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Metric Metrics tool for version Metrics-java

IntroducedMetrics is a package of metrics for Java services, embedded in Java code Metrics code, you can easily monitor the business code of the various indicators, at the same time, metrics can be very good with ganlia, graphite combination, Easy to provide graphical interface. The basic use of the core package (currently stable version 3.0.1) directly into the

Linux memory performance metrics, CPU performance metrics

main pages interrupt means more access to the diskThe indicator can be viewed via the SAR command# sar-b 1 3pgpgin/pgpgout is the swap-in and swap out of memoryFault page breakmajflt main missing pages interruptvmstat command can also view some memory information# vmstat 1 5 Memory part is the RAM informationSi/so is swapped-in swap outSupplemental skillsWhen the top command is executed, the SWAP column is usually not displayed and you need to specify the displayIn the top interface, click 'f',

Let the virtual meego tablet fly. Build a meego tablet development and testing platform in real-world Oracle virtualbox

BackgroundLast year, I installed the meego netbook on the open-source Oracle virtualbox. It seems that the speed is good and it is much better to use than the meego simulator (emulator) in qemu. After the beta version of meego tablet was released at the beginning of the year. I always wanted to build a meego tablet development and testing platform in Oracle virtualbox. But it has never been successful. The

PHP code to determine whether the device is a mobile phone or tablet (two methods), php tablet _ PHP Tutorial

PHP code determines whether the device is a mobile phone or tablet (two methods), php tablet. PHP code determines whether the device is a mobile phone or tablet computer (two methods). php tablet computers are now more and more developed on the mobile Internet, and many websites are enjoying mobile browsing, to better

In win10, how does one set the tablet mode ?, Win10 Tablet

In win10, how does one set the tablet mode ?, Win10 Tablet In the win10 system, a new tablet mode is added. If the computer monitor supports touch screen, you can enable the tablet mode. How can you set the tablet mode? Right-click the blank area on the desktop where the

What is the function of a Tablet pc,tablet PC?

Nowadays, the input method, as a necessary tool for inputting text into computers and smartphones, has been paid more and more attention by many internet companies. In addition to the integration of the Microsoft Pinyin Input method, Windows7 also provides Tablet PC Input Panel tools, can be handwritten, but also the phrase association, the function is very practical. Let's take a look at the Tablet PC Inpu

Android determines whether the current device is a mobile phone or tablet or an android tablet.

Android determines whether the current device is a mobile phone or tablet or an android tablet. Android development needs to adapt to mobile phones and tablets. In some cases, it is necessary to determine whether the device is a mobile phone or tablet.On the Internet, it is often said that the device size, DPI, version number, and whether the phone function is available are used to determine whether the dev

PHP code to determine whether the device is a mobile phone or tablet (two ways), PHP tablet _php tutorial

PHP code to determine whether the device is a mobile phone or tablet (two ways), PHP Tablet PC Now the mobile Internet is more and more developed, a lot of websites have popularized the mobile browsing, in order to better let the Web page display on the phone, we have chosen to use CSS Media query to make the response template, but there are drawbacks, such as the structure of some sites are CMS type, too

How can I access the Internet on a tablet? Tablet Internet settings

I bought a tablet and watched movies and novels when I was okay. But there was a lot of traffic. What should I do?I suggest you build a wireless router to connect to the Internet in a certain range. I bought a tablet for convenience.With its stylish appearance, touch-based operation methods, and the convenience brought by portable mobile devices, tablets have won the hearts of consumers and become the most

On a tablet, how does one copy the contact on the SIM card to the tablet? (N5100)

1. Click contacts on the standby page ].2. Click menu in the lower-left corner of the screen to slide the screen up and select import/export ].3. Select import from SIM card ].4. Check the contacts to be imported. If you want to import all contacts, click [select all]. Here, import all contacts as an example.5. Click finish in the upper-right corner of the screen ].After completing the preceding operations, the contact on the SIM card is successfully copied to the

Baidu online tablet code and Baidu online Tablet

Baidu online tablet code and Baidu online TabletWhy Does Baidu not have an Online Handwriting input method? 1. If you have logged on to the Baidu account, log out first.2. Open the Baidu homepage again and click the "Search Settings" option in the upper-right corner of the homepage,3. On the page that appears, select "pinyin" or "handwriting" from the input method drop-down box and click "Save settings"4. Restart the browser and open the Baidu homepag

Android Tablet PC design: Tablet layout strategy

Layout strategy of tablet computer Using fragmentation and multiple pane views The building blocks of the honeycomb design are "fragments." Fragmentation is the layout component of a self-contained system that can change its size and placement depending on the direction and size of the screen. A further solution to design this problem for a variety of size skins is to give designers and developers a way to make their screen layout components flexibl

Ganglia Hadoop-related monitoring configuration and metrics

About ganglia configuration in Hadoop2.0.0-cdh4.3.0: Modify configuration file: $ HADOOP_HOME/etc/hadoop/hadoop-metrics.propertiesAdd the following content:*. Sink. ganglia. class = org. apache. hadoop. metrics2.sink. ganglia. GangliaSink31*. Sink. ganglia. period = 10# Default for supportsparse is false*. Sink. ganglia. supportsparse = true*. Sink. ganglia. slope = jvm. metrics. gcCount = zero, jvm. metrics

Hadoop metrics parameter description

People who use hadoop have some knowledge about the detailed counters in hadoop, but many may not find any information when they want to fully understand all metrics. In addition, there are few introductions when searching in the code. List all items. DFS. datanode. blockchecksumop_avg_time block verification average time DFS. datanode. blockchecksumop_num_ops block check count DFS. datanode. blockreports_avg_time average time of the block report DFS.

Ambari Metrics Introduction

ConceptAmbari metrics is a functional component in Ambari that is responsible for monitoring cluster status. It has some of the following key concepts: Terminology Description Ambari Metrics System ("AMS") The built-in metrics collection system for Ambari. Metric

How to collect Nginx metrics (Article 2)

How to collect Nginx metrics (Article 2)How to obtain the required NGINX metrics How to obtain the required metrics depends on the NGINX version you are using and What metrics you want to see. (See how to monitor NGINX (Article 1) to learn more about NGINX metrics .) Both th

Introduction to Object-oriented metrics address: Measurement AnalysisThe CK (chidamber kemerer) measure set [8] and mood [measure set] are often used when parsing code in object-oriented metrics. In this section, we will enumerate and explain the specific use of metrics.2.1 Coupling1974, Steven et. In the context of structured progr

Dropwizard Metrics-Introduction to basic use

Previously introduced in the Healthcheck how to add some simple health detection through metrics LIB to the system, now talk about Dropwizard metrics more important parts, record the system's measurement information. Dropwizard offers a variety of metrics: The simplest counter, the complexity of the histogram for calculating the time distribution, the meter for c

Ganglia collects hbase metrics

ecosystem. This article describes how to use ganglia to collect various hbase metrics and focus on solving the following two issues: (1) how to filter hbase indicators that are too many? (2) After modifying the, do not need to restart hadoop or hbase. 1. hbase metrics Configuration Taking hbase-0.98 as an example, you need to configure # syntax:

Custom Dimensions and metrics

Google Analytics Deploy custom dimensions and metricsAugust 12, 2013 Abbo 7 Comments To use Google Analytics's custom dimensions and metrics, we first have to recognize the concept of dimensions and metrics. In simple terms: dimensions are the angle of our perception of things, and indicators are the way we measure things. From the database point of view, dimensions and indicators are fields,

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