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G-Face via Prepare:search word delete sequence in dictionary

Give a word a dictionary, each time you delete any letter in the word until one letter is left, forming a sequence, such as Office->offce->ofce->ofc->oc->c. Ask if there is a sequence in the dictionary1 Packagecheckdictexistsequence;2 ImportJava.util.*;3 4 Public classSolution {5HashsetNewHashset();6 7 Publicstring Check (string[] arr, string word) {8 for(String Str:arr)9 Dict.add (str);Ten if(Checkseq (NewStringBuffer (wor

[Translation] how to use an index view and a table with only two rows to restrict business rules

table because the name "Duplicate row" does not seem to be confusing, and such a name will not cause other DBAs to delete the table. Invalidregionisinactivebutofficeisactiveview The business rule is that if the region is not active, the office of the activity cannot be associated with it. In other words, you cannot close an office in a region or an active area unless you set isactive to 0 or assign this office to another region (region ), the following view shows an example where the isacti

MFC Web Page

Write a webpage,Select MFC,MFC application, other default, click OKProject type, select OFFCE, other default, click NextBy default, click NextFile extension, enter HTML, other default, click NextDatabase support, default, click NextUser interface features, tick maximize and split windows, other default, click NextAdvanced features, full selection of advanced features on the left, check the Advanced Frame menu item Display/activation pane on the right,

Solaris does desktop 10-pack software

Solaris does desktop 10-pack software Author: badcoffee Email:blog.oliver@gmail.com Blog:http://blog.csdn.net/yayong December 2004 1. JDS (Java Desk top) The best desktop on UNIX, Solaris 10 already has JDS installed by default, and Solaris 9 can upgrade the installation 2. Firefox The fastest and least resource-consuming browsers 3. Thounderbird RSS-enabled, least-resource-consuming mail client 4. Star Office OFFCE software, compati

Lab 47 Microsoft Application Virtualization II App-V Sequencer 5.1 Server Deployment and creation of the first Office virtual application package

Experiment 47 Microsoft Application Virtualization II App- v Sequencer 5.1 Server Deployment and creation of the first Office virtual application PackageApp-V Sequencer is used to monitor and capture application installations to create virtual application packages. The output contains the application icon, the. osd file (containing package definition information), the package manifest file, and the. sft file, which contains the application's content file.DescriptionEnvironment based on experimen

word processing software

accommodate user features and improve speed of use.(12) Search tool: Can write the contents of each chapter, content index, Revision tool, document revision history and so on.(13) Error handling: Can detect errors in time, and can quickly return to the same place to re-edit, but also to restore deleted or completed operations, to remind users to avoid errors.Word 2002 adds a lot of new features to the original functionality, and these new features are also present in other

The level that the project manager, System Architect, or technical backbone should possess (1)

. Many software companies use Sharepoint. On the SharePoint platform, you can configure it to meet your business needs. In Sharepoint, it can be combined with Microsoft Project Server, and Project 2003 is configured as the client to manage the company's projects. It may be inconvenient to manage projects on the web interface when users are familiar with project operations. IBM Rational requisitepro (http://www.ibm.com) can be considered the most hardcore of a software, if your company's enti

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