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BCP usage practices in Sybase and sqlldr usage practices in Oracle

There is a lot of information about the usage of BCP on the Internet, but it can only be used after it has been confirmed by its own practice. Some of the online stuff is transferred in and out, and there will be some mistakes, therefore, the

Sybase paging Stored Procedure

/* -- Sybase paging operation --*/-- Method 1:--*************************************** ******-- Based on the number of start and end records-- @ Sqlstr is a common query statement, which cannot contain existing-- Identity field, otherwise the

Sybase database Common functions

Sybase database common functions one, string functions1,isnull (EXP1,EXP2,EXP3,...): Returns the first non-null value, usage with coalesce (EXP1,EXP2[,EXP3 ...]) Same2,trim (exp): remove both spaces;3,dateformat (Date_exp,date_format): Date type to

How to make your SQL run faster (SQL statements run under the Sybase Database)

Many people tend to fall into a misunderstanding when using SQL, that is, they are too concerned about whether the obtained results are correct, while ignoring the possible performance differences between different implementation methods, this

20 questions and answers about Oracle bare Devices

Handle bare devices on Unix systems: 1. What is a bare device? A bare device, also called a raw partition, is a special character device that is not formatted and not read by Unix through a file system. It is read and written by the application. It

Challenges facing Java-11 ideas from Sybase, Oracle, Novell, sun, Borland, Bea, and Motorola

The Roundtable summations: 11 Views on Java's biggest challengesIndustry already ists set the agenda for Java directions in the year aheadBy Dan rub   Http://   AT the close of the 20

Query optimization Technology of database

Query optimization Technology of databaseQuery optimization Technology of databaseDatabase system is the core of MIS, and online transaction processing (OLTP) and online analytical Processing (OLAP) based on database is one of the most important

Learn more about the TDS protocol

In the evening, I carefully read the content about the TDS protocol. This is one of Microsoft's undisclosed protocols, but many people are studying this! The plaintext transmission and simple encryption or overflow vulnerabilities of passwords

Comparison of Mysql and SQL Server _mysql

Turn from: For program developers, MySQL and SQL Server are the two most popular background databases currently in use. The basic similarity between the two is the data storage and the query system. You

Sybase paging Stored Procedure

Read by row Create procedure getdatabyline (-- create a paging read process @ sqlstr varchar (8000), -- SQL statement @ firstrec int, -- page start line @ lastrec int -- page end line) asdeclare @ DT varchar (10) -- generate the random number begin

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