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More simple user account design: Just need my actual name, e-mail and mobile phone number choice one, no password

actual name means that the user name and (e-mail address OR mobile phone number) federated as the user database of the natural primary key, the user name itself allows duplication. In fact, the biggest problem with a custom ID number being the primary key is that once someone has a good ID, the person behind it will have to do the staring. This one's too much.The better design is that once the user has completed the registration, he can freely define

Programmer's choice: Several brand new open-source tools in mobile development, open-source programmers

Programmer's choice: Several brand new open-source tools in mobile development, open-source programmers The mobile development concept has become the primary indicator of prospective application development institutions. In view of this, it is not surprising that the mobile application development tool camp is constant

Nginx to achieve mobile phone WAP version and PC version of the website Access choice

_user_agent ~* "LG") {rewrite./index.html break;}}if ($http _user_agent ~* "HTC") {rewrite./index.html break;}if ($http _user_agent ~* "J2ME") {rewrite./index.html break;}if ($http _user_agent ~* "Opera Mini") {rewrite./index.html break;}}Index index.php index.html;} Method two: On each page, through the Baidu Uaredirect.js to achieveThere are a number of workarounds and codes, and here are just a few of the more convenient and simple ones.---------

PHP Simple Choice Sorting algorithm instance _php skill

Simple Choice sorting algorithm: Through the comparison between the N-i, select the smallest key word record from the n-i+1 record and exchange with the first (1 Copy Code code as follows: Class sort{ /** * Simple choice of sorting * * @param unknown_type $arr */ Public Function Selectsort ( $arr) {

IOS development ------ simple multi-Choice of images (AssetsLibrary)

IOS development ------ simple multi-Choice of images (AssetsLibrary) AssetsLibrary. the framework is a static library used before iOS7.0 to obtain all media resources of the mobile phone. Photo can be used after iOS8.0. framework, but because iOS7 adaptation is involved, this library is still used a lot. In fact, multiple-ch

Simple interactive design solutions and presentations on mobile devices

Users visit mobile sites not just to browse content, but to do things. In order to book tickets for example, the user often in the airline's mobile site to do things are: Query flight status, query specific flights, search and booking tickets. So how does mobile Internet user interface design Support task completion? What's the best way to convey information and

Minisipserver simple and not simple, easy landing, the realization of computer-to-fixed, mobile communication

Minisipserver provides a very good place to study "forum address", the forum also has in English and Chinese Oh.3.MiniSipServer is simple and not simple. Minisipserver interface is simple, simple to configure, simple to operate, but his function is not

Mobile Shopping Experience Design: clean, effective, smooth, simple shopping process design

Article Description: Mobile commerce is beginning to mature. A good and poor order submission experience has a significant difference in revenue impact. If you give the user a clean, efficient, smooth, and simple process to do the shopping--knowing the advantages and limitations of the mobile experience mentioned above--users and businesses can be profitable.

How to design Simple mobile Web pages

With the popularity of smartphones, everyone on the way to the Internet from the computer side slowly developed to the mobile end, the first choice for everyone to become a mobile phone, but due to mobile end screen restrictions, so do a good job of Web page adaptation is also very important, today small set to tell yo

Simple analysis of mobile-technology

start to do technology selection, with a lot of Android developers talk, they do not recommend C #, think that few people used C # to do business words, encounter difficulties, may fall into a helpless situation. Xamarin is suitable for use with cross-platform development (business logic, data access parts can be reused across platforms), for C # does not want to learn Java or Object C, the comparison for iOS development (after all, from C # or Java to the object C span a bit large)-- Personal

Use a simple method to compare Android mobile phones

We have already said 1 million times: Everything Android offers you is a choice. Thanks to the openness of the platform, Google's operating system has developed rapidly. Every month, new Android devices are surging, And neither sales nor user data shows any signs of slowing down growth. Now, choosing is a good thing. Although some companies still advocate less or more, the next option is always difficult to adjust. However, sometimes choosing a n

Mobile UI design increasingly popular Gaussian blur (Gaussian Blur) and frosted glass effect (scrub effect), how to use Android Renderscript simple implementation?

) registered after the Member center to lose the coupon code, split down, only 7 yuan per month, special benefits. This document tags : Android Gaussian blur (frosted glass/matte) Mobile UI design renderscript Scriptintrinsicblur Turn from SUN's BLOG-focus on Internet knowledge, share the spirit of the Internet! The original address: "Mobile UI design increasingly popular Gaussian blur (Gaussian Bl

Android mobile File Manager simple Landscape rating-Imsoft.cnblogs

X-plore File ManagerPersonal evaluation: Android mobile phone management files on the artifact, all the files at a glance, plus their own common features of the software configuration, management documents extremely convenient. (I have been using)Solid File ManagerPersonal Evaluation: The user experience is really good, the first use by its perfect interface and simple and clear operation of the attractione

Android mobile code editor is simple and convenient

bit of trouble. Android mobile network Editor AndTouchqodeDifferent user-defined keyboards,Android phoneThe Network editor displays some frequently used characters on the screen. You can click on the touch screen as needed. Android phoneThe Network editor also worksTouchqodeFTP is supported, but in contrast,Android phoneNetwork editors support less programming languagesTouchqodeSo many support only HTML, JavaScript, and PHP), the syntax highlighting

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