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thinkphp Learning volist Tag Advanced application multiple nesting loops, interlaced color (RPM)

Label:Action Code:[PHP] Public Function Index () { $prod = I ("get.prod_en"); $id = I ("", 0, "int"); if ($prod = = "") { $serviceProduct = Array (); Array of multi-loop traversal [PHP] The data is

PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser

Label:Parsing HTML document trees using PHP has always been a challenge. Simple HTML DOM parser helps us to solve the problem of parsing with PHP html nicely. The PHP class can be used to parse the HTML document and manipulate the HTML elements (php5

The PHP regular expression matches the IMG, and PHP is extracting or replacing any of the attributes in the image img tag.

Label:PHP is extracting or replacing the IMG Tag property PHP regular Expression matching img, PHP is extracting or replacing any attribute in the image img tag. 123456789101112131415161718192021222324252627282930

PHP Tag Cloud Production--data table structure and query method

Tags: style blog http color os io strong ar for1. Structure of the data sheet:Create two data tables with the following structure:Label Tag table:Article Mood table:Where the tag field in the Mood table is the ID field of the tag table + "," The ID

How to use Heredoc and Nowdoc in PHP

Label:I. Structure and usage of HeredocThe HEREDOC structure is like a double-quote string that does not use double quotes, which means that single quotes are not escaped in the Heredoc structure. The variables in their structure will be replaced,

PHP multiple serialization/deserialization methods

Tags: des style http io using AR data div problemSerialization is the process of converting a variable into a string that can be saved or transmitted, and deserialization is the conversion of the string to the original variable at the appropriate

PHP Tag Cloud production process (data table structure and query)

1. The structure of the data table: Create two data tables, structured as follows: Tag Tag table: Article Mood table: Where the tag field in the Mood table, the ID field of the tag table + ",

PHP Tag Cloud Production--data table structure and query method _php Tutorial

PHP Tag Cloud Production--data table structure and query method For example: If you need an article that contains the tag table with the ID of tagname, which is the tag with the ID of "--", then add the article with the $result =implode (",", $_post[

Think PHP shortcut functions

Label:There are many easy-to-use single-letter functions (i.e., quick methods) in thinkphp, which makes it easy for developers to call quickly, but the letter function is not easy to remember, this article summarizes all the letter functions to

ZBLOG php invoke article summary content and tag tag call example

Today, Chiang Kai-shek collation Zblog PHP call code more articles, mainly the local code used to organize some of the blog, so that the use of the time can be directly copied, the province every time need to use in the local other topics to look for

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