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Build a concentrated log server using syslog-ng

Rhel5 and centos 5.5 x86_64 are all tested. In the production environment, there is a log server dedicated to recording the log information of other servers is a good idea, but with the Red Hat built-in syslog, the configuration is simple, however,

Syslog-ng Detailed installation configuration

A recent Sendcloud project requires the use of the Syslog-ng collection log. The principle is multiple production machine deployment of different modules, including Nodejs, Java and so on, each production machine according to a certain rules to

Instructions for using syslog under Linux

Syslog System Log Application1) OverviewSyslog is the default log daemon for Linux systems. The default syslog configuration file is the/etc/syslog.conf file. Programs, daemons, and kernels provide log information for accessing the system. Therefore,

Syslog learning in python

When writing a program, you all like to keep the process and output results in the form of logs for your reference. Most of my friends use the open method to open a file handle and write the information in it. Today I learned to use a syslog service

Install syslog-ng management logs

Syslog-ng is installed to manage server logs in a unified manner. The installation method is found online. Some problems need to be solved now; 1. The log server can synchronize the log files on a daily basis, but the log files you want cannot be

Freeware syslog forwarding Tool free syslog Forwarder Tool Introduction

Today, Rangers bring you the software from the world's largest online software provider-Zhouhau software (ZOHO), the tool name is "free syslog forwarder Tool", the toll-free syslog forwarding tool. There is a scenario where we have multiple log

Detailed description of Linux log management syslog

1. syslog introduction syslog is an industrial standard protocol that can be used to record device logs. In UNIX systems, routers, switches, and other network devices, system logs record system events at any time. Managers can view the system

GRAYLOG2+SYSLOG-NG+MONGODB Building Centralized Management log server--reprint

Original address: the company needs to monitor the line record of QQ, originally used the structure of the light +panabit+splunk to do record. Panabit use is quite comfortable, but when

Detailed description of Linux Log Management syslog

1. syslog IntroductionSyslog is an industrial standard protocol that can be used to record device logs. In UNIX systems, routers, switches, and other network devices, System logs record System events at any time. Administrators can view system

Lamp+logzilla2.9.9+syslog-ng implementation of centralized log management (second Edition) _ Log

Liu Tians, 2010/07/24 14:28, Linux, Comments (67), reading (40557), Via site Original Big | In | A preface Why to introduce the second edition. Since the first edition is based on Logzilla3.0, the author has licensed restrictions after Logzilla3.0,

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