system dllnotfoundexception unable to load dll

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System. dllnotfoundexception Problem Analysis and Solution

Recently, I have been doing C ++ jobs and the interface is built with C #.ProgramThe core of the processing is the DLL written in native C ++. The whole program is compiled in vs2010. At first, we found that everything was running normally during the development and testing of the three computers, but when it was sent to others for running, when the interface of WPF calls the DLL written in C ++, the

Failed to load assembly system. javasiseservices. dll

Failed to Load file or ProgramSet system. incluiseservices Failed to Load file or assembly "system. javasiseservices, version =, culture = neutral, publickeytoken = b03f5f7f11d50a3a" or one of its dependencies. Solution: Method 1: C: \ windows \ Microsoft. NET \ framework \ v2.0.50727

64-bit system error: Cannot load OCI dll,126

64-bit system error: Cannot load OCI dll,126Workaround: Navicat menu-Tools-and Options->oci Select the Oci.dll in the bin under the Oracle installation directoryView the link page tip above, Navicat only support 32-bit instant client, so although we have 64-bit Oracle installed, because NAVICAT only supports 32-bit, So we also need to download an Oracle 32-bit cl

Cs0009: failed to open the Metadata File System. componentmodel. dataannotations. dll and tried to load the program with incorrect format.

Problem description: Cs0009: the metadata file "C: \ WINDOWS \ Microsoft. net \ Assembly \ gac_msil \ system. componentmodel. dataannotations \ v4.0 _ _ 31bf3856ad364e35 \ system. componentmodel. dataannotations. DLL "--" try to load a program with an incorrect format. The number of resources found on the int

An exception occurred while calling gdiplus. dll (unable to load DLL (gdiplus. dll ))

Problem description: The Verification Code cannot be displayed when the website is registered. Check the error message. Unable to load DLL (gdiplus. dll ).Note: An unhandled exception occurs during the execution of the current Web request. Check the stack trace information for details about the error and the source of the error in the code.Exception details:

C # exceptions caused by the Type Initial Value of aseconnection unable to load DLL sybdrvado11.dll Solution

1. You must first have the following three files: Sybase. Data. aseclient. dll Sybdrvado11.dll Sybdrvssl. dll In the program running directory or in system32 2. If not, select the project generation target platform as x86. 3. Make sure that the msvcr71.dll and msvcp71.dll

Unable to load DLL 'filetracker. dll 'Problem

Problem: The "generateresource" task failed Unexpectedly.System. dllnotfoundexception: Unable to load DLL 'Filetracker. dll ': the specified module cocould not be Found. (exception from hresult: 0x8007007e)At Microsoft. Build. Shared. nativemethodsshared. inproctracking . Starttrackingcontextwithroot (st

"Unable to load DLL" oramts. dll ": the specified module cannot be found. (The exception is from hresult: 0x8007007e )." -- Solution

The oramts. dll file publicly registers the public APIs of Oracle connections involved in transactions started through Microsoft Distributed Transaction Processing Coordinator (MSDTC. When running in the transaction processing environment, the system. Data. oracleclient Assembly calls these Apis.Earlier versions of system. Data. oracleclient Assembly do not suppo

CS. dynamically load DLL. dynamically generate. Run code. BS. AutoFac management implementation class, dll. bs. autofac

CS. dynamically load DLL. dynamically generate. Run code. BS. AutoFac management implementation class, dll. bs. autofac Take League of legends as an example. load .... xxxx. dll. generally, it is the loading subsystem. for example, the equipment

Solve bin/sublime. dll: Can't load Ia 32-bit. dll on a AMD 64-bit Platform

Error: Java. Lang. unsatisfiedlinkerror: C:/wtk2.5.2 _ 01/bin/sublime. dll: Can't load Ia 32-bit. dll on a AMD 64-bit PlatformProblem:The virtual machine installed in a 64-bit system is 64-bit, while the sublime of wtk. DLL cannot load

How to solve the error "Failed to load the JNI shared library jvm. dll" when you start Eclipse !, Jnijvm. dll

How to solve the error "Failed to load the JNI shared library jvm. dll" when you start Eclipse !, Jnijvm. dllCause 1: The jvm. dll does not exist in the specified directory.Countermeasure: (1) reinstall jre or jdk and configure environment variables. (2) copy a jvm. dll file to this directory.Cause 2: The version of ec

Java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:Can not load XXX library ... JNA cannot load DLL dynamic library problem

Java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError:Can not load XXX library ... JNA cannot load DLL dynamic library problem 1, version problem. Version must correspond. 64-bit system, corresponding to 64 JDK or JRE, and corresponding dynamic libraries also need 64 bits. 32 bits also correspond so. If you have two sets of JRE or JDK insta

Load local libraries (. DLL files) in Java and eclipse)

Recently, the local method is used to load a lot of Dynamic Link Libraries in Java. (The following is a convenient extension of DLL on Windows platform, but it is not limited to Windows ). I just ran the program and quickly wrote some experiences, Mark. I also hope it will help you with similar work. First, it should be clear that there are two types of DLL: (1)

Which warrior knows my Apache2.4.3 Why do I start an error cannot load Php5apache2_4.dll into server?

The software I use is: Php5apache2_4.dll in PHP 5.4.9 folder in Configuration Reference This article Also installed the Microsoft Visual C + + SP1 Redistributable Package (x86) patch The problem is: When starting Apache, cannot load Php5apache2_4

Unable to load DLL. Unable to find the solution for the specified Module

Original article published on 19:28:25 I'm trying to write it with ranorex today.TestThe script encountered a problem and foundDLLThe component cannot be called, causing an exception. You can search for three versions of the solution on the network: Solution 1 Copy XXXX. dll (the component cannot be found) to the bin directory in the project folder. Solution 2 Copy XXXX. dll (the component cannot

How to load DLL through loadlibrary in different EXE of WinCE

the wince system. The extension is CPL (control panel program) modules with the same name extension as DLL (loadlibrary can also load CPL modules ). 3. problem avoidance and Solution Due to this limitation of the wince system, users are bound to be inconvenient. However, we only need to do the following to avoid thi

C # implements dynamic load DLL plug-ins and hresult:0x80131047 processing

This code implements DLL dynamic loading, like the filter plugin in PS!1. Create an interface Project class library, where the name is: Test.ipluginusing System; namespace test.iplugin{ publicinterface IPlugin { void Run ( Object obj);} }2. Build a DLL plug-in class library project to reference the interface project ' Test.iplugin ' and implement

Tomcat: Can & #39; t load IA 32-bit. dll on a AMD 64-bit platform solution, 64-bitplatform

Tomcat: Can't load IA 32-bit. dll on a AMD 64-bit platform, 64-bitplatform The console error is as follows: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: D:\apache-tomcat-7.0.56\bin\tcnative-1.dll: Can't load IA 32-bit .dll on a AMD 64-bit platform at java.lang.ClassLoader$NativeLibra

PHP environment configuration encountered in a variety of problem-solving methods: Cannot load Php5apache2_2.dll into server____php

I use the environment and version: Windows XP Httpd-2.2.22-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi Php-5.2.17-win32-vc6-x86.msi (Select module: Apache 2.2.x module) Win32 Binary without crypto (no mod_ssl) (MSI Installer): Httpd-2.2.22-win32-x86-no_ssl.msi [PGP] [MD5] [SHA1] Download Address: VC6 x86 Thread Safe (2011-mar-22 13:29:30) Installer [20.41MB]sha1:710a69733aa280f22c86e8b868c51f5796f0a390 Download Address: resolution Date: 2012-

How to load a base address for a fixed DLL

debugging DLL When there will be a thing more annoying, is the DLL loaded address is not very fixed (the default setting of the DLL base is always 0x10000000, multiple DLLs with the base address is loaded, the following will definitely be relocated), this gives a lot of debugging when the comparison results caused some trouble, There are two ways to solve this pr

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