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Implementation Code for sending mails using SMTP in asp. NET

Core code:Copy codeThe Code is as follows:Public class Mail{# Region email ParametersStatic public string accountName = System. Configuration. ConfigurationManager. deleetask[ "SmtpAccountName"];Static public string password = System. Configuration.

Use SMTP to send emails in. NET

This article is reprinted and may be useful to everyone. SummaryThis article briefly introduces the process of sending emails through the SMTP protocol (RFC2554), and discusses in.. NET using SMTP to send mail from simple to traditional three

Developing a mail delivery system using| Send mail Nowadays, with the rapid development of Internet, many enterprises have built their own websites, which can be used to carry out e-commerce activities, such as releasing and managing the enterprise's own supply and demand

. Several different mail delivery solutions under the net environment

Resolve 1, send with Outlook For example: I have seen the Ufida U8 manufacturing (demo), where the mail function is by calling the Outlook ActiveX components Advantages: Simple Development Disadvantage: Dependent on Outlook components, SMTP Mail

. Net.

Routine 1 The format of the email content call image is: The server code for sending an email is: SmtpClient: email sending object // Code omitted Copy codeThe Code is as follows:System. Net. Mail. MailMessage mailMessage = new System. Net. Mail.

New Features of. NET Framework 4.0

Note that. NET Framework 4 introduces an improved security mode. For more information, see security changes in. NET Framework 4. Specifically, this article will introduce. NET framework 4 has the following new features and improved features:

C # network programming-sending email Based on SMTP

This article mainly describes the programming of sending mail based on C # network programming. The mail sending function is based on the mail protocol. Common e-mail protocols include SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) POP3 (Post Office Protocol),

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