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Sybase opens SQL Advantage 12.5.1 error: Internal failure while initializing

1 Open SQL Advantage error: Internal failure while initializing SQL AdvantageA few days ago in the Sybase win client (OC 12.5.1), encountered a problem. Each time you open the SQL Advantage 12.5.1, if the window is forced to close (for example,

Interview with Edison: Sybase "Three Carriages" without fear of financial storms

[Zdnet Li Ning exclusive report]A us financial storm comparable to the one in spread to the world by the end. The news that major and foreign software vendors have lowered their performance expectations and even laid off their jobs is widely seen in

Ways to back up Sybase databases __ Database

Document one: Sybase is pretty good at today's corporate database applications, and it can be easily applied to Windows systems and other operating systems, such as Linux,unix. Compared to the limitations of SQL Server only for Windows operating

Install and use Sybase ASE 12.5 in Windows

First download the Sybase ASE 12.5 installation file, for the and Sybase ASE 12.5 client, of course, the first also contains the Sybase client, the user can no longer download the client.

A revolutionary product in the Sybase IQ Data Warehouse field

Sybase's data warehousing approach is fundamentally different from other relational database providers. Sybase believes that the traditional relational approach and the ROLAP method is inefficient, in order to achieve sufficient performance, must be

Common sybase Database Operations

After Sybase is installed, the program-Sybase contains the following items: Dsedit Utility Ocscfg Utility SQL advantage Sybase Central Java Edition Server config Sybase Software Asset Management (sysam) To perform database operations, you must first

Making breakthroughs in the power industry with Sybase IQ of the State Grid Integrated news] in recent years, Sybase, an enterprise-level software company focusing on information management and information mobile technology, has frequently won large orders in China's major industry markets. With its world-leading

Sybase accelerates the application development case of BP exploration

Working in a software environment that allows you to quickly create robust, flexible applications is the dream of every developer. SAIC, which runs the IT operations of BP Exploration, believes it has turned this dream into reality by combining

Connection between PowerBuilder and Sybase SQL Server

Connection between PowerBuilder and Sybase SQL Server Although PowerBuilder and Sybase SQL Server are both products of Sybase, they use PowerBuilder as the front-end. When Sybase SQL Server is used as the back-end, they may fail to connect

Install, configure, and use Sybase (5)

Chapter 5 common sybase database tools The Sybase Database Installation Directory provides several commonly used tools. Open start> program> Sybase in turn. Here we only describe several commonly used tools. For example: 1. dsedit Utility This tool

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