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Sybase SQL Studio 6.0.3 Programmer's Guide

Objective This article introduces the features, strengths, weaknesses, installation, and management skills of Sybase's SQL Anywhere Studio (SAS) 6.0.3 for Linux from a database programmer's perspective, and gives a fine example. If you use the C

Install ASE 12.5 for LINUX

For details, refer to sybase Installation Guide (Chinese version) Adaptive Server Enterprise12.5 Linux/Intel.I have referenced several documents on the Internet. Thank you!(1) Log On As root:Create sybase users and user groups (useradd, groupadd or

[Import] creation and use of Sybase stored procedures

Creation and use of Sybase stored procedures 2000-08-16 14:52:02 Features of Stored Procedures Sybase stored procedures are pre-defined and compiled transactions centrally stored in SQL Server. Stored procedures consist of SQL statements and

SYBASE 12.5 Maintenance Manual 4. Improve the article

4. Improve the article If you forget the password for the SA, how to recover it.1, first stop Sybase ASE service.2, under the Sybase Security directory%%\sybase\ase-12_5\install\, modify the Run_sybase database server startup script, add-psa Save

Sybase Database introduction (1)

1. Sybase Database Introduction  1. Version In 1984, Mark B. Hiffman and Robert Epstern created Sybase and launched Sybase database products in 1987. SYBASE has three major versions: one is the version running under the UNIX operating system, the

What's Sybase?

A brief introduction of Sybase database 1. Version In 1984, Mark B. Hiffman and Robert Epstern created Sybase and launched the Sybase database product in 1987. Sybase consists of three versions, one running under the UNIX operating system, the

Sybase configuration, sp_configure

Sybase configuration Parameters sp_configure ' max online engines ', 4 Go --Configure the number of boot CPUs sp_configure ' number of engines at startup ', 4 Go --Configure Maximum memory count sp_configure ' max memory ', 2097151 Go --Allocating

Chapter 10 stored procedures

This chapter describes how to use stored procedures. A stored procedure is a program on the database server. It has two types. A SELECT query is used to retrieve data. The retrieved data can be returned to the customer in the form of a dataset. The

SYBASE: BCP command reference

 Sybase Database BCP description BCP is a tool provided by Sybase for database table-level data backup. It is generally stored in the bin directory of the installed ASE or open client. For ASE earlier than version 12, the BCP storage directory is $

Sybase configuration Parameters

sp_configure ' max online engines ', 4Go--Configure the number of boot CPUssp_configure ' number of engines at startup ', 4Go--Configure Maximum memory countsp_configure ' max memory ', 2097151Go--Allocating maximum stored procedure

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