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Serial Wire Debug (SWD) Interface--PSOC5

figure 2-5, there is a "DUMMY" phase,Which is three SWD clock cycles with Swdio line held low.This DUMMY phase isn't part of the SWD protocol.The three extra clocks with Swdio low is required for the Test Controller in PSoC 5The read/write operation when the SWDCK clock was not free-running.For a reliable implementation, the include three IDLE clock cycles with the Swdio low for each packet.According to th

EFM32-chip peripherals-SWD interface multiplexing of GPIO

The debug interface of efm32 uses the SWD interface, namely the two-wire JTAG interface. The two signal lines are swclk and swdio respectively. Swclk is an internal drop-down by default, and swdio is an internal pull-up by default. If you want to reuse these two ports into gpio ports, You need to modify the gpio-> rout

iOS human-machine Interface Design specification: human-machine Interface Design specification documentation Limitations

Article Description: iOS Wow Experience-First chapter-iOS Human Interface Design specification Overview. This is the first chapter of the IOS Wow Factor:apps and UX design techniques for iPhone and IPad, and the rest of the chapters will be released in succession. The purpose of Apple's design specification for iOS HMI (Hig,human

API Interface Specification v1.0--develop a good specification, only good cooperation development

", "ResultCode":"000000", "Resultdesc":"Operation succeeded", "Data":"", "Module":"HME", "Success":true, "Bizcode":"Tao-order_add-000000"}API Documentation Specification:Interface Name:Products.searchInterface Description:TCM Product Interface Call QueryRequest Parameters:Response Parameters:JSON returns an example:{ "OptCode":"store_addmsg", "Optdesc":"Data Center New message", "ResultCode":"000000", "Resultdesc":"Operation succee

Video transcoding System File Upload interface Specification

transcoding system to access the interface and upload files according to this interface specification, please tick the "Upload location to meet Cloud View specification" option in the Setup interface of transcoding system , for example:2. Query the upload locationThe client

SQLite C Language Interface Specification (i)--ready and Open Your SQLite

Label:Why do you want to engage in the C-language interface specification of SQLite? Because you will inevitably encounter the operation of the database in iOS development, you can use third-party fmdb, etc., or use CoreData. But we still need to figure out how to use SQLite's C interface to manipulate the SQLite database. Starting from today, we will give you a

PHP PSR-3 Log Interface Specification

Log Interface SpecificationIn this paper, the general interface specification of Log class library is developed.The main purpose of this specification is to allow the Log class library to record log information in a simple and generic manner by receiving a Psr\log\loggerinterface object.The framework and CMS Content Ma

Interface test related document management specification

3.1 Testing the document scope The types of documents that the interface Automation test primarily needs to manage are as follows: Interface Description document, test case document, test report (Result) document, test script (JMX type), meeting minutes, review document, and other test related documents. 3.2 Test Document creation instructions documentation for the requirements class (e.g.

C # Language Specification--1.9 interface

Specification | interface An interface defines a contract. A class or struct that implements an interface must comply with its contract. Interfaces can contain methods, properties, indexers, and events as members. Example Interface Iexample{String This[int index] {get; set;}

C # vs. Java learning: type judgment, class and interface inheritance, code specification and coding habits, constant definition (reprint)

C # vs. Java learning: type judgment, class and interface inheritance, code specification and coding habits, constant definitionsType judgment symbol:C#:object A; if (A is int) {} Judged by the IS symbolJava:object A; if (a instanceof Integer) {} is judged by the instanceof symbolClass-To-Interface inheritance:C #: public class Mdatarow:listJava:Publicclass Md

Tpshop App Backend Interface specification

This Article directory: Interface specification interface Sample reference documentation Recently, in the collation and development of Tpshop Open Source Mall app (including Android and iOS) background interface (API), summed up. 1. Interface

PYTHON-DB Interface Specification

conform to the standard will implement the Connect method. The parameters of the Connect function are as follows: User Username password password host Hostname database name DSN Data Source Name Database connection parameters can be provided as a DSN string, or in the form of multiple positional-related parameters (if you know the order of the parameters explicitly), or as a keyword argument. Examples of applications: Connect (dsn=

Interface Specification for mexfunction functions in MATLAB (reprint)

type of check, resulting in a poor program fault tolerance, the following program is better fault tolerance#include "mex.h"void mexfunction (int nlhs, Mxarray *plhs[], int nrhs, const mxarray *prhs[]){double *indata;double *outdata;int m,n;//Exception handling//Exception handlingif (nrhs!=1)mexerrmsgtxt ("Usage:b=reverse (a) \ n");if (!mxisdouble (Prhs[0]))Mexerrmsgtxt ("The Input Matrix must be double!\n");INDATA=MXGETPR (prhs[0]);M=mxgetm (prhs[0]);N=mxgetn (prhs[0]);Plhs[0]=mxcreatedoublemat

App Interface Design font specification

fruit food as an example, the bean fruit food is I think the interface reading is a very beautiful app interface design. The text reading gives the person a very delicate and comfortable feeling. With the reading type of news app and tool type app, the text selection is slightly smaller than the font size selection. such as the size of the navigation bar is 30px, the maximum size of the page is 34px (categ

Interface Specification (product order)

("Accountval"). Append (Accountval). Append ("Notifyurl").). Append (Notifyurl). Append ("OrderNo"). Append (OrderNo). Append ("Spuid"). Append (Spuid). Append ("SupplierId"). Append (SupplierId). Append ("TS"). Append (TS). append (key); System.out.println ("33333" +sb.tostring ()); Sign=Md5util.encrypt (sb.tostring ()); String URL= "Http://cz.9dian9.cn/u/stdchn/kedang/charge.xml";//Request AddressHttpClient Client=NewHttpClient (); Client.getparams (). Setcontentcharset ("UTF-8"); Postmethod

Mobile interface using font specification

iOS system The default Chinese font is Heiti SC The default English font is Helvetica The default digital font is Helveticaneue No Microsoft Ya-Black font Android system The default Chinese font is Droidsansfallback The default English and digital fonts are droid Sans No Microsoft Ya-Black font Winphone system Default Chinese font is Dengxian (founder and other line body) The default English and digital fonts are Segoe No Microsoft Ya-Black font Mobil

Nanhai District Administrative Approval Management System Interface Specification v0.3 (planning) 2. Business Declaration API 2.1.businessApply "Business reporting"

{"V_interface": "2015987654327", "C_project": "nh09a102", "pdept": "Zhang San", "Proposor": "Zhang San", "Address": "Nanhai District, Foshan", "mobile": "18888888888", "Phone": "18888888888", "Email": "", "Calling": "", "C_town": "0000", "C_office": "000056", "d_accept": " 2015-11-24 08:30:01 "," Place ":" Nan Xin San Road, South China Sea "," IdNumber ":" 12345678 "," sign ":" agree to Transact "," Accepttype ":" 2 "," C_operator ":" Gz99 " , "V_operator": "John Doe"}[{"Mlid": "nh88z009001", "S

Four basic interfaces in the DOM object model interface specification

Tags: blog HTTP Io SP strong data on 2014 log Four basic interfaces of the DOM object model In the DOM object model interface specification, there are four basic interfaces: Document, node, nodelist, and namednodemap. Among the four basic interfaces, the document interface is the entry for document operations, which is inherited from the node

China Unicom SMS Communication CP Interface Specification

Objective in order to guide CP users to develop communication interface with Shandong Unicom text message Platform docking, this specification is specially formulated. This specification stipulates the application layer interface protocol between CP user and Shandong Unicom Short message communication platform.Second,

"Go" app interface transduction naming and file collation specification

Transferred from: http://www.chinaz.com/design/2015/0908/443732.shtmlThe naming of the specification can improve client programmer's development efficiency and team collaboration. Personally think the identifier naming principle: As far as possible with the fewest characters and can fully express the meaning of identifiers.Transduction three principles of naming English abbreviations:1 shorter words can be abbreviated by removing "vowels"2 longer word

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