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SmtpClient class, SmtpClient

SmtpClient class, SmtpClient SmtpClient class Allow applications to send emails using Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP. Namespace: mail Attribute ClientCertificates: Specifies the certificate to use to establish a Secure Socket Layer (

Use smtpclient to send an email

The mail sending function is used in a recent project. This is different from the method used to send emails for a previous project. Previously, information about the emails to be sent was inserted into a database table on the server. The database

. Net (C #): Use smtpclient to send emails with images and attachments

For the first time, I used this method to send an email. For example, I used my live mailbox to send an email to my QQ mailbox. The steps for sending an email using smtpclient will not be discussed. You can find too many information on the Internet. 2.0 send e-mail comprehensive analysis of the second    First, IntroductionIn the last chapter, we analyzed in detail. Net Framework version 2.0 provides a new namespace (System.Net.Mail) and some new classes for sending e-mail messages (note:. NET Framework the namespace System.Web.Mail and

. Net tip-C #,. Net send mail three methods (Localhost, SMTP, SSL-SMTP)

Recently, due to the needs of an R & I project, users require that the system send an email reminder or send an email every Monday to automatically collect data, therefore, I also found relevant materials and wrote a Demo to share with you, so that uses smtpclient to send emails

Code 1: using system; using system. data; using system. web. ui; using system. data. oracleclient; using dbutility; using system. text. regularexpressions; using system. net; using system. net. mail; using system. XML; using system. net. mime; using

C # Save mailmessage as a local EML file (. NET + smtpclient)

In the previous mailmessage saved as an EML file (C # + smtpclient), we used the Reflection Method to call system. net. mailwriter, the internal object of mail, implements saving mailmessage content as an EML file. Through the previous

Save mailmessage as an EML file (C # + smtpclient)

. Net has greatly improved the mail. smtpclient function since 2.0. It is easy to send emails. However, the US lacks the ability to save the email content as an EML file. In fact, smtpclient and mailmessage have implemented this function, but this three kinds of Send mail code (STMP, no component mail to send)

ASP tutorial. NET Three send mail code (STMP, no component mail sent) public bool Sendmails (){SmtpClient _smtpclient = new SmtpClient ();_smtpclient.deliverymethod =;//Specify how e-mail is = "IP

C # send an email using the system. net. Mail version

In the second article of the mail series, this article describes how to use mailmessage and smtpclient in the namespace system. net. Mail to send emails. Using system; Using system. collections; Using system. text; Using system. net; Using system.

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