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Robotframework Automated Testing framework-Mobile phone automation test Appiumlibrary Library other common automation keywords

. Swipe Analog phone slide, swipe from one point to another, the keyword receives 5 parameters [start_x | start_y | end_x | end_y | duration=1000], when sliding, the position of the point is in the form of coordinates. Tap This keyword simulates clicking on a screen element and receiving a parameter [locator] Zoom This keyword is used to magnify an element and receive three parameters [Locator | percent=200% | steps=1], the first parameter

Interface Automation test framework build –java+testng Test restful service

add assert assert, so here will not fail, My goal is to fully use Excel to manage maintenance test data and test results, so that the data scripts are completely detached.Output SheetComparison SheetResult SheetOf course you can also run the MAVEN project as an executable jar, but you need to add a main function as a portal, the XML test file is passed through t

Application of TESTNG test framework in Web automation test based on selenium

running test:The result of the operation is as follows: we can see the test results of the corresponding method in the console.As you can see from the summary information, a total of two test methods have been run, one of which failed, and we can see that there is an exception that locate the link element, and under the Results of running Suite column, you can see whether the

"Selenium2 Python Automation Test Practice" (--unittest) unit Test framework Analysis

--6th UnitTest Module (ii)Interface Test Basics--6th UnitTest Module (iii)These are the methods of batch execution. The above we talk about this is a very low example, you can just look at the line, and then I will write a concrete selenium framework, we directly refer to it. If you are interested, you need to review this knowledge:Interface Test Basics--First ar

Robotframework Automated test framework-Mobile phone Automation test Click A Point keyword Usage

The Click a point keyword is used to simulate clicking a dot on the app interface, which receives two three parameters [x=0 | y=0 | duration=100],x and y represent the coordinate position of the point, and duration represents the duration of the click. If these three parameters are not passed in, the default x=0,y=0,duration=100 will be divided into tables.Example 1: This is still done using the app interface above, using the click a point keyword to simulate clicking on a button and entering th

Robotframework Automated test framework-Mobile phone automation test input text and click button keyword usage

results, the first input box was positioned through xpath=//android.widget.edittext[1], and the second input box was positioned through xpath=//android.widget.edittext[2].Example 3: Positioning elements by accessibility_id, accessibility_id corresponding to the Android app, its corresponding property is Content-desc, here is still using the above app interface as an example, But we added the Content-desc property to the first EditText input box, as shown in.Open application Http://localhost:472

Development of UI Automation test framework to avoid repetitive wheel building

Tag: Log SEL Performs a Boolean images Vertica BSP plan formatA lazy up for a long time did not update the article, in fact, lazy is also because of busy, the first half of the overtime to catch up with last year's overtime, overtime, ah, good spit Groove finished writing has been planning to continue the automation of developmentThere are a variety of UI testing frameworks, but original aim, driving the basic bottom of the PC browser is selenium, dri

Common Classic Open source software Automation Development Test framework/Tools (2015) _ Open source software

Reprint please indicate the source, the original address: http://blog.csdn.net/w565911788/article/details/47660789 (1) STAF (softwaretesting Automation framework) is an open source, cross-platform, multilingual, and reusable component built from IBM to build an automated test framework that can handle calls, resource

Selenium + Python automation Test unittest Framework Learning (II)

1.unittest Unit Test Framework file structureUnitTest is one of the Python unit test frameworks that unittest the main file structure of the test framework:File>report>all_case.py>test_case>__init__.py>test_case1 .....>public>__init__.py>login.py>loginout.pyTest_case folder primarily stores

Teach you how to build Interface Automation test framework with ECLIPSE+TESTNG

Reproduced in: http://qa.blog.163.com/blog/static/190147002201510275306185/The group Borrie about the interface automation of the article have looked over, are about the test process encountered problems and solutions, there is no framework to build the blog post. I have not done interface automation and Java Rookie, t

Python interface test framework combat and automation advanced

The 1th chapter of Interface Test Basic review1-1 interface Automation testing from the basics to the framework-guided learning1-2 Interface Basics Review1-3 Interface Test Basics Interview AnswersThe 2nd Chapter Fiddler's application in the work2-1 How to grasp the interface2-2 extensive data-de-duplication simulation

Selecting the test automation framework

Automated test workloads are flawed based on the use of only one capture tool, such as IBM Rational®robot, to record and replay test cases. Using only one of the capture tools to run complex and huge tests is time-consuming and expensive. Because these tests are created randomly, their functionality is difficult to track and reproduce, and maintenance costs are very expensive. For a start-up automated

Lightweight test automation framework tour

Lightweight test automation framework is ASP. the automated integration testing framework developed by the net QA Team and applied in ASP. net QA Team's automated testing product, the latest version is megal update. The role of this framework is similar to that of watin and

Windows environment builds Web Automation test framework Watir (based on Ruby)

of watir related content, here are mainly concerned about the two tools, as shown, Commonwatir and Watir, Here you need to give Commonwatir and Watir to 3.0.0, if you do not downgrade, there will be a nameerror error, the command is as follows:>gem Uninstall watir-v 5.0.0 >gem install watir-v 3.0.0Next: >gem uninstall commonwatir-v 4.0.0 >gem install commonwatir-v 3.0.0require "Watir""Open IE ... "Ie=watir::ie. NewIe.Goto ("http://www.baidu.com/") puts "IE is Opened-enjoy it:) "Create a new tes

Interface Automation test phpunit-Framework Code Development 3

Through the above several articles of practice, our basic framework is put up, but found that there is a problem is that before we are all a single testcase written and then go to run, if I want to run more than testcase how to do? Here is used to test the concept of building testsuite, in fact, is to put a number of testcase together, and then run this testsuite, so ta on the traversal of the implementatio

Building NODEJS Automation Unit Test framework based on Grunt&mocha (including Code coverage statistics)

are two tasks, after running the first mocha_istanbul:coverage, a coverage directory will be generated under the root directory└──coverage ├──coverage.json ├──lcov.info └──lcov-report ├──index.html ├──xxx └──xxxLcov.info formatted files are for Sonnar display reportsOpen lcov-report/index.html asThe second plug-in is used to integrate with sonar, and these grunt commands I put in Jenkins after daily build.I don't know why the code coverage numbers that sonar parsed

Teach you how to build Interface Automation test framework with ECLIPSE+TESTNG

Namevaluepair, one is to encapsulate the request parameters in the way of Jsonobject, so the code is implemented for both methods. The 3.3 Interface Implementation (Glist_api.java) takes "create G-single" as an example to implement the interface: 3.4 Prepare the test data (Testdata.java) to prepare the test data for the interface. 3.5 test Data parameterization

Selenium based on Python web Automation Foundation Two--Login-free, wait, and UnitTest Unit test framework

Notoginseng - " " the to generate an HTML-based test report: + 1 Defining a path to a file A 2 Opening a file in a written manner the 3 Calling the Htmltestrunner method to generate a test report + 4 running a test collection - 5 closing Files $ " " $report_file=". \\20170423_report.html" -fp = open (Report_file,"WB") -Runner = Htmltestrunner.htmltestrunner (st

Robotframework Automated test Framework-selenium Web Automation (-)-open Browser and close Browser

keep the protection mode consistent in each area under the Security tab in the browser options, either all enabled, or none enabled, as shown, otherwise prone to similar webdriverexception:message: Unexpected error launching Internet Explorer. Protected Mode settings is not the same for all zones. Enable Protected Mode must is set to the same value (enabled or disabled) for all zones error."The original is owned by the author, welcome reprint, but retain the copyright, and reproduced, need to i

Python API Interface Automation test framework code write use case

, data, headers) Expectcode = Conf.get_data (title, Key=cs. CODE)If Actualcode! = Expectcode:Print"Failinfo"Print Number logging.warning ("-"-"-"-"-Data: "-Headers: "-"-"*****************") else: print number print "Trueinfo" logging.warning ("-" ***************** ") V. Implementation package (RUN.PY)import util.common as commonimport sys# FILENAME = sys.argv[1]FILENAME = "proUser.ini""""1.新建测试报告目录"""common.reset_report(filename=FILENAME)"""2.执行测试用例"""common.run_test(filename=FILENAME)

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