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Tableau Business Intelligence and visualization applications

Data analysis of the follow-up dance-tableau business intelligence and visualization applicationCourse View Address: course out of self-study, worry-free network: http://www.xuetuwuyou.comLecturer:

Groups (group) and set (set) in Tableau

Learning Record: 1) First look at the official definition: A group is a combination of dimension members that make up a higher level category. Individual understanding is a bit of a misunderstanding, and a concrete example of what a group is. Give a

Network Programming--import--socket--telnet

--************************************************************************************************************* *******************--import------Import Telnet Module---python network programming--------------------------------------------------------

Making startup magic

Headlines Making startup magic Making startup magic"November 2, 2006 How one thing leads to another One thing leads to another. those are actually lyrics from a popular song in the 80 s-"you told me

American group R language data Operation combat

First, IntroductionIn recent years, with the continuous innovation of distributed data processing technology, such as Hive, Spark, Kylin, Impala, Presto and other tools continue to innovate, the calculation and storage of big data collection become

Visual tool solo show

After one round, I still returned to the visualization of my dream. After nearly a week of hard work on gephi + netbeans, I deeply realized that I still have room for improvement in the code control capability ^ _ ^. The road is long and the

Oracle tablespace creation and deletion, OMF, partition table Creation

Now there is a table (MT) with at least million data every day, and we plan to build a partition table in the form of monthly partitions. When partitioning, "Let Oracle run faster 2" said p21: SQL>alter system set

Enable interactive data visualization in Python

Recently, I've been watching a video at the SCIPY 2015 meeting in Texas Austin, USA – "Creating Python data applications with Blaze and bokeh" and can't help but rethink the power of these two libraries to the data scientists who use python around

43 Visual Tools necessary for Web engineers

Foreign site for everyone to summarize the current hot use of 43 visual tools, including Arbor, Chroma.js, D3.js, Google Chart tools, etc., absolutely let you feast.1.arbor.jsArbor is a free, visual graphics library that creates

BI (Business Intelligence)

BI (Business intelligence) editing Business Intelligence (Bi,business Intelligence). BI (Business Intelligence) is a complete solution for effectively consolidating existing data in the enterprise, providing quick and accurate reporting and

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