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PCB wiring specifications (Huawei)

  PCB wiring specifications (Huawei) () Design Process A. Create a network table 1. the network table is the schematic diagram and PCB interface file. The PCB designer should select the correct network table based on the principle diagram and the

H264 (nal Introduction and I-frame judgment), nal full name Network abstract layer, that is, the net abstraction level.In the H.264/AVC video coding standard, the whole system framework is divided into two levels: Video coding level (VCL)

Mysql High-Performance Learning notes-02_MySQL

Mysql High Performance Learning notes-02 Mysql High Performance Learning Notes 2 Liu Yan Blog: 1. Preface In high-performance Mysql, Chapter 2-benchmark test and Chapter 3-server performance

Linux kernel--section page method for managing memory

First, the conceptPhysical addresses (physical address)For memory chip-level cell addressing, corresponds to the address bus that the processor and CPU are connected to.--This concept should be one of the best understanding of these concepts, but it

S3C2410 clock Configuration

  From: Uid = 91306 & Do = Blog & id = 14644   The clock part is relatively easy. Now let's sort it out based on the datasheet idea.I. basic understanding of clock the seventh part is "clock & Power Management".

2410 clock in arm

The clock part is relatively easy. Now let's sort it out based on the datasheet idea.I. Basic knowledge of clockThe seventh part is "clock & Power Management", which is summarized as follows:1 The Clock & Power Management Module of S3C2410 consists

[Lua] Getting Started tutorial, lua getting started tutorial

[Lua] Getting Started tutorial, lua getting started tutorialWhat is Lua? Lua is a small scripting language. It is a research group at the Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro in Rio de Janeiro, developed in 1993 by Robert Ierusalimschy,

MySQL Database learning "Fifth" integrity constraints

First, IntroductionConstraints are the same as the width of the data type, which are optional parametersRole: To ensure the integrity and consistency of dataMainly divided into:PRIMARY Key (PK) identifies the field as the primary key of the table

Basic MATLAB (3)

Operation of 1.MATLABThis is a description of the operators in MATLAB. There are arithmetic operators, relational operators, and logical operators, respectively. Table 3.1 Arithmetic operators Operator Description

creation business MQ de business DQ daring business MQ core business WQ zhishang sq lingshang

Multi-Yuan-intelligence-energy theory iq eq aq inverse business FQ Financial Business HQ Health Business BQ primary business CQ creation business mq d-Business qidr business MQ core business WQ zhishang sq lingshang In the

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