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Let ordinary Java classes automatically perceive Activity Lifecycle

BackgroundIn Android development, we are familiar with the Activity's Lifecycle and will perform specific operations under a specific Lifecycle. Of course, we know that Lifecycle itself is a feature of Android, that try to imagine, what if 普通的 Java

Model-Oriented Software Architecture 3-resource management model Reading Notes (8)-resource lifecycle manager Model

3.4 Resource lifecycle manager Mode The resource lifecycle manager mode introduces a separate resource lifecycle manager, which decouples the resource lifecycle management with their usage.   1. Problem Building a large-scale system is very

A brief talk on Java lifecycle Management mechanism _java

Let's talk. Recently has been studying a domestic open source of MySQL database middleware, pull down the latest version of the code to eclipse, start up, and then do a variety of tests and code tracking, when you want to close it, pull out the

Two of the Microsoft. Net Remoting Series Tutorials: Marshal, disconnect and lifecycle and tracking services _ self-study Process

The activation of a remote object There are three modes of activation in remoting, and the general implementation is done through static methods of the RemotingServices class. The work process is actually registering the remote object in the

The role of SOA quality Management in SOA service lifecycle management

Introduction: This article is from Rational Edge: This article describes SOA Service lifecycle management and describes the importance of SOA quality management and the support of IBM Rational tools and best practices for integrating SOA development

The scope and lifecycle of beans in spring

In spring, the bodies that make up the application and the objects managed by the spring IOC container are called beans. Simply put, the bean is the object that is initialized, assembled, and managed by the IOC container, and in addition, the bean

SOA approach for Product lifecycle management, part 1th: Introduction to Product life cycle management

Introduction: This article provides some background information to help you understand Product lifecycle Management (Lifecycle Management), how IBM supports service-oriented architectures for product lifecycle management, and product lifecycle ajax Client Lifecycle Analysis (theory)

First, the introduction Microsoft's ajax framework, as a relatively perfect AJAX framework, has many aspects that deserve in-depth study. In this article, we will combine a concrete example to try to explore the client lifecycle process of

Use Apache OPENJPA to develop EJB 3.0 applications, part 6th: Callback for handling entity lifecycle events

In the enterprise application development process, there are often such requirements: when some data in the enterprise application is added, deleted and modified, some specific actions are initiated to fulfill some special requirements in the

Introduction to Oracle Agile Product lifecycle management software

Enterprise Product Lifecycle Management product records for Oracle Agile product lifecycle management are connected to SAP ERP. With Oracle Application Integration Architecture (AIA), this pre-set process integration package helps companies

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