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Record the vim multi-tab window Editing Command

1. Open a new tabRun "vim-P filename..." when starting vim ...": Tabe [dit]*: Tabe * *: Tabedit * *: Tabnew *: Tabnew opens a new tab with an empty window after the current tab.: Tabe [dit] [++ opt] [+ cmd]{file}: Tabnew [++ opt] [+ cmd]{file}Open

Tab tab jump, create new tab and Jump tab in IFRAME

The first way to link with href: [javascript]  View Plain  copy function addtab (title, url) {                if  (' #tt '). Tabs (' exists ',  title) {                    $ (' #tt ') . Tabs (' select ',  title);                } else {             

Sdut 1-2 outputs the sum of squares and cubes of N numbers (use of the tab "\ t)

1-2 output the sum of squares and cubes of N numbers Time Limit: 1000 ms memory limit: 65536 K Description You can use this exercise to master the input and output methods of C ++. Use the VC ++ development environment to create a console

Native JavaScript implements tab tab switch function _javascript tips

Analyze the individual uses native JS to get the code of the class name element: Copy Code code as follows: Getbyclassname:function (classname,parent) { var elem = [], node = parent!=

Windows and UNIX file formats, including space, carriage return, Tab conversion, and related tools

Http:// Today, I have finally figured out the origins and differences between carriage return and line feed.Before the computer appeared, there was a kind of device called teletype model 33, which can contain 10

Release of the Tab switching class lix tabs 0.1

ArticleDirectory Functions and examples: Source code of lix tabs: Lix tabs description: Advantages and disadvantages of lix tabs: In this website that is being developed recently, some pages will have several tab switches at

Summary of OGR Library read-write Mif/tab file Lonefox usage Experience

=================================== I log in all the unpublished articles and blog general for my original or finishing processing,Original article copyright I (LONEFOX) all, reprint article copyright belongs to the original author

swing-tab panel JTabbedPane Getting Started with

Note: Non-original, the content from theSwing tab panel , the author made a few changes. The tab panel is a very common swing component, under Window, right-clicking on my Computer, viewing properties, is a typical elective card panel. And, of

Three simple Tab navigation (Web Tab) analysis _ experience exchange

Three simple Tab navigation (Web Tab) are recommended. Applying tabs in a Web page makes the web page more compact. Combining AJAX technology, the page can display more content in a limited space. This article mainly introduces the implementation of

Android advanced components ----- tab, Android ----- Tab

Android advanced components ----- tab, Android ----- Tab Tabs are commonly used in Android advanced components. They can save pages, such as qq interfaces, contacts, messages, and other function option pages, switching between them does not result

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