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Detailed description and comparison of transport layer protocol TCP and UDP

TCP/IP is a commonly used standard protocol for network interconnection. It can communicate with each other in different environments and nodes, it is the protocol used by all computers connected to the Internet to exchange and transmit various

Analysis of TCP/IP protocol stack code-UDP (stm32 platform)

ARP part IP & ICMP UDP part TCP Section 1. UDP IntroductionUDP is a simple datagram-oriented transport layer protocol. Each output operation of a process generates a UDP datagram and assembles it into an IP datagram to be sent. This is different

9 Differences between TCP and UDP Protocol-java Network interview question-translation

Original: Differences-between-tcp-and-udp-protocol-java-network-interview-question.html?utm_source=tuicool tcp and UDP two transport layer protocols, which are widely used in the Internet to send data between

TCP/UDP protocol

Figure 1 shows the interface for setting rules for the firewall software of Rising's Personal Edition. Careful readers will find that the "protocol" column in Figure 1 contains "TCP", "UDP" and other terms. What do they mean? Now let's talk about

With both high reliability and low latency, Google intends to use the QUIC protocol instead of TCP/UDP

Big Google is quic to see if it can combine the advantages of both protocols, while achieving low latency and high reliability and applying them to higher-security protocols. This article is to introduce the QUIC protocol in detail. Speaking from

Go The difference between TCP/IP protocol and UDP/IP protocol

TCP (transmission Control Protocol, transmission Protocol) is a connection-oriented protocol,In other words, a reliable connection must be established with each other before sending or receiving data.A TCP connection has to be three "conversations"

TCP protocol and UDP protocol of computer network

The Transport layer provides communication services to the application layer above it, which belongs to the highest level of the communication section and is also the bottom of the user's function. Two hosts are actually communicating with each

Similarities and differences between TCP, UDP and RTP (RTCP)

Original address: OSI Seven layer modelLayer-Functional TCP/IP protocol family in OSIApplication-layer file transfer, email, file service, virtual terminal tftp,http,snmp,ftp,smtp,dns,telnetPresentation

HTTP protocol implementation method based on hybrid TCP-UDP

Abstract:Currently, all applications used for web page access are based on the HTTP application protocol, while the lower layer uses the Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) [1] as the transmission protocol. However, TCP is not suitable for short

The difference between TCP protocol and UDP Protocol (RPM)

The difference between TCP protocol and UDP Protocol (RPM)First we find out that the TCP protocol and the UCP protocol and the TCP/IP protocol, many people confused, has always been the TCP/IP protocol and the difference between the UDP protocol, I

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