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Basic use of TableView in Swift

Xcode6 creating a new project with Swift to create codeCreate a Viewcontroller inheritance UitableviewcontrollerInvolves the model, the controllerModel: Zlplace.swiftClass Zlplace:nsobject { var place = "" var visited = false}Tableviewcontroller ControllerImport Uikitclass Viewcontroller:uitableviewcontroller {///static data array, storage model var arrs = [Zlplace] () override Func viewdidload () {super.viewdidload () Let Place2 = Zlplac

Swift TableView only 1 label label cells highly adaptive

1, Cell height adaptive Sometimes we use tables (UITableView) to display list data. You don't want each cell's height to be fixed, and it's best to customize the height of the cell according to its contents. In the past, if we wanted to display variable height dynamic content in table view, it would be troublesome to manually compute the row height.Since IOS8, UITableView has added a new feature: Self sizing Cells. The table will automatically calculate the size of the cell and render it, great

Swift's TableView cell image width fixed, highly adaptive example

("MyCell",Forindexpath:indexpath) as! ImagetableviewcellGet the corresponding entry contentsLet entry = Catalog[indexpath.row]Cell Title and content settingsCell.titleLabel.text = entry[0]Cell.loadimage (Entry[1])return cell}Override Func didreceivememorywarning () {Super.didreceivememorywarning ()}} 3, get pictures from the network The example above we are loading the local picture directly. In the actual project, we usually load the pictures on the network through the URL address and disp

Swift form TableView A feature implementation example of loading new data

For tables (TableView), Drop-down refresh data, pull-load data should be the two most commonly used data update operations. For the former, I originally wrote a related article: Swift-Drop-down to refresh the functionality of the data implementation (using Uirefreshcontrol). This time I talk about the implementation of the latter.Say is pull load data, in fact, when we scroll the table content to the last r

The TableView of Swift entry

IOS8 is updated, OC will continue but new Swift language, can be used in lieu of OC to write iOS app, this article will use Swift as the writing language, to provide you with step by step tutorial. Each update to the tool iOS needs to update Xcode, this time, but with xcode6, you need to upgrade to OS X to Yosemite first. The specific upgrade process will not be said here. The students who need to download

Swift-Add headers and footers to table TableView

: headerView.bounds)headerlabel.textColor = UIColor.whiteColor()headerlabel.backgroundColor = UIColor.clearColor()headerlabel.font = UIFont.systemFontOfSize(16)headerlabel.text = "TableView 页眉"headerView.addSubview(headerlabel)headerView.backgroundColor = UIColor.blackColor()tableView?.tableHeaderView = headerView //给TableView添加表头页尾var footerView:UIView = UIView(

Swift Learning Day 16th: Lazy Loading and TableView

(withidentifier:cellid)ifCell = =Nil {//use enumerations in Swift: 1> enumeration types. Specific type 2>. Specific typeCell = UITableViewCell (style:.default, Reuseidentifier:cellid)} //2. Set the data to the cell: The cell is an optional type, the cell removed from the cache pool can be empty, so the optional type, the last time to return to the cell to be forced to unpack, it is guaranteed that the optional type is not empty, if the empty forced u

Use of TableView in 21.Swift

// abide by the protocol , directly followed by the inherited parent class , + protocolclass Viewcontroller: Uiviewcontroller {Override func viewdidload () {Super. Viewdidload () // add a TableView control Let TableView = UITableView()TableView. frame = self. View. boundsself. View. Addsubview (tableView) // Set data s

Swift creates TableView and implements protocols

////Viewcontroller2.swift//Swift_helloword////Created by Charlie on 15/7/13.//Copyright (c) 2015 Json. All rights reserved.//Import Foundationimport UIKitclassrootviewcontroller:uiviewcontroller,uitableviewdatasource,uitableviewdelegate {//Protocol varTableview:uitableview? =UITableView (Frame:cgrectzero, Style:UITableViewStyle.Plain); Overridefunc viewdidload () {Configui ()} func Configui () {TableView

A highly adaptive example of tableview cell in Swift

3 constraints. Example Import UikitClass Viewcontroller:uiviewcontroller, Uitableviewdelegate, Uitableviewdatasource {var catalog = [[String]] ()@IBOutlet weak var tableview:uitableview!Override Func Viewdidload () {Super.viewdidload ()Initializing a list of dataCatalog.append (["section I: Swift environment set-up","As the swift development environment needs to run on the OS X system,

Swift-Implements TableView single-selection system style

Implement TableView single selectionImport UIKitClass Viewcontroller:uiviewcontroller {var tableview:uitableview!Override Func Viewdidload () {Super.viewdidload ()TableView = UITableView (frame:cgrectmake (0, 0, Uiscreen.mainscreen (). Bounds.width, Uiscreen.mainscreen (). Bounds.height), style:. Plain)Tableview.delegate = SelfTableview.datasource = SelfSelf.view.addSubview (

[Fall in love with Swift] Day 6: Load custom Tableviewcell in TableView

") } //MARK:-uitableviewdatasource override func TableView (tableview:uitableview!, numberofrowsinsection Section:int), Int { return items.count } override func TableView (tableview:uitableview!, Cellforrowatindexpath indexpath:nsindexpath!) uitableviewcell! {Let cell = Tableview.dequeuereusablecellwithidentifier ("Customcellone", Forindexpath:indexpath) as Customonecell

Swift iOS tableView static cell dynamic computing height

Swift iOS tableView static cell dynamic computing height TableView is a commonly used component in iOS development. In some tables, because UILabel contains different characters in the text, the display height is also different. Therefore, the height of static cell needs to be calculated dynamically. I use static cell. Note that the height of each row must be spe

"Swift" alamofile network request data Update TableView Pit

Before writing this blog, some words have to mention, only when the hair is angry ...This afternoon for a alamofire to get data and update tableview problem, check the afternoon of Baidu (360 is the same as hell), unexpectedly did not have a simple and clear answer,And the only few more close to the answer, said to self.tableView.reloadData() , and did not put the code, said to put in which function,All still hold the pipa half cover face, let beginne

Swift a code complement TableView split line

1. Swift realizes split line completionSwift is a big step forward, as long as you set tableview.separatorinset = Uiedgeinsets.zero to complete the split line,2, OC realization of Split-line completionIn OC, we have to implement the Uitableviewdelegate two agent method to get the desired effect. The OC Implementation code is as follows-(void) viewdidlayoutsubviews{if ([Self.tableview respondstoselector: @selector (setseparatorinset:)]) {[Self.tablevie

Swift creates TableView and implements protocols

Import UIKitClass viewcontroller2:uiviewcontroller,uitableviewdelegate,uitableviewdatasource{Override Func Viewdidload () {Super.viewdidload ()Self.view.backgroundcolor=uicolor.orangecolor ()var Mytableview = UITableView (frame:cgrectmake (0, 0, UIScreen. Mainscreen (). Bounds.size.width, Uiscreen.mainscreen (). bounds.size.height), Style:UITableViewStyle.Plain)Self.view.addSubview (Mytableview)Mytableview.delegate = SelfMytableview.datasource = SelfMytableview.backgroundcolor = Uicolor.whitecol

iOS Swift TableView

ImportUIKitclassViewcontroller:uiviewcontroller, Uitableviewdelegate, Uitableviewdatasource {@IBOutlet var mytable:uitableview ?var typearray:nsarray!override func Viewdidload () {Super. Viewdidload () Typearray= ["Onet", "I", "three", "four"];} Func TableView (Tableview:uitableview!, Numberofrowsinsection Section:int)int{returntypearray.count}func TableView (Tableview:uitableview!, Cellforrowatindexpath in

Swift TableView Slide Removal

Return to edit type, swipe to deleteFunc TableView (Tableview:uitableview, Editingstyleforrowatindexpath Indexpath:nsindexpath) Uitableviewcelleditingstyle {Return Uitableviewcelleditingstyle.delete}Edit the text of the delete button hereFunc TableView (Tableview:uitableview, Titlefordeleteconfirmationbuttonforrowatindexpath Indexpath:nsindexpath)- > String? {Return "Click to delete"}Click the Delete button

Swift closes the view over animated Eg:collectionview, TableView

Excessive animation of Swift close viewTurn off view transition animationsUIView. performwithoutanimation { Turn off implicit animation for Calayercatransaction. Setdisableactions(true) Self . CollectionView. reloaddata () catransaction. commit () }Swift closes the view over animated Eg:collectionview, TableView

The split line of Swift TableView cannot be the head

1, set TableView's Separatorinset, layoutmarginsif(Mytableview.respondstoselector ("Setseparatorinset:") ) {Mytableview.separatorinset= Uiedgeinsetsmake (0,0,0,0) } if(Mytableview.respondstoselector ("Setlayoutmargins:") ) {Mytableview.layoutmargins= Uiedgeinsetsmake (0,0,0,0) }2, set the cell's Separatorinset, layoutmarginsfunc TableView (Tableview:uitableview, Willdisplaycell Cell:uitableviewcell, Forrowatindexpath indexpath:nsi

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