tag used for space in html

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When using innerHTML to get HTML code, the double quotation marks of HTML tag properties disappear, so the double quotation marks are preserved when the property value contains a space.

A recent project has been used in a strange way, using a label to display HTML content, and then continue to use JS to copy the label's innerHTML into a textbox.However, yesterday found a problem, get the element value, sometimes normal, sometimes

HTML Note (ii) HTML tag elements

a common head element tag  The element contains all the header tag elements.1. The tag defines the title of the HTML document, which is required in the html/xhtml document.Main functions: Defines the title of the browser toolbar; The

The regular expression is used to obtain the content in the HTML Tag. (Note: If the content contains a carriage return, please refer to the third example)

Several Methods for getting simple HTML Tag content Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)http://www.CodeHighlighter.com/-->// ==================================== Begin1 ====================== ========== // Test

What is the standard purpose of the span tag in HTML? -

Does text, images, and other things in span conform to the standard? Does text, images, and other things in span conform to the standard? Reply content: the element in the silent line. Define the style of the content that is different from the style

Detailed induction of HTML Tag nesting rules is suitable for beginners _ HTML/Xhtml _ webpage Creation

All Web pages can be based on HTML tags. Next, let's look at the nesting rules of HTML tags in detail. It is necessary for new friends who are learning web pages to learn more about HTML recently, A new understanding of HTML! Don't underestimate

Meta Tag Overview-For SEO

What are meta tags? They are information inserted into the "head" area of your web pages. other than the title tag, information in the head area of your web pages is not seen by those viewing your pages in browsers. instead, meta information in this

HTML tutorial: Collect commonly used HTML tags (6) _ HTML/Xhtml _ web page creation

Related Articles: beginners are familiar with HTML to learn about some HTML tags (5). These HTML tags do not necessarily comply with XHTML specifications. You should make a choice in the actual layout, such as the B mark and FONT mark, which do not

Basic knowledge of Jsp development + nine implicit objects + 11 built-in objects + tag Library (typical in actual web Development)

I. jsp Basics1. JSP ConceptServlet is a dynamic resource development technology provided by j2ee and is developed in the form of java programs. It is a headache to write HTML tags in java. Therefore, JSP is developed, it looks like HTML, but the

Learn more about the HTML Tag Content Model and the tag Model

Learn more about the HTML Tag Content Model and the tag ModelContents [1] metadata type [2] block type [3] header type [4] document flow type [5] statement type [6] embedded type [7] statement type before The core of HTML is tag. Tags are used to

2 Tag library El expression using Struts2

Compared to the STRUTS1 tag library, the STRUTS2 tag Library has a huge improvement in that the STRUTS2 tag library is not dependent on any presentation layer technology. This means that most of STRUTS2 's tags can be used in JSP pages, or in

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