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TCP/IP study Note 1

TCP/IP protocol stack This section briefly introduces the internal structure of TCP/IP and lays the foundation for discussing Internet-related security issues. TCP/IP protocol groups are popular in part because they can be used on a variety of

Analysis of TCP/IP layer-4 protocol system and tcpip layer-4 Protocol

Analysis of TCP/IP layer-4 protocol system and tcpip layer-4 Protocol TCP/IP layer-4 protocol system 1) The link layer, also known as the data link layer or network interface layer, usually includes the device driver in the operating system and the

Analysis of TCP/IP packet based on Jpcap (I.)

Analysis of TCP/IP packet based on JPCAPOriginal: Zhao HuiDirectoryChapter One structure of Ethernet and TCP/IP1.1 Structure of the Ethernet1.1.1 Ethernet based on network architectureData exchange of 1.1.2 Ethernet1.1.3 Structure of Ethernet frames1

"Go" TCP/IP protocol stack and OSI reference Model detailed

OSI Reference ModelOSI RM: Open Systems Interconnect Reference Model (open Systeminterconnection Reference Model)The OSI Reference model has the following advantages: Simplifies the related network operation; Provide

Principle of TCP/IP reliability Sliding Window congestion window and TCP Window

Principle of TCP/IP reliability Sliding Window congestion window and TCP Window TCP and UDP are on the same layer-transport layer, but the most difference between TCP and UDP is that TCP provides a reliable data transmission service, which is

Tcp / ip

Tcp/ip1. Basic conceptsWhy would there be TCP/IP ProtocolAll over the world, a wide variety of computers run their own different operating systems for everyone, and these computers are used in many ways when expressing the same message. It is as if

TCP/IP protocol analysis (recommended)

One; prefaceThe people who have learned the TCP/IP protocol have a feeling, this thing is too abstract, there is no data instance, after reading soon forget. This article will introduce an intuitive learning method, using the Protocol analysis tool

TCP/IP Roaming

TCP/IP RoamingTCP/IP is the foundation of the Internet Protocol stack, which includes dozens of large and small protocols. This article is mainly related to HTTP, TCP, IP protocol. We often learn that the network model is seven or five layers, in

[To] TCP/IP principles, Fundamentals, and implementations on Linux

Introduction: This article as a theoretical basis, will tell us the basic principles of TCP/IP and important protocol details, and on this basis, introduced the implementation of TCP/IP on Linux.OSI Reference Model and TCP/IP Reference ModelThe OSI

Android TCP/IP Literacy tutorial

TCP/IP is the communication protocol of the Internet. A communication protocol is a description of the rules that a computer must obey, and the computer can communicate only if the rules are followed. Both the browser and the server

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