switch case loop

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Switch and loop statements for Java Process Control statements

1.switchswitch (expression) {case value 1: statement body 1;     Break          Case Value 2: statement body 2;     Break          ... default: statement body N; break;}Format Explanation:Switch indicates that this is a switch statementA) The value

Java loop statement

Java cyclic statements-general Linux technology-Linux programming and kernel information. The following is a detailed description. Java loop statements include for, while, and do-while. These statements create what we usually call a loop (loops ).

Conditional switch Statements in Swift switch...case Learning tutorial _swift

Grammarsyntax for switch statements in the Swift language: Copy Code code as follows: Switch Expression { Case expression1: Statement (s) Fallthrough/* Optional * Case Expression2, Expression3: Statement (s) Fallthrough/*

Day 4: loop structure (while, do... While, ),... While

Day 4: loop structure (while, do... While, ),... While1. Loop Structure (while, do... While,) 1.1. What is a loop structure In daily life, there will be a lot of things that need to be done repeatedly, such as four seasons of every year, 7 days of

IPhone -- run loop object

If you run the run loop in a non-main thread, you must add at least one input sources or timer for the run loop. If the run loop you run does not monitor any input sources, the run loop will exit immediately after you run it.Run loop observer Use

Day 4: loop structure (while, do... While,)

1. Loop Structure (while, do... While,) 1.1. What is a loop structure In daily life, there will be a lot of things that need to be done repeatedly, such as four seasons of every year, 7 days of every week, 3 meals a day, and 50 copies of each

Transmission self-loop leads to the failure case of ZTE 2826 Switch unable to network management

August 2012, the current network use of a ZTE 2826 switch can not remote Telnet logon situation, ping switch network management IP address serious packet loss. The process is probably as follows: 1, the site through the console port login switch to

Replace switch-case with a table driver

From: http://blog.csdn.net/orbit/article/details/2120086     I don't know when the switch-case statement is synonymous with the bad taste of the Code. When I write the code, I carefully avoid it and frown when I see the switch-case in other people's

JS in switch case loop instance code

  This article mainly introduced in JS switch case loop instance code, a friend in need can refer to the The code is as follows: Switch (objnametype) { case ' PD ': valueud = obj.id id = objname; var loadvud = Userdata.load (exam, id); if

Android Custom Control Case Rollup 2 (custom switch, drop down refresh, sideslip menu) _android

Case four custom switches: Function Introduction: The function of this case is to create a custom switch, you can decide the background of the switch. When the slide switch, the slider of the switch can follow the finger to move. When the finger is

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