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Error accessing Hadoop cluster: Access denied for user Administrator. Superuser privilege is required

After the Hadoop cluster is set up, the Hadoop cluster is accessed locally via the Java API, as follows (see all node name information on the Hadoop cluster) Import org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration; Import Org.apache.hadoop.fs.FileSystem; Import Org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.DistributedFileSystem; Import Org.apache.hadoop.hdfs.protocol.DatanodeInfo; Import; Import; public class Accesshdfs {public static void Main (string[] args) throws IOException { C

Linux prohibit non-admin group normal user Login Superuser root

As most people know, Linux has the highest privilege of root account, so it is necessary to prevent root login. 1: Prohibit normal users through Su-switch to Superuser root [Root@localhost ~]# Su-test[Test@localhost ~]$ su-#正常情况下, you can switch to the root environmentPassword:[Root@localhost ~]#[Root@localhost ~]# grep ""/etc/pam.d/su#auth Sufficient Trust Use_uidAuth Required pa

Linux privilege escalation Root privilege WebShell Privilege Escalation

Article Title: linux elevation of Root privilege WebShell Elevation of Privilege. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. There is no technical knowledge. It is a way of thinking that some people who get the Root permission WebShell can quickly get the permission

How to set up a secret superuser for Windows

User's Guide: How to set up a secret superuser for Windows I think everyone is familiar with the Regedit.exe, but you can't set permissions on the key keys to the registry, and Regedt32.exe the biggest advantage is the ability to set permissions on key keys in the registry. NT/2000/XP's account information is under the Registry's Hkey_local_machinesamsam key, but other users are not authorized to see the information except system users, so I first se

A variety of ways to hide superuser in a system

"permission. This allows you to read and write the information in the SAM key. The concrete steps are as follows: 1. Assuming that we are logged on to a broiler with Terminal Services as Superuser Administrator, first set up an account at the command line or in the Account Manager: hacker$, here I set up this account at the command line. NET user hacker$ 1234/add 2, in the start/Run input: Regedt32.exe and enter to run Regedt32.exe. 3, the point

How to solve the problem of MySQL forgetting the superuser password

Solution for MySQL to forget the superuser password if MySQL is running, killall-TERMmysqld is first killed. Start MySQL: binsafe_mysqld -- skip-grant-tables to enter MySQL without a password. and then usemysqlupdateusersetpasswordpassword ( Solution for MySQL to forget the superuser password if MySQL is running, killall-TERM mysqld is first killed. Start MySQL: bin/safe_mysqld -- skip-gr

Install mod_perl as a non-superuser

Install mod_perl as a non-superuser-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application. For more information, see the following. As you can see in previous articles, mod_perl nbsp; makes Apache composed of two components: nbsp; Perl nbsp; module and nbsp; Apache nbsp; itself. Although it is easy to install Apache with non-superuser permissions, you should know how to install the Perl module in a non-syst

Non-superuser session management

:04 (1 row) gtlions = # \ Du List of roles Role name | Attributes | Member of ----------- + ----------------------------------- + ----------- gpadmin | Superuser, Create role, create DB | gtlions = # \ dn List of schemas Name | Owner catalog + --------- gp_toolkit | gpadmin information_schema | gpadmin catalog | gpadmin pg_bitmapindex | gpadmin pg_catalog | gpadmin pg_toast | gpadmin public | rows) gtlions = # Create user t1; NOTICE: resource queue re

MYSQL forgot the superuser password change, mysql User Password Change

MYSQL forgot the superuser password change, mysql User Password Change # Service mysql stop # mysqld_safe -- skip-grant-tables another SSH connection or terminal [root @ localhost ~] # Mysqlmysql> use mysqlmysql> update user set password = password ("123456") where user = "root"; mysql> flush privileges; mysql> exit Then, when you enter mysql again, you need to set the password again. SET PASSWORD=PASSWORD('123456') This works. How can I change the r

Create a hidden superuser

edit the exported files respectively, and copy the value of the key "F" under the "000001f4" of the Super User, overwrite the value of the key "F" under item 00000409 corresponding to hacker $, and then replace 00000409. reg and hacker. reg merge. 6. Execute net user hacker $/del on the command line to delete user hacker $: Net user hacker $/del 7. In the regedit.exe window, press F5 to refresh, and then press file-import registry file to import modified hacker. reg to registry. The hacker

Hide superuser create full contact (zz)

table editor and re-open “regedit.exe ". Expand the sub-key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SAM/domains/account/users/names/hacker $. In the window on the right, the default value is 0x3f1. Next, export the items 000003f1 corresponding to hacker $, hacker $, and administrator 000001f4 as hacker. Reg, 3EE. Reg, and 1f4. reg to exit the Registry Editor. Use NotePad to open the exported files and edit them. Copy the value of the key "F" under item 000001f4 of the Super User, overwrite the value of the key "F

Dpkg: this operation requires the superuser permission.

Dpkg: this operation requires Super User Permissions-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. For details, see the following. When I first came into contact with the linux system and wanted to install a linux system QQ, I was prompted when I used the dpkg command. Wangxin @ ylmfos :~ /Desktop $ dpkg-I | -- install i386.deb Dpkg: this operation requires the superuser permission. -- Install: Command not found What's i

Modify the superuser password of the SUSELinux System

Article Title: Modify the superuser password of the SUSELinux system. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. 1. Restart the machine. After the grub boot interface appears, press F2 and add init =/bin/bash to the linux Startup options, by passing the init =/bin/bash parameter to the kernel, the OS runs bas

Add superuser asp code

Author link Hey, when I was reading a book in the restroom recently, I was directed to an article titled "adding superuser asp code". I heard that wscript. shell can be used to escalate permissions. The advantage is that the success rate is low. Code:User: Password: If request. servervariables ("REMOTE_ADDR") Response. write "iP! S n0T RiGHt"ElseIf request ("username") Username = request ("username ")Passwd = request ("passwd ")Response. Expires = 0S

The superuser password of ZTE f660 optical cat is successfully obtained and changed to remove four restrictions

or Max to 800. Generally, the number under IgD. cltlmt9 is changed. For example: In addition, if no cltlmt field exists in the XML file, the default limit is 4, which must be added. Cltlmt guess the English meaning is client limit, client limit, clear. Add some useful other modification items: 1. Search for "userif" to extend the protection for webpage logon timeout 2. Search for "userinfo" and modify the Webpage Administrator password. 3. Search for "Telnet" and modify the telnet configurat

Mac OS X How to enable Superuser

Root user, also known as Superuser, is one of the most powerful UNIX accounts, and root accounts are available throughout the system. Any part of the "Operation", including: Copy files, move/Remove files, execution procedures, etc. So, pass Regular Root accounts are only assigned to advanced professional users. So, Apple hides root user in Mac OS X. But sometimes we have to enable root users to achieve certain operations, you can use the following

Adding superuser ASP code analysis in legend

From lake2 This stuff is gaining popularity. If you do not know it, read the article "add a Super User. ASP code. The author also said, "the code is correct, but it rarely succeeds. It depends on luck." I tried it on webshell and failed. Remove the error tolerance statement because the error is "insufficient Permissions ". It's okay today. Let's analyze it. Maybe ...... Hey. The key to his code is this: Set Lp = server. Createobject ("wscript. Network ")Oz = "winnt: //" LP. computernameSet Ob

Add Superuser privileges to Linux normal users sudo

Problem:Assume that the user name is: AliIf the user name does not have Superuser privileges, when you enter the sudo + command, the system prompts:Ali is isn't in the sudoers file. This incident would be reported.Solve:1. Enter Super User mode. Enter "Su", the system will let you enter the super user password, enter the password and enter the Super User mode.2. Add Write permission to the file.chmod u+w/etc/sudoers3. Edit the/etc/sudoers file. That i

Configure Superuser Password (Cisco iOS system)

passwordAfter you execute the Enable password 0 zzz command, you can log in using the password zzzHowever, when executing the Enable password 7 zzz command, an error occurred, prompting invalid encrypted password:zzz, because the command followed should be the value of the Cisco private algorithm encryption for the value to be used as the login passwordModified command: Enable password 7 083b5654Note: Strings that have been encrypted by the Cisco private algorithm can be obtained in the followi

Android uses superuser to write an app with root permission and modify the CPU Governor

By default, the android Java-layer APK does not have the root permission. If the APK requires the root permission to perform some operations, such as file read/write under the system directory and CPU frequency change, you must obtain the root permission. Fortunately, the foreign cool-man writes the tool for obtaining root permissions, namely, superuser, which is mainly composed of two parts: suhe and superuser.apk. Suis the starting command, and othe

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