tandberg video communication server

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Flash Communication Server Video Server Settings

The following provides some simple settings and modifications after the Flash Communication Server is installed, It facilitates server maintenance and use. 1. Set the file structure The configuration files are stored in the C: Program filesm1_mediaflash Communication Server

Network integration of video surveillance services based on Ngn/ims (SIP Protocol) communication Platform

terminate one or more participants ' session processes. A session may be any type of communication between endpoints, which can be video session, instant messaging, and collaboration sessions. In no event will the agreement define or limit the use of the business. Furthermore, issues such as transport, QoS, billing, and security are handled by basic core networks and other protocols. 2.1 SIP signaling cont

Communication between Silverlight and WCF (6) SILVERLIGHT+WCF+TCP video communication [1] single-work mode

In fact, this implementation is not a true sense of video communication, neither Peer-to-peer nor very high performance, because basically two clients at the same time to the server to deliver video information, and then by the server to relay to each other. The point is tw

Audio and video technology instant communication market analysis

support for future system interoperability, chat will connect with the existing system through the xmpp/sip/h323 gateway. The good scalability of the XMPP protocol also provides strong support for the openness of the Conference system. Make the enterprise's application area more wide.C. Instant Messaging and gaming industryBefore online games only the function of text communication, lack of voice and video

RADVISION video gateway received Microsoft's first Unified Communication Certification

RADVISION recently announced that the video interoperability between SCOPIA video gateway for Microsoft Lync and Microsoft Lync 2010 and Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 R2 has passed Microsoft's qualification. SCOPIA video gateway is fully qualified for compatibility with Microsoft UC

Embedded Video Communication Network Service

destination address is then routed to the network, and the remote can receive it. Of course, the packaged data can also be stored directly on the local hard disk for later query, that is, the DVR (DVR) . The use of dedicated compression chip for data compression, not only reduces the development of video server difficult and cost, but also easy to compress protocol upgrades. With the rapid development and

Practical office (video conferencing) software integrated collaborative communication im software-transfer source code or cooperation

Practical office (video conferencing) software integrated collaborative communication im software-transfer source code or cooperation-Linux general technology-Linux programming and kernel information, the following is a detailed description. It provides users with a wide range of unified communication services, including instant

Development of mobile audio and video communication

client connection events and I/O random events in a timely manner. A single server can support tens of thousands of concurrent users. The system client terminal connects to the server through the 3G wireless network using TCP protocol, and communicates in time through simple instant communication protocol. In the mobile network, mobile terminal access to 3G, 4G

Communication technology of audio-video-to-peer connection

In the development of network communication, peer-to technology everyone must be very familiar with, peer-to is a new application based on the Internet environment technology. One-to-peer technology is that people can connect directly to other users ' computers and Exchange files instead of connecting to the server to browse and download as they used to. Another important feature is changing the Internet's

51cto C + + million concurrent network communication engine architecture and implementation video lessons

Course ObjectivesMaster in C + + development with millions processing capabilities of the service side, client communication technology. Share and pits the actual experience of the enterprise. Use C++TCP for network communication under the mainstream platform. Master Select, IOCP, Epoll network communication. Mastering the mainstream game engine uses C++TCP to co

Adjust the communication mode settings to solve the QQ video failure

Finally bought the camera, thought this can and QQ on the MM chat a happy. But who knows in the connection is always unable to succeed, face such pictures how to do? Don't worry, most of the time is due to incorrect communication mode settings. Some friends for the reliability of data transmission, the QQ communication mode set to "through the server mode", but

C # application Video tutorial 1.2 Socket Communication Client implementation

, Blocking of recieve in thread does not cause the main program to die?But how does it update to the main interface after collecting the data? If we are in the thread to update the main interface Label,textbox will be error, once the server clicked on the Send button, we want to update the program Interface text box, the label and so on will be prompted from the thread is not the creation of the control to access it?If readers surf the web, adding thi

C # App Video tutorial 1.3 socket communication Client Perfect

unavailable (if the connection is successful), so this is also a delegate and event to encapsulate the entire class of possible behavior and other methods of triggering the advantage, if not events and delegates, these things can be done, But the cost of the code and maintenance to be spent is much greater.??For more instructional videos and downloads, please pay attention to the following information:My Youku Space:Http://i.youku.com/acetaohai123?My online forum:http://csrobot.gz01.bdysite.com

Embedded Serial Communication Server Solution Based on VxWorks and MPC860T Platform

.2. architecture of the serial communication serverIn practical applications,Various monitoring and control devices use serial communication to communicate with the outside world. Serial devices vary widely, especially in terms of data transmission rate and data format.UART (Universal Asynchronous ReceiverHigh-level data link (HDLC)Control, Advanced Data Link Control) and other protocols for high-speed data

Design of Video Server Based on Embedded Web

structure of Embedded Web Servers The hardware structure 2 of the embedded web server is shown in. It is mainly composed of CPU chip, MPEG-4 Audio and Video Encoding Chip, flash chip, SDRAM memory, Ethernet interface, large capacity hard disk. Among them, the CPU uses Motorola's PowerPC series embedded communication processor, MPC8250. The MPEG-4 Audio and

[12/22 update] video download summary for exchange/Windows Server-strongly recommended

I. Exchange 2000/2003 Server series course video 1. Exchange Server Data Protection Best Practices (Speaker: Hu Yi) : Http://www.5dmail.net/down/SoftList-964.htm Lecture content: Ideally, exchange won't have any problems at all. However, we live in a world full of software, hardware, viruses, and hackers, so we will inevitably encounter various exchange configura

The construction of embedded Linux web video server

Http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_53d02d550102v8bu.htmlWith the wide application of embedded processor and open source Linux, various video services have been developed gradually in embedded system.1. IntroductionWith the development of multimedia technology, video compression coding technology and network communication technology, digital

The application of Video server network in Broadcasting System

coordinate to complete the broadcast work. Third, system design and application My hard disk automatic broadcast system design considerations are mainly around the completion of the television channel and the other two channels of advertising spots to design. The hard disk system control software is developed by using the Louth BMC1200 hard Drive Control protocol of the Sea-change company, and the control interface uses RS-422 serial interface communicatio

A Weosocket Communication server and client code (non-JS code) based on Netty

A Weosocket Communication server and client code (non-JS code) based on NettyCough, here, little Xuan is not much to say what is websocket, there is, small Xuan Why do not give js-client code? Too much code can be used on the Internet. Small Xuan Here the WebSocket client is non-JS client, because the small Xuan project background logic to communicate with the WebSocket

Application of the Video Server Software mjpg-streamer in Embedded Multimedia Data Processing

component command string and command type ing array to find the control command type that matches the command string. Call the output_cmd function in output_http output file output_http.c. In this function, call the control function to send data to the cloud platform decoder based on different cloud platform control commands. The communication between arm9-and cloud platform adopts the PELCO-D protocol. Its workflow 6 is shown in.4) after the cloud p

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