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Learning Swift from scratch (DAY4)--writing Swift with the playground tool

Original articles, welcome reprint. Reprint Please specify: Dongsheng's Blogwith Playground Write Swift The purpose of the code is to learn, test algorithms, validate ideas, and visualize the results of the operation, not to make the final program compile and publish. playground Program run ① area is code writing view, ② area is run result view, ③ area is timel

Spy on Swift programming and play on the playground

Since Apple released Swift, there is something new on Xcode---"Playground". Playground is like a playground where we can play in the world of code, and in this blog we'll show you how to use playground to quickly get started with swift

Use playground to write the first swift Program

Outputting "helloworld" from the console is the first step in C language learning and a very important step in my life. Today, many years later, I still hope to use helloworld as the first step to start a magical and magnificent world-Swift programming with everyone. This chapter uses helloworld as the starting point to introduce how to use playground of xcode to write and run

Use playground to write the first swift Program

Outputting "helloworld" from the console is the first step in C language learning and a very important step in my life. Today, many years later, I still hope to use helloworld as the first step to start a magical and magnificent world-Swift programming with everyone. This chapter uses helloworld as the starting point to introduce how to use playground of xcode to write and run

Comparison of playground and OC syntax in 2.Swift

1.playground1.1 IntroductionAt the WWDC conference in 2014, Apple officially unveiled swift--'s new programming language for Apple's mobile device software development effort. To match the birth of the new language, Xcode 6 adds a new feature called playgrounds-a set of interactive workspaces where developers can write swift code and get real-time performance feedback without having to run it in a device or

Swift first glance ---- Playground

Playground is introduced in wwdc2014 by SWIFT. It is literally understood that playground is the playground. In swift, this "Playground" can write code while previewing the effect to realize "What you see is what you write", which

Swift uses playground programming

Playground is the "what you can read and write" programming model as Swift launches. Playground literally means a playground, a casino. That is, in swift you can write code while previewing the programming effect. This programming developer or starter developer brings unprec

The-Swift-2.0-Programming-Language-playground, swiftplayground

The-Swift-2.0-Programming-Language-playground, swiftplayground I am sharing the playground of swift 2.0 on github. Address https://github.com/mengxiangyue/The-Swift-2.0-Programming-Language-playground Corresponding to The conte


I shared the playground of Swift 2.0, which was collated on GitHub. Address Https://github.com/mengxiangyue/The-Swift-2.0-Programming-Language-playgroundCorresponds to the latest release of the SWIFT programming Language Swift 2.0 release. These

Summary of playground, constants, variables, strings, etc. in "IOS" Swift

A few changes in code and writing (compared to OC)1. More like the format of java,javascript or Python2. The end of the semicolon can be written without writing (multiple statements in the same line must be separated by semicolons)3. Do not need to write the main function, directly from the top down execution4. File suffix changed. Swift, no longer is. h and. m two files now。。。。。。Second, PlaygroundPlayground as the name implies, play is meant to play,

swift-Learning Tool-playground

There are a few tips to learn about swift and share with you todayWe write swift programs are generally used in XCDE, just choose the development language notBut the swift program tip in XCDE is too slag.Today we recommend a learning method---swift learning toolPlayground-This can be found in the new projectLook at its

Swift Playground Infinite Running problem

This question I want to be sure a lot of people have met, if you happen to interview iOS, with this playground write algorithm words encounter this situation can only hehe ~ ~ I was so resolved, at the beginning I build Project was chosen as the iOS Playground Plain View, followed by the running ... When I open the Control Panel on the right, the platform, that is, the platform, switch to MacOS, everything

swift-xcode7.x (7.1,7.2,7.3) New playground run cannot run

swift-xcode7.x (7.1,7.2,7.3) New playground run cannot runUnable to find execution service for selected run DestinatioWorkaround 1. Close the Xcode2. Execute two lines of code at the terminalRM -RF ~/library/developer/coresimulator/devicesKillall -9 Com.apple.CoreSimulator.CoreSimulatorServiceSee Http://www.jianshu.com/p/0a406d50ecfd http://blog.163.com/nijino_saki/blog/static/80092144201511284

Learn some online resources for the Apple Swift language (updated September 10, 2014)

SelectionFrom the Raywenderlich.com website, a OBJECTIVE-C Programmer's perspective introduces some of the new features introduced in Swift: type inference, generics, switch statements, and constants. Ray Wenderlich's Swift tutorial [new]The set of swift-related tutorials on Ray Wenderlich's website is already quite large, including both the fundamentals of

Swift Online code writing and compiling

Because there is no Mac, and Mac for the average person is a little expensive, so want to learn to write Swift, has not found the tool! Find a lot of methods on the Internet, including virtual machines, and black apples. But installed virtual machine to see many people say that the computer is very card, the computer configuration requirements are relatively high. Think about it or give up, it's too much trouble to pack a black apple.Inadvertently fou

Swift Online weather forecast case tutorial

After a week of preparation, the swift online weather forecast video tutorial met with you. This set of video cases requires a certain language base learner.Knowledge points involve many aspects.For example: Swift location location corelocation, how Swift calls OC components, installation of afnetworking, etc. also inv

Swift Combat-QQ Online Music (first edition)

First, * Project preparation1, QQ Music app interface Material: (I use the PP assistant, the QQ Music app Backup, extract the IPA file can get the picture material inside)2, Watercress Radio Interface: "Http://douban.fm/j/mine/playlist?channel=1"Second, * interface layoutUse Xcode to create a new single View application project and select the Swift language.Import footage pictures and make the following layouts in the default Viewcontroller view.There

Swift-Play local video with media player, online video

The Media player framework plays local video, audio, and video and audio online.1, the player Mpmoviecontrolstyle style has the following types:(1)None: No playback control controls(2)Embedded: Embedded playback controls. No done button(3)fullscreen: Full screen playback with controls such as playback progress, done buttons, and fast forward2, play local video 1234567891011121314151617181920212223242526272829 import UIKitimport MediaP

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