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Powershell Bulk Mobile computer to the specified OU

Conditions:1. Write the computer name to the TXT file and prevent the C drive2, the operation account needs to have mobile account permissionsFootsteps:$a = get-content D:\citrix_Ctrl_test.txt #存放计算机名的文本文件foreach ($i in $a) {dsquery computer-name $i | dsmove-newparent "ou= Citrix_other,ou=servers,ou=citrix,dc=cicdev,dc

PowerShell Management Series (29) PowerShell action Mobile account to the specified OU

-----provide ad\exchange\lync\sharepoint\crm\sc\o365 and other Microsoft product implementation and outsourcing, qq:185426445. Phone 18666943750Step 1, the user needs are as follows: After the staff leaves, the ad account is disabled and moved to the specified OUGet-aduser-searchbase "ou=test,dc=yuntcloud,dc=com"-filter *| Move-adobject-targetpath "Ou=dimission,dc=yuntcloud,dc=com"Get-aduser-searchbase "

Mobile QQ How to send password red envelopes mobile phone QQ Send password Red envelopes method

Mobile QQ How to send password red envelopes Now let's show you an example of a red envelope, and send a bunch of red envelopes. In fact, this password is the same as ordinary red envelopes. Now we click on the "QQ Re

Mobile QQ Red Envelopes How to mention it? mobile phone QQ Red envelopes to present the method

It is necessary to bind the bank card account, otherwise it is not possible to mention this and the micro-letter is somewhat like it. 1 in mobile phone QQ, click on their QQ "Avatar" and then find the open interface of the "QQ Wallet" button click in. (pictured below) 2 after entering into the QQ wallet interface, we click on "Wallet Account", and then we find the "balance" (receive the red envel

Mobile QQ Red envelopes where to add? Mobile QQ red Envelope service How to add?

There are some differences between this red envelope and the micro-letter, which is the need to add a red envelope service, the next step is to see the operation. Mobile QQ Red Envelopes How to add? 1. Login to their mobile QQ, and then we click on the "contact" after e

Red rice Pro and charm blue Note3 which are good red rice Pro and charm blue Note3 mobile phone parameters comparison

Comparison of parameters For the attention of mobile phone friends, most users are more interested in parameters, the following is the Red Meter Pro and the Phantom Blue Note3 configuration parameters in detail, as shown in the following table. Comparison of Note3 parameters between red-M pro and the charm family Contrast model

How about the red Rice Note2 mobile phone? Red Meter note 2 rabbit run points?

Red M Note 2 How does it look Mobile phone configuration, Red meter note 2 using a 5.5-inch 1080p display, with MT6795 eight core 2GHz processor (high version of mt6795t eight 2.2GHz), built-in 2GB memory and 16/32GB fuselage storage space, Provides a 5 million-pixel front camera and a 13 million-pixel rear-mounted camera with a battery capacity of 3060mAh.

Does red rice 4 support fast charging? Red rice mobile phone 4 is quick charge available?

Q: Does red rice 4 support fast charging?A: At present, many thousand yuan machines are beginning to support fast charging, such as 360 mobile phone N4A and Cool1, while red rice 4 is equipped with A 5 V/2A charger, which is A standard charger, it is a pity that quick charge is not supported.Red Mi 4 charger close-up (5 V/2A)Although

How can I brush my red rice mobile phone? Graphic tutorial on red rice flash

decompress it directly after downloading it.13. Decompress the package. One is a compressed package and the other is a folder.14. As shown in the preceding figure, this is a file in the folder. Click here to select the line brush ROM text you want to add.15. Click "open" after you select it ".16. Then the interface shown in the figure above is displayed, with a piece of dense text information, which is the information of the ROM package. (This interface has basically completed mo

Samsung S7 mobile phone Rob red envelopes function how to open? S7 to rob Red Envelopes function Opening method

Note: Please upgrade the mobile phone to the latest version, this function is to optimize the speed of mobile phone software, when you receive a red envelope or you need to manually click Charge, not automatically grab red envelopes or have red envelopes pop-up tips.1. In st

Red Meter 3S mobile phone How to restore the factory set up red M 3S Restore factory settings method graphics and text tutorial

We know that sometimes the phone is used for a long time or the system has problems, restore the factory settings can effectively solve these problems. On the small part of the current understanding of the situation, the red Meter mobile phone before the system is more or less stable, so many rice noodle friends like to brush machine, in fact, there is no need to be so troublesome. For the recent listing of

Mobile QQ Fun Red envelopes where is the password? How to make fun red envelopes

1. One thing you need to know is that the position of the password is a little bit special, it is not open to individuals So want to find mobile phone QQ password Red envelopes location, suggest you from QQ group here to start looking for traces 2, open QQ Group Chat window, click the "Send" button under the plus sign to open the Toolbox, and then find from the toolbar and click to op

Mobile QQ star Red Envelopes How to rob the QQ star Red Envelope tutorial

Mobile QQ We upgrade to the latest version of this QQ star red envelopes, the specific operation as shown below. First need to download the latest version of mobile phone QQ: We open QQ will see a " star Red Envelope entry " Click to enter details as follows After we go to the " Golden piece" To upgrade the

Red Meter 3x mobile phone how much red meter 3x configuration how about

How much is the red m 3x mobile phone? The price of the red meter 3X is 899 yuan, which will be sold in China Unicom Online shopping mall and offline business Hall. In addition, the red M 3S released yesterday will also be stationed in China Unicom Business Hall. What about the

How to install the Red Rice mobile phone driver? Red Rice Drive Installation method

1, turn on USB debugging The MIUI system used by the red-meter mobile phone is based on Android 4.2 development, some settings will be changed, many users found in the mobile phone settings can not find the developer option, the hook can not switch USB device debugging, and can not turn on USB device debugging means that the Third-party software can not be used

360 Mobile Assistant How to rob the red envelopes of Spring Festival

360 Mobile phone Assistant How to rob the Chinese New Year red envelopes? 360 mobile phone Assistant Spring Festival Red Envelopes password answer. 360 official news, 360 mobile phone assistant "Spring Festival red Envelopes" has

Red Rice note4 and Note3 mobile phone which is good, contrast evaluation

Comparison of parameters The old rules, first to see the red Rice Note4 and Note3 in the parameters of the configuration are different, generally through the comparison of hardware parameters, we can basically see the two mobile phones are different, the following comparison table, you can see how much difference? Comparison of Note3 parameters between

NET Qin Q3 financial results present new posture Old driver exerting force mobile entertainment unexpectedly become net red

Wen/Zhang ShuleRecently, the Net Qin announced the third quarter as of September 30, 2016 unaudited financial results. Mobile value-added services increased by 74.6% to $54.9 million a year to become the net Qinying contribution to the largest plate.As one of the oldest mobile internet "giant crocodiles" in China, the old driver, Xuzemin, the chief executive of the Network Qin, said: "We are satisfied with

PHP + Ajax mobile phone red packet program example-PHP source code

PHP + Ajax has many functions that will be used in its small series. Today we have a login function implemented using PHP + Ajax. Let's look at an example of a PHP + Ajax mobile phone red packet sending program, the details are as follows. PHP + Ajax has many functions that will be used in its small series. Today we have a login function implemented using PHP + Ajax. Let's look at an example of a PHP + Ajax

Red rice 1 Line Brush Save Brick tutorial V5 version (mobile Unicom applicable, line brush package permanently effective)

Red rice 1 Line Brush Save Brick tutorial V5 version (mobile Unicom applicable, line brush package permanently effective)The original is from: http://www.miui.com/thread-1890972-1-1.html?mobile=2, added some of his own experience.(I saved a red-rice brick in this way) The forum saw a lot of Rice noodles in the brush ma

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