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Solving four problems of TD-LTE and lte fdd fusion networking

In recent years, the increasing demand for mobile data services has promoted the acceleration of LTE network commercialization. Throughout the world, LTE commercial networks are still dominated by lte fdd, but with the gradual development of their networks, users and businesses are increasing, lte fdd network frequency

The Charm Clan MX5 cracked unicom/Mobile 4g/3g (TD-LTE/TD-SCDMA/FDD-LTE/WCDMA)

The Charm Clan MX5 cracked unicom/Mobile 4g/3g (TD-LTE/TD-SCDMA/FDD-LTE/WCDMA) Prerequisite: To ensure adequate electricity, at least 50%. Use pea pods, application treasure, etc. to back up important information. 1, download MX5 General edition firmware ( 2, after downloadin

Td-lte and FDD LTE who faster?

Currently there are two 4G standards based on LTE, namely LTE FDD and LTE TDD (the domestic custom of LTE TDD is called Td-lte). See the name you will have an intuitive impression, the two standards are based on the different bran

What's the relationship between TD-SCDMA and Td-lte?

Recently, there are a lot of topics on TD-SCDMA. The point of view is to support and oppose the two factions, and to settle the historical scores. Personally, TD-SCDMA itself is indeed a failure, at least the masses of the eyes are discerning. But also can not completely negate the credit of TD-SCDMA, it is not the key to td

New problems of focusing TD-LTE test in same-frequency networking

Latest Advances in TD-LTE Testing At present, the first phase of core network, transmission, bearing and security testing work has been completed in the six test fields of TD-LTE. The results meet the test expectations, and all of them have entered the formal test conditions, in the future, the wireless performance, mu

Network Collaboration of TD-LTE

Network Collaboration of TD-LTE Is there mutual interference between the TD-LTE and the current 2G system in the adjacent frequency? How can this problem be solved? A: In actual network deployment, the F-band (1880-1915 MHz) TD-LTE

A key step in determining the commercial use of TD-LTE Spectrum

With the division of spectrum resources, a huge rock in the road of TD-LTE commercialization was moved. At the recently held "TD-LTE technology and spectrum Seminar", China's 2.6GHz spectrum planning scheme was announced,-2690hz of the 2.6GHz band all divided into TDD spectrum. The determination of spectrum division, w

Brief Introduction to wireless TD-LTE-Advanced Technology

As an evolution after 3G-4G, do you know its technical characteristics? As one of the 4G standard record filing systems, wireless TD-LTE-Advanced adopts the multi-access method, frame structure similar to TD, and wireless MIMO technology. The following is a detailed introduction. Features of wireless TD-

TD-LTE is suitable for D + F hybrid networking F band new is better than upgrade

Chang gang, Ericsson China's chief market officer, said that during the construction of TD-LTE, D + F hybrid networking will be the final network form. He further stressed that for the construction of F band, F band new than the TD-SCDMA upgrade in performance, optimization and maintenance, there is no significant difference in the construction progress and inves

Cluster technology into the 4G era: TD-LTE in the private network market first (1)

to technical system lags behind, weak data bandwidth capabilities, and poor mobility, it is difficult to meet the development requirements of industry private networks. To help private network users solve the above problems, narrowband Digital cluster technology has clearly evolved to a broadband multimedia Cluster Based on LTE, the TD-LTE-based broadband multim

TD-LTE to be commercially available in Shanghai next year

China Mobile Shanghai company plans to launch TD-LTE trial for commercial use in the first half of next year. On June 28, at the fifth session of the Shanghai Communications Development Conference, Mao weiliang, deputy general manager of the data business department of China Mobile Shanghai Company, revealed that in the second half of this year, TD-

Divide the world three major operators will compete for TD-LTE Network

In this era of rapid development of network information, 3G networks are currently difficult to meet people's current needs, and 4G networks have gradually entered people's lives. The competition is also intense. A 3G competition is about to kick off. A 4G network competition has already begun, and the three major operators will be able to see how they leverage the world's largest Chinese market to shake a global industrial chain. This leads the world's network development.

Some questions about the analysis of Td-lte network MRO

1, ENB antenna arrival angle (LTESCAOA) beyond the normal rangeIn the OMC-R measurement reporting technical requirements, this field is defined as:"Defines the estimated angle of a user's relative reference direction. The measurement reference direction should be true north, counterclockwise. can assist to determine the location of the user, providing location services, accuracy of 5 degrees. This measurement data represents the number of samples that meet the range of criteria in the omc-r stat

The last 3G in TD-LTE technology-mobile age with mobile phones as the core

With the comprehensive commercial use of 3G, as the world's 4G (or the last 3g) candidate standards of TD-LTE technology has become the focus of the 2010 China International Information and Communications exhibition of major equipment manufacturers. The commercial applications of several equipment manufacturers can be seen in the previous article "2010 communications exhibition under triple play. This time,

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