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Puppet combined with SVN version control system for centralized backup and recovery of versions

First, IntroductionBy installing and deploying the Puppet/C/S model, puppet server manages the entire lifecycle of all the controllers: from initialization to software upgrades, from profile creation to test deployment, from system maintenance to

SVN Learning Notes

Reprinted from: ------------------Reference Document--------------------Official document: downloadable PDFs and one page of HTML.Configuration

Configure apache + svn + trac on CentOS

Subversion is a new generation of version control tools. It is a free and open source version control system. It is a common system that can be used to manage any type of files, including program source code. Subversion is a version management tool

Puppet extension 7-Integration of puppet code and Version Control System

I. Introduction By installing and deploying the puppet C/S model, the puppet server can manage the entire lifecycle of all controlled hosts: from initialization to software upgrade, from configuration file creation to test deployment, from system

SVN uses the branch/tag _ merge

First, why do we need to use the branch-merge. For example, there are two teams under Project demo, and SVN has a trunk version. Because of the sudden change in customer demand, resulting in the project needs to make a large change, at this time the

SVN tutorial-branch and merge

Http:// first explains why we need to use branch-merge. For example, there are two groups under the project demo and one trunk under SVN. Due to sudden changes in customer requirements, the project needs to be

Comparison of version control tools-CVS, SVN, git

First, we will introduce the important basis for comparison between several Version Control Software. For more details, refer to the link below: *Version Library Model): Describes the relationship between copies of multiple source code versions.

Brief introduction of Svnkit learning--wiki+ (I.)

This article is a reference to the Svnkit website in the wiki document, made a personal understanding ~  First throws a question, what does subversion do, what is svnkit used for?Believe that the general work of the students have used or know the

TRAC & SVN (use TRAC and SVN to build the SCM Environment)-Part One

TRAC & SVN (use TRAC and SVN to build the SCM Environment)-Part One0. TRAC is an enhanced Software Engineering Development wiki/issue tracking system. TRAC manages network-based software projects as few as possible. TRAC is used to help developers

[Kali_metasploit] When installing Metasploit in the Fast-track tool, SVN expires and installs the workaround with GitHub

Tl;dr:please stop using SVN withSVN Co start using the GitHub repo withgit clone git:// of today, a few of notice that's attempt to update Metasploit

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