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C # combine multiple DLL and exe into an EXE program C # Use ilmerge to compress all referenced DLL and exe files into an EXE file ilmergeilmerge

C # Use ilmerge to compress all referenced DLL and exe files into an EXE file Address: Ilmerge:Http:// Familyid = 22914587-b4ad-4eae-87cf-b14ae6a939b0 displaylang = en Install the SDK directly by default after the download. After installation, t

The server is not allowed to execute EXE, but the PHP program needs to use EXE, is there a way?

The server is not allowed to execute EXE, but the PHP program needs to use EXE, is there a way? That is true I need to use ffmpeg for a video conversion project After a few failures in Linux (Linux is not familiar with, these two geniuses see), had to be implemented under Windows This machine is executed via exec (), b

Use EXE as a resource, then release to disk and run the EXE program

[CPP]View Plaincopy Add the EXE as a resource, then release it, and run Try { hrsrc hres = FindResource (NULL, Makeintresource (idr_exe1), _t ("EXE")); if (NULL = = hres) return; DWORD dwsize = Sizeofresource (NULL, hres); if (0 = = dwsize) return; hglobal hglobal = LoadResource (NULL, hres); if (NULL = = hglobal) return; LPVOID LP = Lockresource (HGLOBAL); if (

Use exe4j to convert jar to exe and exe4jjar to exe

Use exe4j to convert jar to exe and exe4jjar to exe I have read a lot of posts about exe4j recently, which are basically very old, and there is still a bit of pitfall that will be explained. I used exe4j5.1. You can download Please install Baidu on your own, there are tutorials 1. First open exe4j 2.

How to Use rundll32.exe

format:Shell "command column"If rundll32.exe is ready to use shell commands, it will make your VB program have an effect that is hard to achieve or even impossible to achieve in other ways: restart is still used as an example. The traditional method requires you to create a module in the VB project, then write the winapi declaration before calling in the program. Now, you only need one sentence:Shell resta

Use a simple C program to analyze the EXE files under DOS

: CS offset in the loading module, which is 0 in this fileLet's see how SS, SP, CS, and IP are allocated to the memory.DEBUG the EXE file in DOS. That is, enter debug casm. EXE (CASM is my EXE file name) and use R to check the register. For exampleAnalysis: DS and ES all point to the PSP segment address, that is, the P

Use the WinRAR packaged air program as an EXE (contains the Air runtime environment) _dos/bat

decompression--this is very important: Do not close the window, switch panels to mode, and check "unpack to temporary folders." In quiet mode, select Hide All. All ok~~ package After the program will be able to run directly! 4. This time you will find that the output of the EXE file icon is the WinRAR default icon. This say, the next change tool can be changed, not table. The other is, this exe icon, af

regsvr32.exe use: For your XP to lose weight

Wndows XP's "weight" has become a "big fat man" compared to other systems. Optimized "slimming" skills are already covered by major it newspapers and magazines, looking at Windows XP "Windows" of hundreds of DLL (dynamic link library) files, to make the system more refreshing, We can use the Regsvr32.exe program to re-register the repair and anti-registration screen system functions to reduce system resourc

What's rundll32.exe, what's the use?

The best way to optimize the computer card is to reload, the most effective way is to manually open Task Manager to shut down unnecessary process, of course, this is personal opinion. Sometimes the computer problems, the System Restore function is very useful. But I've never used it. Because I can read the system process, really rarely appear in the system more and more quickly and so on the phenomenon and have to restore the system. The article we want to understand is rundll32.

Use Py2exe to package Python programs as EXE programs

Recently helped a friend to write a Python applet, from the Internet to crawl some needed articles to the local. In order to run conveniently, I hope to be able to convert EXE program under Windows regular execution. From Baidu to find some articles, found that the application of py2exe more, hence the use of.1. Download Py2exeOfficial website:'m using py2exe-0.6.9

Python's way to make EXE executables---use Pyinstaller

Python's way to make EXE executables---use Pyinstaller python to generate an executable program in the Windows EXE format with three options: Py2exe is well known, today to introduce Pyinstaller, this tool is available on a full platform. I used Python to make a utility for my company colleagues, and since the company has a lot of Windows with Mac Linux, it has b

Use a python DIY image conversion pdf tool and package it into an exe

, maxh). Note that various types of decode are required for file names. In short, there are about 30 lines of effective code with powerful python. Code address 3. The Packaging Problem of pyInstall begins with the intention to use py2exe results to get a simple gui (it is really very simple) at the beginning, I started to make all kinds of errors. I was asked to provide 64bit not support when I thought about converting it into an

Use EXE4J to package the jar file as an EXE file (bring your own JRE)

, so we choose to use the jar in EXE. If the package contains directories or non-jar files, you cannot use this mode, and you can only choose to use regular mode. 3. Set the program name and the output directory of the generated EXE file, note that the output directory her

Use exe4j to turn jars into EXE

Turn the Java program into an executable. exe. Search the Internet for a bit. You can use exe4j.But there are always some minor mistakes in the conversion process. Version reason, or other reason.I use exe4j version exe4j_windows-x64_5.0, download in green League. Download, install here not much to say.Here's a record of your own successful experience sharing.1.

Use advanced Installer to package ASP.NETMVC together with the IIS service and MySQL database as an EXE installation package

of Mysqld.exe is executed, the batch will error, causing the installation to fail. Now that the package preparation is complete, here are the steps to pack Second, packaging 1. Create a packaged project Click Next Choose. NET run version, you can use the default network download, or in advance download good. NET run environment and then a piece to package to the installation package, select the default URL to download, install the program

Use Py2exe to turn python files into exe files (and error: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: ' MSVCP90.dll ' workaround)

Writing a program in Python is really simple, and when we develop a feature, especially a Python program with a form, you need to turn the Python program into a double-click EXE program. We need a third-party module Py2exe, which is the module that turns the PY into EXE. Just py2exe How to install, I do not elaborate here, directly to the official web download corresponding to the Py2exe version of Python,

Use exe4j to package Java programs into EXE format

Address: Because of this need, I have previously searched many web pages on the Internet to convert Java programs into executable (exe) programs, but they are not satisfactory. After a while, I found this good thing, exe4j. I personally tried the knife and found it really simple and easy to use. Write it down to make it easy for you to be forgetful: 1

Use Advinceinstaller to RePack EXE or MSI as MSI silent installer

Recently in learning installshelled packaging. NET do software, where the MySQL database silent installation script will not write, I novice do not spray. In the way of not writing scripts, occasionally saw this advinceinstaller can be the. exe or. msi installation file repackaging to become a silent installer, the operation steps relatively simple, record to prevent forgetting, but also hope to have a good see can give a better way, to the bottom:Pre

Installation and use of. exe files under Linux

1 Installing Wine2 install exe software: Download the application software. exe, then click on the right button to open with wine/or in the terminal wine application software. EXE can be installed.Uninstall EXE can right click Install software in uninstall.exe-with wine open/or in Terminal wine Uninstall. exe3 using Wi

Use exe4j to create a pseudo-EXE file

Principle: executable jar package files can be executed through the command line Java-jar jarfile. jar. Create a pseudo-exeproject. You only need to create an exeproject and use java.exe in the system to run it.Generally, executable files made of exe4j still need to be supported by JRE, that is, they can only run on the computer where JRE is installed. However, there is a way to create a pseudo-EXE file and

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