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Non-Default port listening configuration in Oracle RAC (listener. ora tnsnames. ora)

For listeners that are not on the default port (1521), The pmon process does not register the service/instance to the listener, that is, dynamic registration is not implemented. Similar to a single instance, listeners with non-default RAC ports also

Oracle listener (altersystemregister)

I always wanted to write a listener. Oracle listener is an important database server component and plays an important role in the entire Oracle architecture. The Listener Lisener function is based on the current Oracle version. Listener is mainly

Analysis of TCP/IP packet based on Jpcap (I.)

Analysis of TCP/IP packet based on JPCAPOriginal: Zhao HuiDirectoryChapter One structure of Ethernet and TCP/IP1.1 Structure of the Ethernet1.1.1 Ethernet based on network architectureData exchange of 1.1.2 Ethernet1.1.3 Structure of Ethernet frames1

SQL Server Connectivity Issues-TCP/IP

Original: SQL Server connectivity Issue-TCP/IPOriginating From: principles of how TCP/IP works here's not a waste of saliva. Now this network age, who does not know

[To] TCP/IP principles, Fundamentals, and implementations on Linux

Introduction: This article as a theoretical basis, will tell us the basic principles of TCP/IP and important protocol details, and on this basis, introduced the implementation of TCP/IP on Linux.OSI Reference Model and TCP/IP Reference ModelThe OSI

Oracle RAC Listener Configuration (listener. ora tnsnames. ora)

The configuration of the Oracle RAC listener is slightly different from that of a single instance, but its principles and implementation methods are basically the same. In Oracle, the TNS process is used to provide service registration for one or

C # Socket network programming; TCP/IP hierarchical model, port and packet

1. TCP/IP layered model Of course, here we will only discuss the important layer-4 01. Application Layer (Application Layer): the Application layer is a broad concept. It has some similar system-level TCP/IP applications and Application protocols,

TCP/IP Detailed Volume One learning Note (iv): TCP connection establishment and termination

Directory: TCP Header Maximum message segment length Semi-closed State transition Diagram Incoming connection request queue 1.TCP Header TCP provides a connection-oriented, reliable byte-stream service. Connection-oriented means that two

TCP/IP Detailed Volume 1: Protocol 17th, 18 TCP: Transmission Control Protocol (2)-Reading notes

Chapter Review:"TCP/IP Detailed Volume 1: Agreement" 1th Chapter Overview-Reading Notes"TCP/IP Detailed Volume 1: Protocol" chapter 2nd link layer-Reading notes"TCP/IP Detailed Volume 1: Protocol" 3rd IP: Internet Protocol (1)-Reading notes"TCP/IP

Configure a single oracle instance and RAC listener

11grac listener reference: www.luocs.comarchives281.htmlwww.oracledatabase12g.comarchives11gr2-rac-add-listener-static-register.html 1. What is registration is to register the database as a service to the listener. The client does not need to know

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