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90 common roots, 30 prefixes 30 suffixes

English has a high degree of logic and consolidation of the grammar, is recognized as the world's international communication language. many words in English are derived words (the structure can usually be summed up as: prefix + root + suffix).

Scrip Install Icinga PHP

This script is based on a foreign website (the script uses the appropriate CentOS system to solve the support library to solve the dependency problem. )#!/bin/bash#instalation des packages necessaires# Installation of PackagesYum Install xtermYum

LAMP configuration details, specific configuration process

For more information about LAMP configuration, see Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application. Disclaimer: This tutorial has passed the RedHat Linux 9 test (using a linux system installed with a vmvm) First download the software package,

Install php5.1.2 apache2.0.55 mysql-5.0.19 postgresql-8.1.3 on FC4

1) PostgreSQL InstallationDownload www.postgresql.orgAdd group firstGroupadd PostgreSQLUseradd-G PostgreSQLPasswd PostgreSQL Tar-zxvf postgresql-8.1.3.tar.gzCD postgresql-8.1.3./Configure -- prefix =/usr/local/pgsql -- With-MB = euc_cn Error

Nginx beginner's Guide

Nginx beginner's Guide 1.1 Introduction This Guide provides a simple description of the basic functions of nginx. Now nginx should have been installed on the reader's machine. If not, check the installation page. This Guide describes how to start,

Spoj REPEATS suffix Array

Title Link: instructions: First defines the repetition of a string. That is, a string repeats the K-th composition by a substring. Then the largest k is the repetition of the string. Now given a string of

Installation and error analysis of the apache2.4 version

Now most of the enterprise platform is still using the CentOS6 version, but want to install httpd-2.4, it will be a lot of trouble,Since the APR version installed by CentOS6 Yum is not available for httpd-2.4, we can only compile and install Apr and

How to configure Linux as a FAX server

Article Title: how to configure Linux as a FAX server. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source.    I.

How to Set up a fax server in Linux (1)

FAX Server is a network-based client/Server FAX system. The Server software provides shared FAX functions for network users, client software allows you to send a fax directly on your terminal, just as sending an Email or printing a file. This

Master/Master synchronization in mirror mode in OpenLDAP

1. Introduction to OpenLDAP LDAP is a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, which is short for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol. This is an implementation of the open-source centralized account management architecture. LDAP has two national

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