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Tableau Business Intelligence and visualization applications

Data analysis of the follow-up dance-tableau business intelligence and visualization applicationCourse View Address: course out of self-study, worry-free network: http://www.xuetuwuyou.comLecturer: Wind-dancing smoke teacherNumber of lessons: 118 hoursLecture mode: Theory--------and practice--projectSmall data with Excel, Big data with tableau!

One of the BI leaders tableau trial talk

Is the latest Gartner BI Magic Quadrant, in which one of the leaders of tableau behaves abnormally, with the executive Force Quadrant directly off the other products on a street, a forward-looking quadrant slightly beyond the MSBI, with unparalleled curiosity, specifically to the Tableau website Download the desktop Trial version of the experience, from a variety of details can feel the thick feelings, the

Access to the PostgreSQL database that comes with tableau

Tags: des style blog http ar color OS using SPSuddenly found that the company Tableau server database size increased sharply, so decided to directly connected to the database troubleshooting. The process is recorded as follows: Finally, a http_requests table was found to be large (7G), which was supposed to be a data cache. The result is a log problem O (╯-╰) O. Because the company's tableau version is rela

Groups (group) and set (set) in Tableau

Learning Record: 1) First look at the official definition: A group is a combination of dimension members that make up a higher level category. Individual understanding is a bit of a misunderstanding, and a concrete example of what a group is. Give a common example of life, such as apples, bananas, shoes, clothes, bikes. If we want to group, generally divided into three categories: fruit (apples, bananas), clothes (shoes, clothes), bicycles. Of course, the groups in

Big Data Visualization Extreme bi Tableau Server9 video Training

Many friends in the actual project need to consider Tableau server related issues, so plan a set of related videos, but also provide online training and consulting, welcome to leave a message. We also welcome you to join the Lotus-ding-dong tableau QQ Communication group 450924412.650) this.width=650; "src=" "style=" float: none; "title

Tableau command line operation

Tableau command line operationBecause windows domain authentication is used for logon, the user name and password are both exchange accounts. C: \ Program Files> D: \ "Tableau Server" \ 8.2 \ bin \ tabcmd login-s http: // localhost-u "your_pwd" === Log out completed. ==== Creating new session ==== Server: http: // localhost/==== Username: ==== Connecting to serv

Tableau is not necessarily the best, domestic bi can also break the siege!

Now, Baidu is a business intelligence or BI tool, always see tableau figure. Not that Tableau's marketing is doing well, but that the perception and choice of business intelligence tools at home seems to fall on tableau. Cause regardless of industry outside the concept of business intelligence has a biased view, think is a front-end display tool, is a chart.This is not a denial of

The third of Tableau's learning notes

1.Tableau can connect a variety of data and databases, such as Txt,xls,mdb,sql server,oracle, etc.2.Tableau can also paste data from the Clipboard3. Understanding of dimensions and measures:1) Dimensions represent the dimensions of an object, such as a product with a name, number, production date, etc.2) A measure represents an object's properties, such as a product's size, sales, etc.3) in

Now new trend tableau Desktop v9.3 Professional win32_64 2cd+flaresim.v5.0.2

Now new trend tableau Desktop v9.3 Professional win32_64 2cd+flaresim.v5.0.2Tableau Desktop is a product where everyone can ask new questions, discover trends, uncover opportunities, and let data guide decision-making confidence.How many opportunities are hidden in your data? It's designed to support how people think. Drag and drop on the canvas. Use your natural ability to quickly discover the visualIn the sleep mode. Experience the built-in speed an

Two ways to create a bullet chart in Tableau Desktop (Bullet chart)

habits are concerned, the linear expression of information is similar to that of the text we are accustomed to, and it has a greater efficiency advantage over the information transmission in relation to the circular composition.Method 1 Manual production1. Drag the Product type,product dimension to the Rows panel. The sales metric is dragged to columns with the following effect2. Add a reference lineA) Right-click on the horizontal axis and click Add Reference Lineb) There are four kinds of for

Traversal __graph of graphs and graphs

Because I have not studied discrete mathematics, here can only be a fish for a while: A graph (graph) G = (v,e) is made up of vertex set V (vertex) and Edge set E (Egge). Each edge is a point pair (v,w), where the v,w∈v. If the point pair is ordered, then the graph is a direction, otherwise it becomes a graph without direction. If two vertices (v1,v2) are ∈e, then they are related, and they are adjacent to each other. The degree of a point refers to the number of vertices associated with this po

The matching problem of graphs and maximum flow problem (v.) Calculation of maximum matching of binary graphs

The problem of the maximum matching of binary graphs the first one has said, the following look at Baidu Encyclopedia to give some explanations: Given a binary graph g,m as a subset of the G-side set, M is a match if any of the two edges of the M-satisfies are not attached to the same vertex. A maximum match (maximal Matching) is the number of matching edges that can no longer be added by adding an incomplete matching edge, under the currently compl

Intel®threading Building Blocks (INTEL®TBB) Developer guide Chinese parallelizing Data flow and dependence graphs parallelization of data flow and dependency graphs

Https:// Data Flow and Dependency GraphsIn addition to loop parallelism, the intel®threading Building Blocks (INTEL®TBB) library also supports graph parallelism . It's possible to create graphs that's highly scalable, but it's also possible to create graphs that's completely sequ Ential.In addition to cyclic parallelization, TBB also supports g

An algorithm for generating vector graphs in pixel graphs

An algorithm for generating vector graphs in pixel graphsEarly images in the digital age, with very low resolution. In particular, some video game pictures, zoomed in is a pixel block.But Microsoft researcher Johannes Kopf and Hebrew University's Dani Lischinski studied the algorithm of pixel graph generation vector graph, and got good results.The following figure is the pixel graph and the converted vector graph, and you can see that the resulting Sh

The adjacency table representation of graphs and topological ordering of non-circular graphs

The most commonly used representations of graphs are adjacency matrices and adjacency tables.1, adjacency matrixAdjacency matrix is actually a two-dimensional array, for each edge 2 adjacency TableAdjacency table is one of the commonly used storage structures of graphs. The adjacency table consists of a header node and a table node, where each vertex corresponds to a header node stored in the array. As show

The concept of graphs and some algorithms about graphs

considered to be 1. In data structures, graphs are often represented by adjacency tables and adjacency matrices. 1. adjacency tableThe graph above is the adjacency table of the graph, a node in the table corresponding to a node in the graph, the linked list behind the node is the node connected to the node. The node typedef of the graph struct node{ char value;//node node *next;//points to the unicom node }; //adjacency table node adj[num];// Num

Highcharts API Chinese Line charts, graphs, area charts, 3D graphs, histogram examples, and use

Highcharts API Chinese WebAddress: Http:// example$ (function () {$ (' #container '). Highcharts ({title: {text: ' Monthly Average temperature ', x: -20//center}, subtitle: {text: ' ', x:-20}, Xaxis: {categories: [' Jan ', ' Feb ', ' Mar ', ' Apr ', ' may ', ' June ', ' Jul ', ' April ', ' Sep ', ' Oct ', ' Nov ', ' Dec '] }, YAxis: {title: {text: ' Temperature (°c) '}, plotlines: [{ value:0,

Cut-point algorithm of graphs and edge cutting algorithm of graphs

been visited will not be returned to the point that has already been visited without the U-point. If you go to the U, the figure also has a vertex v is not visited point, how to tell if V can not go through the U-case will be able to return to any of the points previously visited? You are the father of V, and the vertices you visited before are ancestors. That is, how to detect if V can go back to the ancestors without the Father U. That is to do DFS again, but this traversal does not go throug

M coloring problem of graphs-the M coloring problem of the backtracking method of __ graphs

Problem Description: Given a g= (V, E) and M different colors for a undirected connected graph, these colors are colored for each vertex of Fig g, and each vertex is a color. Is there a coloring method that makes the two vertices adjacent to G have different colors. This problem is the problem of the M-coloring determination of graphs. If a graph requires a minimum of M color in order to make each edge of the graph connect two vertices with different

Various polylines in IOS-curves-collection of graphic drawing methods (line charts-Chart of graphs-histogram-dynamic graphs-shape diagrams-drawing, scribing)

this week's weather conditions change, then we need to use a line chart to do the statistics (figure I); For example, we may use histogram and so on when we count the employment rate.First of all, let's see how this line can be achieved? Now let's take a look at the whole.Now let's take a look at the different kinds of graphs.1) Line chart2) Trend Chart3) Draw a line chart4) Bar Chart5) Various graphics6) Pie chartWell, look at the above various line

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