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Android Development Series (V): Saving and reading files in Android apps

implemented the functionality, and then we're going to deploy the project to the Android simulator,Test it:As you can see, our file is already saved, and here we need to find out where this file was saved.First, we need to open the File Explorer view:We can find the Test.txt file in Data->data->cn.itcast.files (this is the project's package)->files this directory, and then we export it to the desktopYou can see that the content inside is what we ente

Insert ads in Android apps and simple examples _android

side:Appconnect.getinstance (This). Getpoints (this);Step 2: Ensure that the Updatepointsnotifier interface is implemented in the This class, implementing the following two methods for the results returned by the receiving server asynchronously:public void Getupdatepoints (String currencyname, int pointtotal);/Get successpublic void getupdatepointsfailed (String error);//Get failed2 Cost user Virtual currency To spend (deduct) a user's virtual currency interface: Appconnect.getinstance (This)

Docker implements Android apps in the browser _docker

--> Developing Android apps in the browser There is a need to use the knowledge of Docker, Che released after the Android application development of a tool, here on how to implement this feature on the line detailed: Eclipse Che Che recently released the official version, so I'd like to introduce Android

Android Reverse Journey---Secure attack and defense battles for Android apps

principle of technology The first way: Obfuscation strategyThe obfuscation strategy is a protection strategy that each application must add, and not only for protection, but also to reduce the size of the app installation package, so he is a feature that must be added before each app release, and now there are two common obfuscation strategies:1, the confusion of the codeAfter we decompile the APK, see the code class name, method name, already the code format does not look like normal

Developing Android Apps with Kotlin (IV): Custom views and Android extensions

Developing Android Apps with Kotlin (IV): Custom views and Android extensions @author ASCE1885 's Github book Weibo CSDNOriginal link After reading the extension function and the default value of this article, then what to introduce next? As we said in the first article in this series, Kotlin makes

Get started building Android apps with Eclipse PhoneGap

. Select your application under Android application on the left side of the Run Configurations dialog box. Click the Target tab, and then select Manual as Deployment Target Selection Mode. When you are ready to start the application, click Run (see Figure 14). Figure 14. Prepare to run the application on the device.In the Android Device Chooser dialog box, you can select an emulator or

Android: Let's talk about the Toast plot (BASICS) and androidtoast in Android apps.

Android: Let's talk about the Toast plot (BASICS) and androidtoast in Android apps. Preface Toast, a pretty girl who has been fascinated by thousands of software developers, especially android Developers, has always appeared frequently in various star applications. Toast is a magic horse ~ I heard it's a kind of toast.

Details about code obfuscation examples in android apps

Details about code obfuscation examples in android apps Details about code obfuscation examples in android apps Receives a new task to confuse the code of the existing project. I have had some knowledge about obfuscation before, but it is not detailed or complete enough to know that obfuscation is still tricky. But for

2010 Android and iphone best top five apps and games

advanced Task manager, to help users automatically end the program services, software switching, speed up the operation and improve efficiency. 3, beautiful Widgets. is a desktop landscaping widget, the main function to provide weather and time. 4, Setcpu for Root Users. is a overclocking and power-saving weapon. 5, MyBackup Pro. A very convenient backup software.   Third, 2010 Android best five free apps

Animation practices for Android apps-View Animation

Preface I tried to search for the Chinese documents of android animation, many of which are some of the documents of some boring translation APIs, and seldom systematically explained how to use animation to develop an application. Suddenly, I found that many apps do not pay much attention to animation apps. I thought about it and I would like to summarize it myse

Three key elements to ensure a good user experience with Android apps

more fastidious; In addition, mobile phone battery life, complex background calculation will speed up the power consumption. These development concepts directly affect the user's final experience, so let's talk about how to optimize the development of the user experience orientation in Android. Although it is not necessary to have a thorough understanding of the underlying system, you need to have a basic understanding.

Apps for Android Audio Focus (Requestaudiofocus)

scenario where Audiofocus is preempted and retrieved:Audio focus is preempted and re-acquired time series diagramNote : for the sake of simplicity, this figure, in addition to the two competing audio focus apps, only uses Audiomanager to characterize the objects inside the Android Audiofocus mechanism, The actual audiomanager is only the external representation, the internal participation of many objects,

Download phpdroid: Developing Android Apps based on WebView and PHP built-in HTTP server

'); } The PHP service executes the auth.php file before processing each request. If UA (useragent) does not match, the program exits with exit. Android previous app for one user, each app directory only allows the app to access the user, So unless the phone is rooted, other apps can't read the data in the Phpdroid app directory. You can access the PHP service by readin

Vulnerability Analysis Report of General Dos for Android apps

Vulnerability Analysis Report of General Dos for Android apps When 0xr0ot communicates with Xbalien about all types of exceptions that may cause application Denial-of-Service (DoS), a common Local Denial-of-Service vulnerability is found. This generic Local Denial-of-Service can cause a large area of app Denial-of-Service. The denial of service for serialized objects is mainly because the getSerializableExt

Use Cases and implementation methods for Android apps that do not display icons on the desktop after installation, androidapp

Use Cases and implementation methods for Android apps that do not display icons on the desktop after installation, androidapp Recently, I am working on a IOV product for the company. because the company is good at the R D of Automotive decoder, therefore, in addition to the OBD Protocol widely used in IOV products on the market, the diagnostic function of this product also uses some dedicated vehicle proto

Android Apps Automatic Update code implementation _android

As a result of open source of Android project, the market of n many Android software appeared. In order for us to develop the software to have more users to use, we need to release to the N-market, software upgrades, we also have to go to the Android Market to update, to increase our workload. So it is necessary for us to add Automatic Updates to our

Android code obfuscation for apps

so on. For example, "*" means matching any class name but does not include the package delimiter, while "* *" matches any class name and includes any number of package delimiters. So the code we commented on above means the following: the first line: all methods that keep all classes under Com.ttdevs.proguard and sub-packages are not confused, and the second row keeps all methods and member variables of the class under Com.ttdevs.proguard and all the classes under the sub-package are not confus

Read screen brightness, set screen brightness, maintain screen constants in Android apps

= "vertical" > LinearLayoutAndroid:layout_width= "Match_parent"Android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"android:orientation= "Horizontal" > EditTextAndroid:id= "@+id/edittext1"Android:layout_width= "0DP"Android:layout_weight= "1"Android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"Android:ems= "Ten"Android:hint= "Please enter an integer of 0-255"Android:inputtype= "Number" /> ButtonAndroid:id= "@+id/button1"Android:layout_width= "Wrap_content"Android:layout_height= "Wrap_content"Android:onclick= "S

Android apps more than 64k workaround: Split Dex

Your Android project is very powerful, docking a lot of third-party open source libraries, the more complete the project, the more the code hit more and more cool. But suddenly one day the newspaper was abnormal.Error: The number of method references in a. dex file cannot exceed 64K.The compiler reminds you that your project has more than 64k of methods.Androidstudio will remind you:Learn how to resolve the issue at https://developer.android.com/tools

Android Development Series (11): Reading, adding, deleting, and searching mobile phone Address Book, android address book

Android Development Series (11): Reading, adding, deleting, and searching mobile phone Address Book, android address book1. Address Book Introduction Address book is an app that comes with the Android mobile phone. It is a ContentProvider app. Other apps can access the addre

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