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The increased complexity of the mainframe stems from the Linux operating system

Do you know about Linux? Maybe you are a user of the Linux operating system, but do you know how the Linux operating system is managed on the mainframe? This article describes the complexity of Linux management on the mainframe. What is mainframe performance management? In t

WIN7_64-bit mainframe installation virtual machine Linux system (VMware workstation10+centos6.5) Detailed steps

First step: Create a new virtual machineStep two: Select "Typical" InstallationStep three: Select Image file Installation-Browse to select ISO fileFourth step: Choose to install the operating system laterFifth step: System select Linux, version select CentOS64 bitSixth step: Virtual machine name, installation locationSeventh Step: Disk size settings, select the virtual machine times Oh split into multiple f

Integrated system under the mainframe built-in Mike silent solution

Integration of the built-in microphone is generally integrated into the camera, that is, the camera integrated sound card chip, WIN7 system under the built-in microphone and external mic can be interchangeable, if the system under the built-in microphone is generally silent camera driver is not normal installation or recording equipment disabled in the camera on the recording equipment, However, it is not p

The choice of operating system of the Wave Tissot K1 mainframe from the Oracle Database point of view

Background:Wave Tissot K1 host. In fact, several categories are divided:k1-950 Intel Itanium CPUk1-930 Intel Itanium CPUk1-910 Intel Itanium CPUk1-800 Intel log strong CPU1th: The first three kinds of models. Because the Itanium CPUis used, if you want to execute Oracle database, be sure to meet the following two conditions, for example:A. only the version number of Oracle Database less than or equal to can be installed.B. the only operating system

Should you deploy Linux on the mainframe?

Should you deploy Linux on the mainframe? Many positive and negative feedback on the Linux mainframe confirms that the Linux mainframe is not suitable for all IT departments. The two experts have begun to talk about what is appropriate for the data center: running Linux workloads on the mainframe or running them in a d

How the mainframe can defend against hacker intrusion

At the beginning of the rise of the mainframe, its use environment was extremely secure. You can connect the terminal system to the mainframe so that the mainframe can control the access paths and permissions of data storage and the user's usage information and sources.However, today we are using a Service-Oriented Arc

Performance analysis through IBM z114 mainframe Parameters

. Physical volume, it is smaller than the z10 large machine, and can be placed on no overhead floor or no overhead floor. Like z196, enterprises can wiring from the top or bottom of the cabinet and use high-voltage DC power. Many people may be concerned about power consumption. As IBM said, power consumption is definitely not a problem. This device uses less power than a dryer. In fact, I have not seen many enterprises ready and willing to purchase z114 as a distribution

"Mainframe + Linux" for Integration

"Mainframe + Linux" for integration-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application information. The following is a detailed description. How can we integrate the load of hundreds of servers running across regions distributed across hundreds of branches? At present, the platform that combines large hosts with Linux should be a relatively ideal solution. Hannaford Brothers is headquartered in Maine and operates 200 supermarkets, Food and Drug st

Data reorganization makes mainframe database performance more powerful

Many examples of performance management have taught us that slow system performance is no less damaging than a single day, but it is relatively easy to resize a database on a mainframe, and it usually takes a little time to get a larger performance boost. As time goes on, manufacturers have added many ways to perform database reorganization without user intervention, making the reorganization easier for us

How does IBM connect the mainframe with cloud computing?

/performance license is reduced by 2% to 7% in standard MIPS loads. "This means that IBM wants to return to existing customers at a low price and encourages customers to provide space for new loads on System Z ." Another improvement made analysts excited. IBM introduced solid-state memory, known as "Flash Express", which is used to handle new levels of memory, faster than external disks. The above is what Marc Wambeke wrote in his blog. Insert a pair

IBM's new mainframe fully adopts Linux

Article title: IBM's new mainframe fully adopts Linux. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. IBM is using Linux products to reduce host costs to improve competitiveness. At present, the Linux system lineup has been

IBM releases Linux Mainframe

IBM this Monday (17th) announced the release of the mainframe LinuxONErunning the Linux system. The Linux Foundation also announced the opening of mainframe projects. LinuxONE includes LinuxONE Emperor for large enterprises and rockhopper for midsize enterprises. The LinuxONE Emperor supports a maximum of 8,000 virtual machines or thousands of containers. The Lin

IBM pushes new mainframe Z13 China market January 27 release

According to foreign media reports, recently, IBM released its Z13 mainframe platform, the new product equipped with a variety of chip hardware innovation technology to achieve mobility, analytical applications and security-driven workload acceleration. The Z13 system can support up to 10TB of memory and up to 8000 virtual servers.John Birtles, director of IBM System

Ten moves to reduce costs to make the mainframe a value (1)

According to foreign media informationweek, enterprise users can use the advantages of dedicated processors to select suitable suppliers and continuously optimize performance to reduce and optimize mainframe costs, achieve the goal of "making the best use of things" to make things worthwhile. Specifically, it includes ten things (recommended by BKJIA: after 20 years, it has transformed into an IBM mainframe

About the virtual mainframe under Linux.

About the virtual mainframe under Linux.We know that the Linux operating system is currently widely used on the server. is the virtual host under the Linux operating system what we often call a Linux virtual host? In fact, technically speaking, it's a virtual environment that's installed on Windows, and it's actually just a file. Let's look at some things about L

IBM host family-mainframe, middleware, Minicomputer

For Open product machines with X86 architecture, IBM's closed platform series can be said to be another "system world ". Ibm z series mainframe, Z/OS Operating System IBM I Series/as400 middleware, I/OS Operating System IBM p series minicomputers and AIX operating systems Here, P series is classified as a closed

Not subject to vendor mainframe migration concepts and advantages (1)

Vendors have recently begun to boast some conflicting ideas about mainframe migration. However, this will facilitate cross-platform applications on the mainframe. Concept of mainframe migration The key to mainframe migration is to provide a convenient way to port applications to Windows or Unix platforms at the sourc

Computer mainframe noise how to solve

First, let's start by saying where the noise from a mainframe computer comes from. We know that the main components of computer host include: Processor, memory, video card (set video card ignored), motherboard, hard disk, power and other computer hardware, easy to generate noise accessories mainly include: The processor (mainly cooling fan), graphics (mainly independent graphics), the last hard disk may also be memory. Memory this piece actually out o

"Translated from MoS article" Oracle GoldenGate support for IBM mainframe z/OS 2.1 and DB2 v11

Label:GoldenGate support for IBM mainframe z/OS 2.1 and DB2 v11From:GoldenGate support for z/OS 2.1 and DB2 v11 (document ID 1941364.1) Suitable for:Oracle goldengate-version and laterInformation in this document applies to any platform. Goal:Need to know if a goldengate version can support DB2 v11 on IBM mainframe z/OS 2.1? Solution:There are currently goldengate versions to support z/OS 2.1 -11

How to access the DB2 9 data server on the mainframe and minicomputer

The DB2 tutorial is: how to access the DB2 9 data server on the mainframe and minicomputer. The basic feature of the Database Connection Tool Software DB2 connect is for desktop applicationsProgramAnd the database server of the service host to provide a method of connection and interactive access. These desktop applications can be in any of windows, Linux, or UNIX environments. The personal DB2 connect tool is the easiest way for desktop applicatio

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