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Android Fragment life cycle

In Android 3.0, Fragment as an important component, was added in, this class in; , you can directly inherit fragment to create a fragment class,Of course fragment can also be compatible in the lower version, including a

Oracle 11g's official support cycle and timeframe

Oracle's support strategy for its products is difficult for most people to figure out, for Oracle Database 11g support cycle, a lot of friends have raised objections, refer to some of the documents mentioned below, I hope to help you understand

The life cycle of beanfactory and ApplicationContext in spring and their differences

Bean's life cycle In many technologies, there is the concept of life cycle, such as the life cycle of activity, fragment, etc. in Android, with the life cycle of the servlet in the Web container. To be a high-level developer, you have to understand

Linux kernel lts Long-term support edition life cycle

Longterm release Kernels Version Maintainer released Projected EOL 4.9 Greg Kroah-hartman 2016-12-11 Jan, 2019 4.4 Greg Kroah-hartman 20

Review Cycle of computer Journals

I saw this article on the Internet and thought it was useful to myself, so I reprinted it. I don't know where it is, so I won't give it a link.   1. Small Computer System Shenyang Review Cycle: four months (not fixed) Publication cycle: one and a

Android app General development Tips-Leveraging the component life cycle

Data managementFor read-only data, a common management pattern is to load the data in the OnCreate function until the component's Ondestory function is invoked. // 缓存只读的数据 private Object readOnlyData; @Override protected void

Block circular reference and retain cycle in iOS (classic)

The generation of retain cycleSpeaking of retain cycle, the first thing to mention is the OBJECTIVE-C memory management mechanism.As a superset of the C language, Objective-c continues to manage memory manually in the C language, but differs from

The life cycle of a dead Fragment

The life cycle of a dead Fragment This article original, reproduced please indicate the source.Welcome to my brief book, follow my topic Android Class I will long-term adherence to the book on the high-quality Android related blog post.

Rxjava Package, Rxbus package (on-line project integration, claim cycle management, no memory overflow memory, support for simultaneous multiple requests.) )

  GitHub AddressRxlibrary Project:1.RXJAVA2 + retrofit2 Package, common request (get,post, file upload, file download), simple and convenient, support custom loading and other properties.The use of 2.RxBus is exactly the same as Evenbus.

From continuous design to continuous delivery: perfect cycle

Typically, there is no interaction between innovation and product conceptualization in software delivery. Nevertheless, with the increasing demand for new functionality for products and the shortening of the corresponding product lifecycle, even

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