I accidentally saw that eclipse has updated the major version. As a senior code friend, how can I not easily update one? So, after 10 minutes of waiting, the tragedy happened ...... I had a wipe and didn't support the retina display. My rmbp indicates a lot of pressure! Is it hard to

MATLAB 2014a in Mac OS X Yosemite 10.10 Retina display blurry solution

I am afraid a lot of children's shoes after upgrading the Yosemite have encountered the problem of MATLAB.Previously reproduced an article wrote the installation method, this article said to solve the retina screen display fuzzy approach.Because the MATLAB 2014a uses its own Java, the version is relatively low, resulting in the inability to support the retina scr

Problem with canvas display blur under Retina screen

What's a retina?The so-called "Retina" is a display technique that compresses more pixels into a single screen to achieve higher resolution and better screen display, taking the MacBook Pro with Retina display as an example, When

Optimize webpage images for Retina display on iPhone 4

Speaking of the innovations brought about by the iPhone 4, retina display is definitely the most eye-catching one, so that when I watch the computer's display screen, I can see the pixels on the screen. Depending on this Retina display, the iPhone 4 resolution reaches 640x96

Open Lion System Retina HD display mode with Xcode

IPhone4 and Iphone4s's HD retina displays are stunning, and many people may not know that Apple is actually planning to provide HD display support for the retina resolution of the MAC. Although we can't get it now, we can open the hidden feature of the lion system by using the gadget provided in Xcode. First we can go to the Mac App store and download the Xcode4

Google's upcoming Chrome support for Retina Display

Google revealed on Wednesday that its Chrome browser has an advantage in Apple's new membrane display MacBook Pro. Google software engineer Nico Weber posted Chrome with high-resolution support on the company's official Chrome blog and said: "We will focus on making Chrome more beautiful in the next few weeks ." In fact, Google has begun testing the new Chrome Canary developer version. Anandtech's Anand Lal Shimpi says Chrome Canary is more elega

Open Lion System Retina HD display mode with Xcode

  IPhone4 and Iphone4s's high-definition Retina screen display is stunning, and many people may not know that Apple is actually planning to provide high-definition display support for the retina resolution of the MAC. Although we can't get it now, we can turn on the hidden functionality of the lion system through the g

Corona SDK Game Development Instance (III): Processing retina Display

Today, I will start using new tools to develop iPhone games: Corona SDK Created on top layers of OpenGL, OpenAL, Box2D, and Lua, Corona allows you to develop games that run at native speeds using local IOS features, such as multi-touch, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, camera, google Maps, WebKit, and keypad. In addition, Corona supports a large number of APIS, which will allow you to add a lot of interesting features for your game, such as advertising, virtual currency, database and so on. In th

[Figure] If Ubuntu uses Retina display ......

Apple added the retina display technology to its latest MacbookPro, which features a pixel resolution of X. If you enable the existing Ubuntu system to use this display technology, you will find it a tragedy. However, ubuntu has already begun to discuss the application of this technology in ubuntu. After all, this technology will become a development trend. For a

Icon Optimization method under Retina display

provided 2x graph, and the icon position does not correspond, may be generated by the tool sprite.View Demo. sprite-icon{Background-image:url (more.png);}. icon-1{background-position:0 0;}. icon-2{background-position:-33px 0;}. icon-3{background-position:-66px 0;}. icon-4{background-position:0 -33px;}. icon-5{background-position:-33px-33px;}. icon-6{background-position:-66px-33px;}. icon-7{background-position:0 -66px;} /* * * * * Each icon's backgroud-size is half of the 2x image * * Each icon'

Retinizer solves the retina display problems of most pro Products

I bought a Mac Pro retina at the end of September. I was very happy at the beginning, but I hated it three days later! Because the UI of many development software is not supported, it seems a little ugly to the naked eye. Before today, my solutions (such as Eclipse, office, STS, etc.) were all in info. add an nshighresolutioncapable key-value pair to the plist file. However, this method does not work for all software, such as pgadmin and offline. The

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