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Build a concentrated log server using syslog-ng

kernel logger: this error occurs because the Shared Library link is not properly configured.[Root @ server2 etc] # ln-S/usr/local/EventLog/lib/*/lib/ The following error occurs because the main configuration file is missing: @ version: 3.0.Starting syslog-NG: configuration file has no version number, assumingsyslog-ng 2.1 format. Please add @ version: maj. min t

Syslog collection: eventlog + syslog-ng + mongodb

Syslog collection: eventlog + syslog-ng + mongodb system: Redhat5 64bit Server Java code 1. install eventlog $ tar xvfz eventlog_0.2.12.tar.gz // decompress $ export PKG_CONFIG_PATH =/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig: $ PKG_CONFIG_PATH // configure the compilation path $. /configure // configure the compiling environment and pre-compile $ make // compile $ ma

Syslog-ng+syslog collecting Tomcat logs (iii)

) $InputFilePersistStateInterval 1# Active read, you can set up multiple sets of log reads, set this parameter at the end of each group. To take effect. $InputRunFileMonitor # When submitting logs to a different server, specify the server Ip:port here separately, #如都提交在同一服务器只需在rsyslog. conf specify one time to #local5.*@ @ Localhost.log Path, modified according to the actual situation: $InputFileName /web/webfront/logs/localho

Install syslog-ng management logs

" Owner ("root") group ("root ") perm (0640) dir_perm (0750) create_dirs (yes ));}; Destination r_maillog {file ("/var/log/syslog-ng/$ year $ month $ day/$ host/maillog" Owner ("root") group ("root ") perm (0640) dir_perm (0750) create_dirs (yes ));}; Log {source (s_remote); filter (f_emerg); destination (r_console );}; Log {source (s_remote); filter (f_secure); destination (r_secure); flags (final );}; Log

Syslog-ng installation Configuration

1. Install EventLog Tar zxvf eventlog.tar.gz Configure -- prefix =/usr/local/EventLog Make Make install 2. Install libol Tar zxvf libol.tar.gz Configure -- prefix =/usr/local/libol 3. Install syslog-ng 4. TarZxvf syslog-ng.tar.gz ExportPkg_config_path =/usr/local/EventLog/lib/pkgconfig/ Configure -- prefix =/usr/local/syslog

How to Use syslog-ng to collect logs from a remote Linux machine

configuration.Install Installation is simple. To make it as easy as possible, I will install it from the standard repository. Open a terminal window and run the following command: sudo apt install syslog-ng You must run the above command on both the collector and the client machine. After the installation is complete, you will start to configure.Configure collectors Now, we start to configure the log co

GRAYLOG2+SYSLOG-NG+MONGODB Building Centralized Management log server--reprint

-server-0.9.5 graylog2 Cp/usr/local/graylog2/graylog2.conf.example/etc/graylog2.conf 4. Configure Garylog2-serverClick (here) to collapse or open Vim/etc/graylog2.conf —————————————————————— Syslog_listen_port = 515 #将默认的514端口修改为其他未使用端口, because the 514 port is the default port of Syslog-ng, i

SuSE (SLES) install and configure the syslog-ng log server to integrate the splunk

Destination d_splunk {tcp ("" port (1999) localport (999 ));}; Log {source (src); destination (d_splunk );}; # ---------------------------- Code --------------------- end Client Configuration # Configure the client # Vi/etc/syslog. conf # *. * @ LoghostVi/etc/syslog-ng/

Syslog-ng+rsyslog Collect logs: Collect SSH user commands (iv)

There are times when you need to use a bastion machine, but know that the user has used those commands.The name of the Rsyslog property that begins with $ is a variable obtained from the local system, and does not take a variable from the messageFirst, configure the system variables to record the SSH command, and generate files, location/var/log/ssh.log.#vi/etc/profile.d/ a file script to store variablesExport History_file=/var/log/ssh.logexport prompt_command= ' {date ' +%y

Syslog-ng+rsyslog Collection log: Write database mysq, Ms-sql,sqlite, MSQL (vi)

space limit (use as much as possible) #$ActionQueueSaveOnShutdown on # save messages to disk on shutdown #$ActionQueueType LinkedList # run asynchronously #$ActionResumeRetryCount -1 # infinite retries if host is down # remote host is: name/ip:port, e.g., port optional #*.* @@remote-host:514 # ### end of the forwarding rule ### #日志 If non-local storage, you need to specify the remote collection log server IP: Port *.* :ommysql: # indicates that all types of log

Open source Distributed search Platform Elk (elasticsearch+logstash+kibana) +redis+syslog-ng realize log real-time search

Turn from: Logstash + Elasticsearch + kibana+redis+syslog-ng Elasticsearch is an open source, distributed, restful search engine built on Lucene. Designed for cloud computing, to achieve real-time search, stable, reliable, fast, easy to install and use. Supports the use of JSON for data indexing over HTTP. Logstash is a platform for application log, event transmission

Flume-ng installation and simple use examples

1. Install the JDK. 2. Download the decompression flume, modify the bin/netcat-memory-logger.conf, the content is as follows: agent1.sources = Sources1agent1.channels = Channels1 Agent1.sinks = Sinks1agent1.sources.sources1.type =Netcatagent1.sources.sources1.bind = Localhostagent1.sources.sources1.port = 44444agent1.channels.channels1.type =memoryagent1.channels.channels1.capacity = 1000agent1.channels.channels1.transactioncapacity =100agent1.sinks.sinks1.type =

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