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Java.lang.ClassCastException:java.sql.Timestamp cannot is cast to java.sql.Date under weblogic11_64

The project needs to switch servers, switch from server2003 to server2008, weblogic11_64 for new environments, oracle11gAfter the project deployment is run, everything else is OK, and the following error is reported when querying a database field of

SQL Server Datetime Cast to Date type can use Index (reprint)

A long time did not write blog, not lazy, it is recently my visit speed is not good, with Firefox often can't upload pictures ....I didn't mean to find out today. SQL Server Datetime Cast to Date type you can use the index to share:Test

Android drop-down Shortcut Settings panel add shortcut switch flow

Quickly set the loading process of the quick switch on the panel, including the process of loading and clicking events such as icons, and the main process of creating a shortcut switch (to add a lock screen switch for example). The Android version

Arrays are cast into struct pointers, and pointer problems within struct bodies

If the struct member is directly manipulated, it will not take the unexpected valueHowever, alignment issues need to be considered for continuous data formatssuch as data frame formats in communications, such as IP packets, etc.#pragma pack

JS in the + number cast small example

1 4 The output is actually:Why would it be 15?Because the + sign is coerced into a string under {}, the object is actually "{object}" plus two spaces in the middle of the object and "[""]" These two curly braces are 12 letters of two object, so

C ++ vs c # (3): switch, type conversion

// ================================================ ====================================// TITLE:// C ++ vs c # (3): switch, type conversion// AUTHOR:// Norains// DATE:// Tuesday 1-December-2010// Environment:// Visual Studio 2010// Visual Studio 200

Java Basics: Data type, switch statement, branch structure __java

casts of data types public class example2{ int i=97; Char c= (char) i; Cast of type System.out.println ("c=" +c); } Hundred Record Entry dialog box Import javax.swing.joptionpane;//dialog box to eject the method in the required package public class

Black Horse Programmer----Java basic operator, keyboard entry, if switch statement, attached to the question of related surface

------java training, Android training, iOS training,. NET training , look forward to communicating with you! -------1: operator (master)(1) Arithmetic operatorsa:+,-, *,/,%,++,--Note: Integers can only be divided into integers, and if you want

"Unity 3D" Learning Note 35: Game example--camera switch lens

Camera Switch LensIn the game often switch the camera to observe a certain game object, can say. In 3D game development, camera switching is essential.This time we learn to summarize how the camera switches the lens.Code:private Var

C ++ vs C # (3): Switch, type conversion

// ================================================ ====================================// Title:// C ++ vs C # (3): Switch, type conversion// Author:// Norains// Date:// Tuesday 1-December-2010// Environment:// Visual Studio 2010// Visual Studio 200

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