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Performance Problem Solving case 01 -- sybase database memory problem

? During the check, it is found that not only the page is occasionally slow, but many pages are occasionally very slow. The first time the page is opened slowly, it will soon be followed, and it will be slow again after a while. View the p6spy log and find that (the deep color column is the SQL Execution time and only records the SQL statements that are executed for more than 2 seconds). Execute the SQL statements that have been executed for a long time separately, and execute the SQL statements

Performance Problem resolution case 01--sybase database memory issues

, follow up quickly, wait a while again open and slow. View P6spy log Discovery (the Dark Color column is the SQL execution time, only recorded the execution of more than 2s of sql), the execution time of the SQL out of a separate execution, many of the first execution of a few 10 seconds, the second execution of less than 1s, can determine the cause of the problem, the system memory is small. Sybase dat

Performance Problem resolution case 01--sybase database memory issues

slowly, follow up quickly, wait a while again open and slow.View P6spy Log Discovery (the Dark Color column is the SQL execution time, only recorded the execution of more than 2s of sql), the execution time of the SQL out of a separate execution, many of the first execution of a few 10 seconds, the second execution of less than 1s, can determine the cause of the problem, the system memory is small.Sybase data can use the following command to view the

Sybase Database introduction (1)

allow users to write their own database subroutines. These child routines are pre-compiled, so you do not have to compile, optimize, and generate query plans for each call. Therefore, the query speed is much faster.● Event-driven triggersA trigger is a special stored procedure. You can use a trigger to start another stored procedure to ensure database integrity.● Multi-clueAnother innovation in the

Startup/shutdown of Sybase database server under Windows

Label:Starting, shutting down the Sybase database serverFirst, start SybaseServer Two methods are introduced under Windows to start the Sybase database server. 1. Through Server Manager Open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Service Management window. Dragging the scroll bar to the service name that starts with

Sybase encryption option and memory consumption

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---- This is andkylee's personal originality. Please repost it with respect to the author's Labor achievements; ---- The original source must be specified for reprinting.:Http:// ---- Keyword: ASE 15.0.3 encrypted memory encryption memory ------------------------------------------------------------------------

Ways to back up Sybase databases __ Database

Document one: Sybase is pretty good at today's corporate database applications, and it can be easily applied to Windows systems and other operating systems, such as Linux,unix. Compared to the limitations of SQL Server only for Windows operating systems, Sybase's cross-platform nature makes her more popular with developers. Since many companies use Sybase as a ca

Five areas of Sybase database application system tuning

team and is not easily applied to the production system that is already on-line.For performance issues with SQL modules/statements in database applications, we recommend tools that have a network sniffing (networksniffing) mechanism, such as the proactivedba of U.S. whitesands companies. It can be used for network monitoring, without affecting the application system, the calculation of each SQL statement/module "in/Out point in time", so that its exe

Sybase Performance Diagnostics Sp_sysmon memory management

same as the following, the block exercise is no longer one by one listed: ====================================================================== Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise System Performance ====================================================================== Server version:adaptive Server Enterprise/11.9.2/1031/p/nt (IX86)/os 3. Server Name:server is unnamed Run Date:may 28, 2001 Statistics cleared at:15:57:27 Statistics sampled at:

SYBASE memory and buffer management

the Process buffer is the memory allocated to the process buffer (the first line) and allocated to the process header (that is, the place where the compiled object, such as the stored procedure, is stored, according to the size of the stored object, one or more process headers may be required.) the sum of memory (second row, compilation objects that can be stored in the process buffer are limited by smalle

Connect to Sybase Database Using vc6.0

Connect a VC to the Sybase DatabaseFirst, you must install the Sybase client and configure the Sybase client. After the installation is complete, run dsedit in the program for configuration.Server is the name of the database to be accessed, as well as the IP address and port of the machine where the

Dbeaver Database Administration Tools Connect Sybase database usage Experience __ Database

copy one from the installed ASA11/12, in the Java subdirectory, or from the ase15\jconnect-6_0\classes subdirectory below. If you don't have these installed versions at hand, you can copy one from the attachment jconn3 here. 4. Start adding JDBC Driver Manager, database->driver manager->create new driver The ASA driver configuration is shown in the following illustration: The

C # connection to Sybase database __ Database

C # connection to Sybase database Preface comes with 4 database client namespaces, one for SQL Server, the other for Oracle, the third for ODBC data sources, and the fourth for implementing databases through OLEBC. If the database is not SQL Server or Oracle, you should use OLE DB, unless you can also use ODBC

The log of Sybase database management and maintenance experience

Sybase is a world-renowned database manufacturer, and its relational database products Sybase SQL Server has a large number of users in large and medium-sized enterprises in China. The author in the course of many years of use, summed up the Sybase

The successful application of Sybase database in tax department

implementation of tax reform in China is an important goal. Its realization needs a perfect, strong management system support. In this system, the application of database is very important. The database selection must be able to meet the requirements of the national tax system on a full range of databases, and can reduce the need for database expertise, so that

Sybase database: Log is too large to start

. 10/09 09:58:38. Sybase, Inc 6475 Christie Avenue, Emeryville, CA 94608, USAI. 10/09 09:58:38. Networked Seat (per-seat) model. Access to the server is limited to seat (s).I. 10/09 09:58:38. This server was licensed to:I. 10/09 09:58:38. LbI. 10/09 09:58:38.I. 10/09 09:58:38. 10240K of memory used for cachingI. 10/09 09:58:38. Minimum cache size:10240k, maximum cache size:230848kI. 10/09 09:58:38. Using a

Sybase database Function Library

the current pointer to a specific field of the returned value. The argument result is the return value code. The parameter field_offset is the specified field ordinal.Reference: Sybase_fetch_field () Sybase_free_resultRelease returns memory consumption.Syntax: int sybase_free_result (int result);return value: IntegerFunction Type: Database functionDescription: This function frees up

Common sybase Database Operations

After Sybase is installed, the program-Sybase contains the following items: Dsedit Utility Ocscfg Utility SQL advantage Sybase Central Java Edition Server config Sybase Software Asset Management (sysam) To perform database operations, you must first create a server. Click St

How does the Oracle database correctly access SYBASE data?

The following article describes how to access SYBASE-related data in an Oracle database and how to configure the transparent gateway for Sybase, I hope this will help you in your future studies. 1. Install Sybase client on the server where Oracle is located (or install Oracle and S

Data replication and integration between heterogeneous database and Sybase database through data replication

Sybase Replication Server Application Plan VI Replication servers support the replication of data between Sybase and non-Sybase databases, such as the Sybase replication agent, to obtain update transactions on the DB2 database on the IBM host and replicate to ASE's replicat

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