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When SQL Server 2000 is installed, the installation program fails to configure the server. For more information, see Server Error Log and c: \ winnt \ sqlstp. log.

InstallProgramAn error occurred while configuring the server. For more information, see Server Error Log and c: \ winnt \ sqlstp. log. View the log file. The following problems are found: Driver = {SQL Server}; server = zhl; uid = sa; Pwd =; database = Master[Microsoft] [odbc SQL

Obtain the SQL Server installation time and SQL Server installation time.

Obtain the SQL Server installation time and SQL Server installation time. The latest installation of SQL Server 2014 does not have a formal License. You can only try it for three months. To know when it expires, you must know whe

SQL Server Installation Error installation program configuration server failure (solution)

This problem was encountered by many people on the Internet. A netizen appeared in the morning and searched for it, Google has been around for a long time, and many solutions won't work, This error may occur in many cases. The answer is as follows: Http:// Id = 1015901 The original article is reproduced: /*************************************** **********/ When the MDAC component fails to be installed, try to repair or reinstall Microsoft Office When

MySQL installation (more detailed installation steps, including client and server installation, configuration of environment variables, and startup of MySQL using Windows service)

1.MySQL Download the operating system corresponding to the MySQL installation package, after decompression can be used directly (free installation). MySQL installation package, one is the MySQL Enterprise Edition (commercial) Business Edition, there is a community version of MySQL Community Edition (GPL)I chose the Community Edition

SQL Server Installation: a previous program installation has created a pending file operation on the installation computer.

I installed SQL server before and deleted it later. Now, the following error occurs:ProgramInstall a file that has been suspended on the installation computer. You must restart the computer before running the installer. Unable to proceed. Please refer to the online materials to get it done. Steps: 1) Add/delete programs to completely delete SQL Server. 2) Dele

WIN2003 Server DHCP Server Installation Graphics Tutorial _ server Other

doesn't make much sense.         Figure 4 The Select Summary dialog box    (5) Click the Next button directly to open the dialog shown in Figure 5. This is a Process dialog box for the server installation component. Displays the component installation process that was performed in order to install the DHCP

Linux network-based batch installation tutorial, DHCP server + TFTP server + FTP Server + Kickstart file,

Linux network-based batch installation tutorial, DHCP server + TFTP server + FTP Server + Kickstart file, Preparation: DHCP server TFTP Server FTP Server Kickstart File A client with a

Windows 2003 Server Installation IIS6.0 and IIS self-service FTP server graphics tutorial _win server

Write this article is mainly to help just contact the server or cloud host small white, the vast majority of novice just contact Windows 2003 Server are installed IIS server, below we have 2003 server to install IIS and IIS with the FTP server to do a detailed and complete g

Database server installation and configuration How to build a database dedicated server

locally on the client. SQL Server 2000 can dynamically configure itself to efficiently use the resources available on client desktops or laptops without having to dedicate a single database administrator to each client. Application vendors can also embed SQL Server 2000 as an application's data storage component in an application.When a client uses a local SQL Server

Windows Server service DHCP server installation diagram _win server

For the DHCP service, I believe in many enterprises will be applied to, including my current enterprise, also use the DHCP service or the comparison is only old Windows Server 2000 DHCP, to provide clients with IP address assignment, too much DHCP is not mentioned, For the first time to understand Windows Server friends, you can query Baidu Encyclopedia, to understand the relevant functions and applications

Perfect solution to SQL Server installation problem: A previous program installation has created a pending file operation on the installation computer _ Application Tips

Installing SQL Server encountered an error message: A previous program installation has created a pending file operation on the installation computer. You must restart your computer before running Setup!. Looking for a long time, did not find a program, the machine has not previously installed SQL Server. Restart many

The VMware Server 6.0 installation prompt specifies that vcenter server does not have the "Log on as a server" privilege workaround

VMware Server 6.0 installation and 5.5 installation process is still relatively large, 6.0 installed together at least dual core 8G memorySelect AD account during installation, prompting that the specified vcenter server does not "log on as a

SQL Server 2000 installation program configuration server failed

SQL Server 2000 installation program configuration server failed C651363574 | category: Database | Browsed 24187 times | This problem has been merged into> Adoption by netizens The first method encountered a very BT problem when installing SQL Server 2000 today, prompting that the

Windows Server Technical Preview (Windows Server 10) installation experience

) this.width=650; "title=" clip_image003 "style=" Display:inline "alt=" clip_image003 "src=" Attachment/201410/5/2661587_1412519384yjoo.jpg "" 554 "height=" 372 "/> In addition to this, the version of Windows Server Technical Preview is also available in Microsoft Azure, and users with Microsoft Azure accounts can experience Windows Server 10 in the public cloud. It is important to n

"Error enabling Windows feature NetFx3" (Error cause, detailed analysis and resolution) and detailed analysis and installation procedures for installing the. NET Framework 3.5 on Windows Server2012 during the installation of SQL Server 2012

questions: During the installation of SQL Server 2012 on the server (operating system Windows Server 2012), the installation stays on the interface shown, and the prompt box appears with "Enabling operating system features NETFX3". Notifies you that an error occurred while

SQL SERVER 2000 installation full Raiders 1 (new installation)

Server| Raiders to Beginners: (old bird will be free to see, don't laugh!) ) for users who have used SQL SERVER 2000, it is generally known that the version and the previous version of the larger difference between the system is also more picky, for the installation is indeed relatively simple, but often have to install the loser, in the forum to see a lot o

Win2003 Server Installation and Setup Tutorial System Setup Chapter _win Server

This installation and setup tutorial applies to servers using Windows2003 as the operating system, with the purpose of enabling the server to support common network programming languages including ASP, PHP, and. Net1.1,. Net2.0, support common databases including access, MySQL, MSSQL, support FTP, support common components including AspJpeg, JMail, lyfupload, dynamic, Isapi_rewrite. This tutorial altogethe

Team Foundation Server 2010 installation, deployment, and Configuration (ii): preparatory work prior to installation.

In the previous article, we said that there are several scenarios for the installation of TFS2010, where scene three (in the domain environment, the multiple server environment) is the most typical application scenario. Here we are ready to deploy such an environment. Suppose we already have an environment that is: Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise 64-bitSQL

New installation of the 2008 operating system and the Server Core core installation

New installation ofthe 08 operating system and the Server Core core installation Windows Server 2008 is a new generation of network operating systems developed by Microsoft in March 2008 based on Windows NT technology; Windows Server 2008 provides a variety of network serv

SQL Server installation error, Setup configuration Server failed solution Summary _mssql2005

Error recurrence: First in the Control Panel uninstall SQL Server Software, all normal, and then reboot (must reboot, otherwise can not reload), execute SQL Server installation program, everything seems to be normal, the next step, installed to the end, suddenly prompted the "Setup configuration server failed." When t

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