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HTML tag semantics--using the B tag or the strong tag

HTML tag semantics, the relevant content online there are many. You can go to study and see if the label you are using has the meaning that it really wants to express, do you use the right label? Today's introduction is the use of B-tags, or strong

What is an H tag? H1,H2,H3 tags? And the methods and importance of using strong tags

As we all know, SEO is a very important point is to make the site clear, so that the search engine is easy to read, this clarity is not only reflected in the site's physical path, URLs and other places. The same is true of . is not for keyword

What is the difference between B-tags and strong tags in html? Summary of differences between B and strong

This article focuses on the differences between the B-tags and strong tags in HTML. The details of the B-tag and the strong label are described separately, and finally there is a summary of the HTML B-tags and strong tags, and finally, let's take a

DOTNET strong Signature

1. How to use strong signatures The Windows software development kit (SDK) provides multiple methods to useProgramSet signature: * Use the Assembly Linker (al.exe) provided by the Windows SDK ).* Insert strong name information using assembly

"JS Notes" Magic JS to convert a tag to a super-strong submit button

The headline might say a little pompous 0.oIn the previous page, the Submit button in the form form was writtentype= "Submit"/>However, always feel that there is no easy-to-set style, so write a JS function to convert the a tag to the Submit

The importance of tag tag in SEO

I believe that everyone's blog has a label exists, about the label is smaller than blog classification, has been trying to write a label on the importance of the text out, because the most easily overlooked in the site is the tag tag, although very

Convenient initialization of view and setting tag value

Convenient initialization of view and setting tag valueEffectSourceThe SetRect in Https://github.com/YouXianMing/iOS-Project-Examples////AccessViewTagProtocol.h//Animations////Created by youxianming on 16/6/17.//copyright©2016 year youxianming. All

Copy, retain, assign, ReadOnly, Readwrite,strong,weak,nonatomic finishing

Copy: Create an object with an index count of 1 and then release the old object to NSStringFor NSString it states that a copy of the passed-in value is used when the value is assigned. Copy work is performed by the copy method, and this property is

The core tag Library of the basic tutorial of Jstl tag Library (i)

JSTL Introduction Java Server Pages standard tag Libray (JSTL): JSP standards Tag Library, which encapsulates the common Core functionality of JSP applications. JSTL supports common, structured tasks such as iterations, conditional judgments,

Use HTML5 specifications to differentiate I, em, B, and strong elements. html5strong

Use HTML5 specifications to differentiate I, em, B, and strong elements. html5strong Preface Many new tags have been added for semantic HTML5. Among them, the tags I, em, B, and strong are the easiest to mix. If you have a hard time exploring them,

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