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Swype-revolutionary touch Input Method on Windows Mobile

Here is good news for Windows Mobile users. A new input method software Swype will bring about a revolution in the input method.We usually input words with a needle or a keyboard. Swype is on a mobile phone. You only need to slide on the virtual keyboard of the touch screen to quickly enter words, the software's built-in program can record and analyze the trajectory of users' fingers and automatically spell

How to connect a USB keyboard to an Android phone

I'm swype, slideit, and other brains from high-end Android input keyboards, but today I want to talk about solid keyboards consisting of various touch keys. Yes, it's the kind of physical keyboard. We used these bulky things before, and knocked out the next great masterpiece in a click. I never thought about using this to reply to text messages or emails, but when I decided to go to the cafe next to me and write something seriously, it would be nice t

Mobile Internet product Design: Functional design of sliding gesture

list, the ipad version of Maven browser to limit page scrolling to specific areas, but it will affect the efficiency of the page, bookmarks and else-mobile like the original level of click operation into sliding operation, User handheld devices are different in the same way, will also encounter operational efficiency and the single stage of the limited functionality of the problem, the advantage of its form occupies a small space. 2. More options can be accommodated within a small area. Baidu

Smart phone single Line Input method: Minuum keyboard

The input method is the most important thing for a smart phone. Using voice input, sometimes you have to face the situation of being molested by the machine, using a QWERTY keyboard, the thumb is really not easy to ride ... This article is to introduce a strange look of the input method, but the current version does not support Chinese. #如果你不那么需要经常输入英文, or not the courage to eat crabs, the following content can be around ~ In the recent year, in addition to the well-known, SwiftKey introduce

Google Gboard ime how to use

 Google Gboard ime how to use The latest news, if you are an iphone user and want to use Google search in other applications, you are blessed. Google Thursday released a new iOS keyboard input method called "Gboard", which integrates Google search and features such as emoticons, GIF and sliding input. The Gboard installation is similar to other third-party input methods. After downloading the application, the application will instruct the user how to add it to the iphone input list. Input key

IOS8 those devices can be upgraded _ do not support upgrades IOS8 device type

biometric data.KeyboardFor a long time, iphone and ipad users can only use one keyboard, the one that Apple provides. But while Apple has improved its iOS 8 keyboard and added intelligent predictive functionality, it has finally opened its keyboard application interface to Third-party developers, and Swype and Fleksy have released their own keyboard apps. It is believed that iphone and ipad users will soon be able to see a lot of interesting keyboard

Here are 101 reasons not to buy Windows Phone 7.5

. They must be done at a time. 49. Clicking on the me tile doesn't take you directly to your notifications it takes you to your profile, a serous usability blunder 50. Apps are listed alphabetically with no way to group by category. can be hard to find if you don't remember the name. 51. Calendar sched1_has no weekly view and monthly view is non-zoomable. 52. No peak time/off-peak time Scheduling for email downloads to prevent unnecessary email downloads at overnight. 53. If both Wi-Fi and data

Reference Value of the mobile phone contact clicking Area

belly (10-14mm), and fingertip (8mm-10mm ), we recommend that you click in a region no less than 1 cm (0.4. (Translated from lukew's blog) The clicked area is calculated based on the physical size. If the portable area W × T of other touch screens is similar to that of the iPhone, assuming that the precision of the touch screen is d, the calculation formula is: w/D = 29/164, t/d = 44/164.(164 is the screen precision of the iPhone) Windows Phone for dangerous controls is recommended to incr

Replace Click action

sliding, operation is different, such as Baidu Mobile input method of the sliding selection of words, sliding gestures can also be as limited as the region to click. N9 from the bottom up sliding in the one-fifth area stays identified as switching multitasking. These are the basic elements of sliding, more complex operations require application customization, such as Swype input method is conducive to the curve of the corner recognition of the choic

New features of the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean

The new system retains the original jelly Bean name, the overall user experience is not much change, but some new features are worthy of attention. Google now update In the new Google Now, it can index your emails about air tickets, meals, hotels, parcels, tickets, etc., and remind you at the right time. But these features require user authorization, and if you're worried, these new features don't make any sense to you. Google now also adds to the display of movies, concerts, stocks and news.

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