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WINDOWS Installer cannot start workaround

WINDOWS INSTALLER Unable to start workaround2011-04-13 10:18:32Tags: operating system Windows casual workplaceThe first step: Use Notepad to write the Installer.reg file with the following content:Windows Registry Editor Version

The Windows Installer Service cannot be accessed!

The Windows Installer Service cannot be accessed! ========================================================== ========================== Author: tonykorn97 ( Posted: Category: Windows Source:

How to Package C # Program (make it into an installer)

Create a new installation project On the File menu, point to add and click Create project ". In the "Add new project" dialog box that appears, open the "other project type" node and select the "Install and deploy project" folder. In the template

How to fix Windows Installer corruption

When installing some software in Windows XP, a warning box is displayed:"Cannot access Windows InstallerService, you may be running Windows in safe mode, or WindowsThe installer is not correctly installed. Please contact your support staff for help .

DOTNET system installer step (including framework installation and database installation configuration) C #

Prepared by the boss a few days agoProgramIf you have never done the installation package again, you can use any tool to create the installation package. Now there are a lot of tools for installation program production (WISE, etc.). I downloaded a

Creating the installer with NSIS

Creating the installer with NSISRecently to write yourself a small program to do a setup program. My program was developed with QT, so I wanted to look at the QT Installer Framework. But with the Qt Installer Framework to do the installation program

Win7 64-bit flagship system Windows Installer service stop

According to users, in the Win7 64-bit flagship system installed Office, QQ, anti-virus software, CAD and other software when all appear Windows Installer service stop prompts, can not continue to install, but have to choose the green version of the

Windows Installer error Solution

Windows Installer (Windows Installation Service) is a common software release method. Currently, many software programs use Windows Installer as their own installation programs. Sometimes, due to various reasons and defects of Windows Installer,

2018 first release: A [Advanced Installer] package trip, 2018 first release

2018 first release: A [Advanced Installer] package trip, 2018 first releaseI. Preface In the last few days of June 2017, you are all happy for the New Year. The blogger is working overtime to create the. net installation package. Because the first

Javafx: Create Windows native installer and exe with netbeans 7.2

This tutorial uses the built-in Window application generation function of netbean, so everything is the ant file for configuring the project in netbean. To generate the. exe file, you must download Inno. To generate a mis file, download it.Wix

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