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How to Use syslog-ng to collect logs from a remote Linux machine

How to Use syslog-ng to collect logs from a remote Linux machine If your data centers are all Linux servers, you are the system administrator. One of your tasks is to view the server's log files. However, if you view log files on a large number of machines, You need to log in to the machine one by one to read the log files. If you manage a large number of machine

Writing syslog ng logs to the MySQL (remote) database

) not NULL auto_increment,' Host ' varchar (+) DEFAULT NULL,' Facility ' varchar DEFAULT NULL,' Priority ' varchar (DEFAULT NULL),' Level ' varchar DEFAULT NULL,' tag ' varchar (DEFAULT NULL),' DateTime ' datetime DEFAULT NULL,' Program ' varchar DEFAULT NULL,' Msg ' text,PRIMARY KEY (' id '),KEY ' Host ' (' Host '),KEY ' program ' (The ' program '),KEY ' datetime ' (' DateTime '),KEY ' priority ' (the ' priority '),KEY ' facility ' (' facility ')) Engine=innodb auto_increment=81 DEFAULT Charset

Build a concentrated log server using syslog-ng

("/var/log/dmesg ");};Log {source (s_local); filter (f_emerg); destination (d_console );};Log {source (s_local); filter (f_secure); destination (d_secure); flags (final );};Log {source (s_local); filter (f_mail); destination (d_maillog); flags (final );};Log {source (s_local); filter (f_cron); destination (d_cron); flags (final );};Log {source (s_local); filter (f_spooler); destination (d_spooler );};Log {source (s_local); filter (f_local7); destination (d_bootlog );};Log {source (s_local); fil

Syslog-ng Detailed installation configuration

A recent Sendcloud project requires the use of the Syslog-ng collection log. The principle is multiple production machine deployment of different modules, including Nodejs, Java and so on, each production machine according to a certain rules to generate a log. Generally our production machine redhat default SYSLOGD logging, you can use SYSLOGD to send logs throug

Install syslog-ng management logs

Syslog-ng is installed to manage server logs in a unified manner. The installation method is found online. Some problems need to be solved now; 1. The log server can synchronize the log files on a daily basis, but the log files you want cannot be synchronized to the server because you need to customize the log files. Now, I have posted the configuration documents and hope to learn from them. Install

SuSE (SLES) install and configure the syslog-ng log server to integrate the splunk

); Owner (root ); Group (root ); Perm (0640 ); Dir_perm (0750 ); }; Source src { # Message generated by Syslog-NG # Internal (); # Standard Linux log source (this is the default place for the syslog () # Function to send logs) # Unix-stream ("/dev/log "); # Messages from the kernel # Pipe ("/proc/kmsg "); # Remote po

Syslog-ng installation Configuration

: Destination d_udp {UDP ("loghost" port (514 ));}; log {source (SRC); destination (d_udp) ;}; restart the syslog-ng service #/etc/init. d/syslog-ng restart winodws server configuration because Windows server does not support log server, you need to install a conversion software: L

Syslog-ng+rsyslog Collection log: Write database mysq, Ms-sql,sqlite, MSQL (vi)

space limit (use as much as possible) #$ActionQueueSaveOnShutdown on # save messages to disk on shutdown #$ActionQueueType LinkedList # run asynchronously #$ActionResumeRetryCount -1 # infinite retries if host is down # remote host is: name/ip:port, e.g., port optional #*.* @@remote-host:514 # ### end of the forwarding rule ### #日志 If non-local storage, you need to specify the

Python's log module logging and syslog

The Syslog module is a module that works in a UNIX environment and is not available for Windows, and can be used with the logging module in a Windows environment. First, syslogThe Syslog module can be used to record information about the operation of the system, which is provided by a syslog (Priority,message), which f

Compiling bash to implement syslog logging for history

First, compile bash to implement the syslog logging function of Bash 1. This paper will realize the function of history record to syslog log through bash software, and it can be transferred to the remote log centralized server in real-time, which can realize the audit function of operation logs.Operating system version

Remote Syslog Log service under UNIX

Syslog is the System log in Unix system, so syslogd is a very important service, usually the system troubleshooting and some important events are written in the log, but in the actual production environment often the server is not only one or several, and in the large batch of server log analysis, If it is a station to look at the log will be very time-consuming and laborious, then in the normal production environment can use one or more servers for o

Build remote system log collection and analysis environment based on CentOS 6.5+mariadb+loganalyzer+syslog

first, to understand the meaning of the Rsyslog configuration file Configuration file Path/etc/rsyslog.conf In Rsyslog facility facilities can be used to classify logs from functions or programs in the following ways Auth and certification-related Authpriv Related to the certification authority Cron Specifically for the periodic task schedule to be logged Daemon

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