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Good book recommendation-"Strategic thinking"

Recently spent nearly one months to re-read the "strategic thinking" a book, re-understand the art of game theory, as well as economic, social and other phenomena beyond the imagination of the ability to solve. It is very rewarding and has a lot of feelings.This book wins the story and the actual case, with many stories and cases, to the non-economic foundation o

Two elements: human and thinking-the art of software talent management; book reviews

I still remember that I have heard of a successful person's reading method, or whether he has a valuable understanding of a book. If a book has 200 pages,There are 10 pages for you to gain something, which is valuable. I still remember that some people have said similar things about training.If you can remember three sentences, this day is not a waste of time.. After reading the

Thinking about Some Problems in code book 2

CodeDaquan is a very good book, but it is not necessary for many developers to carefully read this book. Check whether the content of the table in the book is clear. not necessarily. I want to write some experiences or questions about this book, hoping to help other developers. 1. read this

Another kind of thinking-book reviews dmtt

. That's right, so that users don't have to think about it. This is the origin of the name "DMT", which is exactly what we should pursue in terms of availability. Using an example in another Interactive Design masterpiece "about face 2.0", when you ride a bicycle, you will not think about it. If you want to speed up, you will step on it faster. If you want to turn, you will turn the handlebar, you don't think about "how to ride faster" or discuss "Do you really want to turn" with your bike ". In

"I can also do CTO programmer career planning" and ". NET software design new thinking-building software like building blocks" new book release Review

Yang Zong, director of the computer book module of the Electronics Industry Publishing House, gave a welcome speech. In the young man's field, he felt a lot happier: Mr Yang and Mr. Hu Demin, Microsoft's senior market manager in China, unveiled the secrets of "I can also be a CTO programmer career plan" and ". NET software design new thinking-building software like building blocks: Mr Hu Demin, Microsoft'

[Tibet] a deep understanding of computer systems _ book reviews

operating system. this part is also a well-written part. In chapter 2, we will talk about the links and make it very clear about the concepts in the links (such as the two target files and the Three Link methods. I am a beginner. I have never understood what a link is. But after reading this book, I feel much better. chapter 2 describes exception handling. The most important thing is to introduce an important concept in the computer field of process.

Book review: In-depth understanding of computer systems

Today to review: in-depth understanding of computer systems, writing technical articles in the belly of the ink other in too little, just write me read this book sentiment, long ago bought this book, but the revised version. At that time to look at that called a uncomfortable ah, the root of the heavenly book almost. T

Microsoft free book "Introducing Microsoft LINQ" Translation-Chapter1: Statement-based integrated class-based query, Declarative Programming, transparent different class-based systems

Document directory Declarative statement Type Lookup Different types of systems are transparent Type checking This book is intended for personal learning and knowledge sharing. The copyright of this book is owned by the original author. If there is any infringement, please inform me that I will handle the post immediately. Reprinting is allowed, but this co

"Book Notes" recommendation System (Recommender systems An Introduction) Chapter I Introduction

descriptionAdvantages:(1) There is no need for large-scale users (like collaborative filtering) to get the relationship between items(2) Once the property of the item is obtained, the item can be recommended to the user immediately.3. Knowledge-based recommendationsIn some areas, such as the consumer electronics sector (e.g), the vast majority of data is a single purchase record. If you apply both of these methods, the data is too sparse to even get the recommended results. What if we have to r

Recommender systems handbook Book 3

This week I saw chapter 6. The book consists of 25 chapters. From the point of view, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to the recommendation system, and also introduces some specificAlgorithm. There are some mathematical symbols in these formulas that I can't remember. The following is a summary of the first six chapters:Chapter 1: Introduction to the bo

"Book Notes" recommendation System (Recommender systems An Introduction) Nineth chapter on the attack of collaborative filtering recommendation system

injecting data. -Personally suspect, how did the previous five methods inject data? It is difficult to directly modify the background database of others?! Clickstream attacks usually affect the "many of the classmates who read the book read the book."Attack countermeasure 1. Increase data injection costs by 2. Automatic detection of abnormal data by different systems

I recommend you read a book titled deep understanding of computer systems

When I first saw the first version of this book, it seemed like it was in, and I was shocked when I remembered it. I was able to reach this level as a teaching material for my undergraduate sophomore year, and I also got in touch with a lot of content for the first time, I was very ashamed. Later, I spent some time studying it carefully. Unfortunately, there were no specific experiments on many important points. At that time, I felt that this

"Book Notes" recommendation System (Recommender systems An introduction) Fifth Hybrid recommendation method

understand, seemingly and the above--when a feature OK, use this feature; , the weaker features are used2. Parallel hybrid design Multiple recommendation engines, how to fuse together? 2.1 Cross-mixing multiple results of multiple recommendation engines, cross-merge into one result: first engine first result ranked first, second engine first result ranked second ... 2.2 Weighted mixed linear weighted combination, one weight per engine, weight normalization 2.3 switching mix when in some cases w

"Book Notes" recommendation System (Recommender systems An Introduction) Seventh Chapter Evaluation recommendation system

Basic idea: The data is divided into training set and test set, training model with training set data, test model with test set data. The Division of Training set and test set can be by the dimension of time, or by the dimension of the crowd. Risk: There may be biases for some methods.Using historical data to evaluate the data into training set test set and N-fold cross-validation according to Time dimension.There is also the direct use of human evaluation. However, the cost is larger, not on th

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