svchost exe host process for windows services

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About the svchost process in windows (a little older), The svchost Process

searched for the role of the Svchost host process on the Internet and found that svchost is an important process in windows. Many dynamic link library dll services depend on the existe

The SVCHOST. EXE process is used to clear the maximum backdoor of a Trojan.

The SVCHOST. EXE process is used to clear the maximum backdoor of a Trojan.(From clear the Trojan. Svchost.exe is an important file in the NT core system and is indispensable for Windows 2000/XP. The svchost

Windows Process series (2)-svchost Process

Svchost.exe is a very important process in the Windows operating system based on ntversions. Many viruses and Trojans reside in the system and are closely related to this process. Therefore, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of this process. This article describes the functions of the

Figuring out why my SVCHOST. EXE is at 100% CPU without complicated tools in Windows 7, figuring

(Conversion) Figuring out why my SVCHOST. EXE is at 100% CPU without complicated tools in Windows 7, figuring (Reproduced from: The SvcHost.exe process hosts services t

Svchost process and Shared services virus principle

1. The origin of SvchostWindows system services can now be divided into separate processes and shared processesIn Windows NT, only the Service Manager SCM (Service.exe) has multiple shared services. With the increase of the service of the system, in order to enhance the performanceStarted to share many services in Wind

Questions about the Windows Svchost process (age is a bit old)

This is n years ago wrote a blog about Svchost, although the bad writing is the first time I wrote the technical blog, sent up to do the first blog.***************************************************Questions about the Windows Svchost processRecently my computer always boot prompt Svchost.exe error, memory 0x00000000 can not be write, click Cancel sometimes appea

Use the net.exeand SC .exe utilities to start and stop Windows Services.

Use net.exeand SC .exeProgramStart and Stop Windows Services Net.exe Utility The Service Management Unit is easy to use, but the system administrator cannot automate it because it cannot be used in management scripts. To automatically control the service, use the command line tool net.exe. The Net start command displays all running services. Net start service

Plan the website set named after the host (Windows SharePoint Services)

can call the membership. createuser method or the membership. deleteuser method to complete this process. The provider used by the membership service is specified in the app. config file (membershipsiteadmin.exe. config) of membershipsiteadmin.exe. Membershipsiteadmin.exe uses the transfer SQL membership provider to execute these tasks and specifies the name of the application to be connected to the user. The membershipsiteadmin.exe. config file shou

[Azure services platform step by step-7th] Do not use Windows azure as a virtual host-understand the Windows azure Service Architecture

Recently, a friend asked me if windows Azure is an ASP. NET application officially provided by Microsoft.ProgramVirtual Host? His specific understanding is as follows: Windows azure provides ASP. NET application hosting, and "cloud computing" is so close to us, as long as ASP.. NET application deployed on Windows Azu

Solve the generic host process for Win32 services Error

After the WINXP system is turned on, generic host process for Win32 services will pop up. In this case, you need to disable it! The preceding error may occur in three cases. 1. It is a virus. After the machine is started, the system prompts the problem that the generic host process

Windows Home-made background running process, exe start-up service

1, production background running programFirst, create a bat script, App.bat, to write the Run command, such as: node App.js >log.logThen download a tool Bat_to_exe_converterto convert bat to exe, convert bat to EXE, as followsAfter generating exe file, mouse click Start App.exe, open Task Manager, there will be App.exe proces

Windows self-made background running process, exe boot self-start service

Windows self-made background running process, exe boot self-start service1. Create a background running program First, create a bat script, app. bat, which is written into the running command, such as: node app. js> log. log Download the Bat_To_Exe_Converter tool to convert bat to exe and convert bat to

In Windows, the startup process of the .exe program and the C/C ++ Runtime Library

In Windows systems, you can double-click a file with the suffix ".exe" to run it. During programming, the compiled final result is generally expressed as an EXE program and other DLL that provides support for program execution. When we double-click an EXE program, what is done on the operating system level to make the

Enumerate Windows Services, obtain service names by process ID, and enumerate system services

Enumerate Windows Services, obtain service names by process ID, and enumerate system servicesZookeeper // Enumerate Windows system services // The functions used and MSDN descriptions are as follows:// 1. OpenSCManager description// Http://

C # basic process for compiling Windows Services)

WriteWindowsThe service is a relatively advanced programming technology, and a lot of internal useWindowsThe core functions of the operating system, but Microsoft. NetThe Framework has well encapsulated these technical details so that we can easily use them.C #Write your ownWindowsService, the basic process is generally 1.CreateC #Engineering. CreateEXEProject, which can beWinformOr in the command line format. AddSystem. serviceprocess. dllAndSystem

Enumerate Windows system services, fetch service name through process ID

 Enumerate Windows system ServicesThe functions used and the MSDN instructions are as follows:1, OpenSCManager description (v=vs.85). aspx2, Enumservicesstatusex description (v=vs.85). aspx3, Closeservicehandle descriptionhttp://msdn.m

Create a simple process for Windows services

property in the Properties view to LocalService (Local service)5. Select the second control above, click F4, and switch to the property view on the right. Change ServiceName to your own favorite service name, remember not to conflict with the system, starttype default to Manual, you may change to automatic(Automatic) or disabled (Disabled)6. Compile the project, then win+r enter cmd into the command window. To find InstallUtil.exe in the directory corresponding to the. NET version, my project u

C language implements a new process in Windows Services _c language

The example in this article describes how the C language implementation creates a new process in a Windows service. Share to everyone for your reference. Specifically as follows: Operating environment: Visual Stdio 2008 FileName: testservice.c #include How to use: Installation Services: SC create testservice binpath= c:\testService.exe Delete Service

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