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Difference between System. exit (0) and System. exit (1), difference between system. exit

Difference between System. exit (0) and System. exit (1), difference between system. exit1. References Http:// Parsing Check the source code of java. lang. System. We can find the

System. exit, policystem. exit in Java

System. exit, policystem. exit in Java Exit the program in java and often use System. exit (1) or System. exit (0 ).   View the source code of the System. exit () method, as shown below:   1 /** 2 * Terminates the currently running Java

System. exit (0) and System. exit (1)

System. exit (0) and System. exit (1) public static void exit(int status) Terminate the currently running Java virtual machine. The parameter is used as the status code. By convention, a non-0 Status Code indicates that an exception is

Netty Graceful exit mechanism and principle

1. Graceful exit of the process 1.1.kill-9 PID problemsIt is easy and efficient to force a process to be killed by Kill-9 PID on Linux, so many program stop scripts often choose how to use the kill-9 PID.Whether the Kill-9 PID of Linux or the

Java Learning _ 0 Basic Learning Java Method _ 0 Basic Learning Java Ideas

Before learning Java, a question for a real beginner (that is, learning Java from scratch): What is Java and then how to learn Java? Java is the high-level programming language introduced by Sun Microsystems in 1995, which is divided into Java SE,

System. Exit (0); and finish ();, push Principle

Today, my sister asked me about the android background. I remembered how to "exit without resident memory" when I made a hexadecimal conversion a few years ago 」. Although Android does not recommend that you manually close the process, you have to

Exit the Android Application

1. Finish () method This method can end the current activity, but if your app has many activities, it seems a little too slow to use this method.In addition, there is also a method finishactivity (INT requestcode). For this method, first look at the

Difference between system. Exit (0) dispose () in Gui closing window

System. Exit (0); whether the system is disabled, that is, although your platform is disabled, it still occupies your memory,Dispose (); is to release resources and release your platform from the memory! (This is recommended)   Add thisclass.

Add exit event processing for your Java application

Author: Li luqun Author Profile Li luqun, male, associate professor. He is mainly engaged in the research and teaching of Java J2EE and j2's integrated applications, spatial web service, and mobile GIS applications. You can contact the author via

Add exit event processing for your Java application

A complete Java applicationProgramUsually there must be at least one end point of the application. For general programs, system developers add system at the end of the program based on their needs and personal preferences. exit (0), or system. out (-

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