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Organize Centoos,suse,ubuntu version of Linux network configuration

the network Management applet in the upper right corner panel. This is a bit of a problem: it has a common configuration file with the second method, so it can cause conflicts and be aware of it when used. Instead, both methods are configured, sudo/etc/init.d/networking Restart enables the configuration of the second method, and clicking the Auto eth0 in the

Suse linux dual-network card dual gateway Configuration

The company has an suse linux server that requires two networks and one CIDR block is 192, which is used to go to the OP Management Platform System. One is B network, and the network segment is 202, which is used for Internet access. We all know that it is impossible for a computer to have two gateways, because the def

Centoos,suse,ubuntu Various versions of the network configuration

network manager, through the upper right-hand corner of the Web Management applet can enable its configuration.This is a bit of a problem: it is shared with the second method of the configuration file, so it will cause a variety of conflicts, when used to pay attention to.Instead, both of these methods are configured, sudo/etc/init.d/networking Restart is enabled for the second method of

FTPTelnetxmanager network configuration in Suse

Article title: FTPTelnetxmanager network configuration in Suse system. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Including desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, open-source, and other basic categories of

Azure Linux Virtual Machine image configuration three: SuSE configuration

Tags: Azure Linux virtual machine image configuration SuSE graphical configurationThe first two posts describe the graphical configuration of CentOS and Ubuntu, and in this article we are looking at the graphical configuration of SuSE

FTPTelnetxmanager network configuration in Suse

Nbsp; network configuration in Suse I. vsftp is recommended for FTP configuration. if pure-ftpd is used, remove the pure-ftpd service. (1) the Root user executes yast2 --- networkservices -- and networkservices (inetd) to/usr/sbin/pure-ftpd and/usr/sbin/v Network

Detailed description of the Telnet service configuration in SuSE Linux

When learning SuSE Linux, you will often encounter SuSE Linux system problems. Here we will introduce the configuration of the Telnet service in SuSE. The simplest way to remotely control the

SUSE How to rename a network card under Linux 10

Before the SUSE Linux network card renaming problem, is installed on the virtual machine RAC, by replicating the virtual machine need to complete. Unlike Redhat Linux and Oralce Linux, the following records them for reference. 1, the new node

SUSE Linux 10 configuration bare Device (raw devices)

for #将其中包含KENREL = = "Raw" are modified to read as followskernel== "raw[0-9]*", subsystem== "raw", name= "Raw/%k", group= "DBA", mode= "640", owner= "Oracle"Www.ahlinux.com8. Confirm the configuration is successful#重启之后的状态bo2dbp:~ # Ls-hltr/dev/rawTotal 0CRW-RW----1 root disk 162, 0 Sep 10:22 RawctlCRW-RW----1 Oracle DBA 162, 1 Sep 10:22 RAW1CRW-RW----1 Oracle DBA 162, 2 Sep 10:22 raw2bo2dbs:~ #/USR/SBIN/RAW-QA/dev/raw/raw1:bound to Major 8, minor 33

SuSE Linux (sles10) IPv6 Configuration

Document directory Our sample IPv6 setup Task: adding an IPv6 address Task: adding a default route Task: Display your IPv6 IP addresses Configuration Task: testing your IPv6 Configuration How do I configure IPv6 networking Under SuSE Linux Enterprise Server (sles v10.2) or opensuse

Suse and Linux Telnet service configuration

The simplest way to remotely control the Linux operating system is to use the telnet service to log on, Then, you can execute some column operations, such as the VI editor. For SuSE Linux, add one more You can use Telnet to log on to the system to implement a management platform YaST control center similar to the graphic interface, YaST can be used to manage almo

(Linux) centos/suse Modify network Settings __linux

CentOS to modify the network to modify a few files 1,/etc/sysconfig/network CentOS set host name and network configuration For example: Networking=yesHostname=oel6-69.localdomain2,/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 for the specific

Linux remote desktop link-vnc configuration in suse and ubuntu

Linnux Remote Desktop Connection mdash; suse and vnc configuration in ubuntu: in many cases, we need to use linux Remote Desktop Connection. at this time, appropriate configuration is often very important. This article mainly explains how ncserver works, and configures vnc in ubuntu and

SUSE Linux VNC configuration

GreyXterm-geometry 80x24 10-ls-title "$VNCDESKTOP Desktop" TWM Change the last line toStartgnomeDisplay=:1 gnome-sessionis to launch the Gnome graphical interface window.After saving, restart VNC.4. Download the Windows VNC client software.Run the VNC viewer and enter the IP and desktop number of the server:such as: enter the VNC connection password to log in.5, through the browser control:If the console does not have a VNC viewer installed, it can be controlled via the browse

SUSE Linux SFTP Server Configuration

key pairing is complete5. Client Server TestingUse SFTP [email protected] login do not need to enter a password to indicate successTEST-LVM:~/.SSH # SFTP [email protected]Connecting to ...Sftp> lsDownload uploadSftp>Failed to switch directories, only in the user root directorySftp> Cd/homeCouldn ' t canonicalise:no such file or directorySftp>6. Points to noteThe difference between SUSE Linux a

SUSE Linux uses Udev configuration Asmdisk

node1:~ # Cat/etc/issueWelcome to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server SP2 (x86_64)-Kernel \ R (\l).node1:~ #NODE1:/ETC/UDEV/RULES.D # Fdisk-ldisk/dev/sda:42.9 GB, 42949672960 bytes255 heads, Sectors/track, 5221 cylinders, total 83886080 sectorsUnits = sectors of 1 * MB = bytesSector size (logical/physical): bytes/512 bytesI/O size (minimum/optimal): bytes/512 bytesDisk identifier:0x000b4c72 Device boot start end

Installation configuration of the Informix database under SuSE Linux 11

shared memory through IPC (internal process Control) mechanism, which is generally used for server;Onsoctcp represents a network connection and uses the TCP/IP protocol, which is typically used by clients. hostname : Host nameMust correspond to the definition of the host name in the/etc/hosts file. ServiceName : Service Namemust correspond to the servicename in /etc/services . Edit the/etc/services file as root# vi/etc/servicesAt the end of the file

Suse linux VNC Configuration

Use VNC in LINUX for graphical Remote Desktop control. 1. Enable SUSE remote control VNC is installed in SUSE by default. Enable YaST, network service, remote Management (remote administration), select "Allow remote Management", and set the firewall in the following options, select "Open firewall port ". Click Finish.

SuSE Linux VNC Configuration

Use VNC in Linux for graphical Remote Desktop control. 1. Enable SuSE remote control VNC is installed in SuSE by default. Enable YaST, network service, Remote Management (Remote Administration), select "Allow Remote Management", and set the firewall in the following options, select "Open firewall port ". Click F

SUSE Linux Configuration TFTP service __linux

TFTP is the simplest network protocol used to download remote files, which is based on the UDP protocol. The TFTP development environment of embedded Linux includes two aspects: one is the Tftp-server support of embedded Linux host and the other is tftp-client support of embedded Linux target machine. Because the u-boo

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