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Tableau Business Intelligence and visualization applications

Data analysis of the follow-up dance-tableau business intelligence and visualization applicationCourse View Address: course out of self-study, worry-free network: http://www.xuetuwuyou.comLecturer:

One of the BI leaders tableau trial talk

Is the latest Gartner BI Magic Quadrant, in which one of the leaders of tableau behaves abnormally, with the executive Force Quadrant directly off the other products on a street, a forward-looking quadrant slightly beyond the MSBI, with unparalleled

Tableau is not necessarily the best, domestic bi can also break the siege!

Now, Baidu is a business intelligence or BI tool, always see tableau figure. Not that Tableau's marketing is doing well, but that the perception and choice of business intelligence tools at home seems to fall on tableau. Cause regardless of industry

Network Programming--import--socket--telnet

--************************************************************************************************************* *******************--import------Import Telnet Module---python network programming--------------------------------------------------------

Three ways to invoke Ggplot in Python _python

This article provides three different ways to invoke Ggplot in Python (IPython notebook). In the large data age, data visualization is a very hot topic. Every bi manufacturer invests a lot of energy in the field of data visualization. Tableau, with

Data analysis to write code

This is a created article in which the information may have evolved or changed. Recent tasks have been a bit busy, mainly in the data analysis needs of various departments, coupled with the app backend performance optimization squeeze together.

American group R language data Operation combat

First, IntroductionIn recent years, with the continuous innovation of distributed data processing technology, such as Hive, Spark, Kylin, Impala, Presto and other tools continue to innovate, the calculation and storage of big data collection become

Interpreting the most authoritative report of BI Circle of business intelligence--gartner Magic Quadrant 2015 (2)

Overview of the leader quadrant of the Magic QuadrantThe BI vendors in the leader Quadrant are placed in the first quadrant and are empty in the middle. This is because none of the vendors can support the ever-increasing business-user-oriented and

Three methods for calling ggplot in Python

This article mainly introduces three methods to call ggplot in Python. ggplot, as a graphics library, is often used to create a visual view of data, you can refer to the following three methods to call ggplot in Python (IPython Notebook. In the big

Three methods of calling ggplot in Python: pythonggplot

Three methods of calling ggplot in Python: pythonggplot This article provides three different methods to call ggplot in Python (IPython Notebook. In the big data era, data visualization is a hot topic. Every BI manufacturer has invested a lot of

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